What Would Happen If We Drained the Mediterranean Sea?

Publisert 15. sep.. 2017
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  • How you actually get rid of water: dump it into valleys turn them into seas

  • Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, and Monaco: well frick

  • Basically, things would go south. Wait, south would go north.

  • Wait the african continental plate is moving towards the european plate and would eventually close the strait of gibraltar

  • Let's stream the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea I stream the Pacific ocean Another great chick and the Arctic and the southern and the Indian

  • Amsterdam will be safe not under the water you little crazy yeah not underwater on land

  • I don’t believe that the volume of the Mediterranean Sea would raise global sea levels by 10 meters. Source please.

  • In that case Valencia and Barcelona would be expended so much at east.

  • If this happened then all of the European countries would be landlocked (I think lol)

  • Imagine the archeological finds.

  • Bruh these three dam to build it and dry the sea it's kind dumb

  • How do the Dutch always manage to find a way to go underwater

  • There is absolutely no way Russia would stand by and let this happen with her massive military might backing her up.

  • That would be one heck of a chugging match

  • How do this evil thought come in your heads

  • I have three thing to say: I live in Bosnia That is stupid Also that guy is crazy

  • There goes my Mediterranean cruise!

  • Good thing that project was neve attempted! 😅👍


  • Look at the Aral Sea debacle and see the total lack of wisdom in man f*ucking with nature like that.

  • *Where did you get a 10 meter ocean level rise? Volumetric distribution of the Mediterranean sea, accounting for Sea compression... maybe I’m miscalculating...*

  • So basically what happened to the Aral Sea on steroids. Interesting how it was initially conceived as a solution to the economic and political turmoil gripping Europe in the early 20th century. Ironically would cause even more turmoil

  • Don't talk so fast next time!

  • And u would have to cover the Adriatic and ionean sea

  • "Amsterdam will go under water" Amsterdam: always has been

  • I wonder what would happen to Cyprus

  • Just think of all the treasure that could be recovered 😁

  • 0:30 that dude's look and plan make him a Bond Villain.

  • As a Mediterranean I think the idea itself is a nightmare

  • Imagine never letting Germany drain the Mediterranean This post was made by triumvirate gang

  • down there is what Europeans think Americans go through each day at 80 degrees

  • Global warming will do it naturally ,wont it ? Ask the untidy nayshuns .

  • This is a realtors dream think of the profits !

  • The Nile would drain in the Black sea.

  • „Not enough Concrete, for a Dam“, but let a Concrete Wasteland on every Big City in Europe.

  • Speeding up to 1.25x

  • Cyprus would kind of become a plateau in the Mediterranean Desert

  • Migrant will go to Europe with vehicle now

  • They didn't mention the odor that would result in this. Slowly but surely there would be an unbearable stench coming from the dying sea life. The water would become saltier and all the sea creatures would die slowly and the stench would be unbearable for hundreds of miles around the entire area of draining. At some point I think that there would be a lot of dead fish floating to the surface and that number would increase at a constant rate. When salinity reaches a dangerous enough level all life that is left would die very quickly and what percentage would that be. Imagine say 50% die within days of each other. Imagine low tide times a thousand, maybe more. I wonder if the smell would reach around the globe, being carried by the jet stream. If I missed something and I'm wrong then let me know.

  • why don't we just place europe a little more to the south XD

  • I think the most dramatic change were the loss of the Trade-Route trough the Suez-Channel

  • If you look at the map of the world in Man in the High Castle, Italy drains the Mediterranean for agricultural purposes

  • Venice Citizens wake up: where is all the water?

  • I'm from Greece, very happy this idiotic idea never happened!! 🇬🇷💙🇬🇷💙🇬🇷💙🇬🇷💙

  • Ok hear me out Real Life Lore, how long and how much people it takes to complete suck all the waters of Mediterranean sea?

  • RLL:it would reach temperatures up to 80°C Me who is in Qatar:thats a normal winter day here

  • RTGame drained the atlantic. We can do it.

  • The Netherlands: Hold my flowers.

  • Find more Greek Treasure

  • That’s sound terrible the Mediterranean countries are so beautiful because of the sea



  • If we drained the Med, cruise ships and tankers would have a real problem getting around...

  • Well dam.

  • Plate Tectonics: Fine, I'll do it myself! Every country that borders with the Mediterranean Sea: *Surprised Pichaku Face* 😮

  • According to hoi4 Italy would be half decent at the African front in WW2


  • heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, said the romans, eating the entire mediterranean for breakfast

  • Millions of people largely survive on mediterranean seafood, too.

  • 3:53

  • If draining salt water and distilling it makes the water saltier, why not just make the sea salt into spice salt? I feel like it’s obvious but I don’t know

  • It is about time for this dam. Because of climate change.

  • Ok

  • Impossible since where are you going to drain water from nile river?

  • Answer: there would be less tourists in these countries

  • What about the shipping? Goods from China lets say would have to go acros South Africa to reach Europe.

  • 100% main place for a terroist attack

  • So basically: If it was a colony made into a country by all the colony in there we make: *boneless Roman empire*

  • the one who can nuke it will be France 🙄

  • We wouldnt enjoy it


  • All the islands fall to the void

  • Why would you do that, spain, france, italy and greece wouldnt be that nice anymore to visit. hot and no water.

  • Malta and Cyprus:

  • We should name it. Mediterranea

  • why u like corolla's there's not a video that u dont talk about a corolla's

  • d'angelo russell

  • Pls no how can I swim in Cyprus

  • but wasnt the plan to remove 100m west and 200m east? you talk about what would happen if they removed all of it but what would happen if they only removed part of it?

  • 3:28

  • Crack head type theories

  • What a terrible idea!

  • Africans can walk to Brussels.

  • the damns could still be built to get that energy generation going

  • 2:13, that sounds very tasty.

  • Drains the mediterranean for land Britain 🇬🇧 is typing...

  • Mediterrania

  • So Cyprus won't have any problems with this.....😂😂😂😅

  • What would happen to the sea monsters? They need some place to live too.

  • Venice would just be sitting in mud over wood poles. Oxygen would make the wood rot and the whole city would just fall over

  • If this happens, there will be alot more land-locked countries.

  • If it were drained it would cause floods and Malta 🇲🇹 would no longer be an island

  • Well this sounds like a really stupid idea. I've got a better idea: how about we DON'T!

  • Great transition to the sponsor

  • Wrong Arizona hit 130 degrees Fahrenheitthis summer

  • Alternate History Hub wrote a novel based on this idea, it's called the Atlantropa Articles

  • 4:07 hmm, yes, Cyprus wouldn't be severely affected

  • RealLifeLore: turkey will become a severe desert if you do this. Turkey: just STOOOOOOOOOOOOP comment if u know what thats from

  • RLL and the country of Kiribati would've been underwater

  • The Dutch are getting out of control at this point