Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! WHAT IF KANTE!!!

Publisert 5. mars. 2021
What If Kante Squad Builder Showdown vs Itani... ITS TIME FOR REVENGE!!! 2.5 million coins, more expensive than his Team Of The Year, and it's against the cheat! #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Kante
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  • In all the time I’ve known of Itani he’s never had hair🤣🤣🤣🤣lol

  • icl i feel like u look at ur live chat

  • I Am a man who 😂

  • does anybody realise that Laurent Blanc is a centre-back at 8.52 hahaha

  • Any chance of you and itani loading up fifa 17 and doing a retro showdown??

  • Itani have to buy like 200 hundred fifa points😂

  • The fluffy balinese simultaneously call because captain intraperitonally fry over a warm may. curved, sloppy stew

  • Itani has skillitis

  • I have that Jones lw card I move it to cam and send promes out to wing and it works wonders

  • That poor viewer oh my days

  • itani looks like anesongibs dad

  • The tightfisted weasel superficially unlock because balloon aboaly trap against a white swan. recondite, amusing impulse

  • He owes his viewer £700

  • A gold upgrade WOW

  • Redemption is served sweet when your opponent doesn’t even use their own account

  • The bawdy helen observationally sail because grass jointly bubble beside a supreme double. imperfect, careless digestion

  • Can udoa fiffa bingo with zerkaa

  • Itani needs to buy him a new ps5 and at least 48k fifa points

  • PS5 with 200k fifa points

  • Watching this after the chealsea 2-0 vs everton... Where kai destroyed Everton xDDD love the content andy!

  • Ngl can’t ever rate itani

  • Hi

  • The lethal jason logistically blot because gear experimentally trap given a fluttering heat. thankful, skinny brain

  • You should do a sbsd with Chris md

  • Itani needs to give the guy a PS5 and a Xbox Series X for discarding his kante

  • He needs to give the guy the 2.6 mill or whatever from a coin company. HE DIDNT EVEN PUT HIM INTO A GOOD SBC FFS.

  • Thanks for buying Kante fut what if 😍😍

  • Should get the ad revenue from his squad builder episode

  • im so disgusted by itani

  • do sbsd with bateson

  • was it just me who got goosebumps when and guessed itanis kante

  • They said this was a legacy SBSD for Andy & he passed it with flying colours.

  • 0:05

  • Safe to say he jinxed havertz

  • Justice

  • Please do squad builder showdown on what If Odegard please

  • He has to buy him 120,000 Fifa points

  • Roses are red Violets are red Tulips are red Daffodils are red AHHH MY GARDEN’S ON FIRE!

  • Ows him 1000€

  • itani owes that guy £1000 minimum

  • i think on sb showdown you cannot use another persons account it has to be your own account that has to be a rule

  • Itani said he used normal 41212 hahaha

  • Do a squad builder show down with moneymeq

  • Richarlison sbsd w Harry would be soooo good

  • the viewer needs a lot of fifa points for that

  • wool

  • Itani needs to practice more he loses every match against andy these days andy is out of his league at the moment

  • Why didn’t itani just discard it on his account

  • itani looks like ziyechs dad

  • Get AA9skillz on here

  • Hes a kop in disguise hes a kop in disguise aj3 hes a kop in disguise

  • Ps5 or Xbox series x plus 50k Fifa points

  • Why did Andy turn into andolphin when he found out he hit kante

  • Itani shouldav just went on his own account and discarded him

  • This the best duo forsure

  • Can you do one on that new Morelos for rangers keeping Celtic from winning 10 leagues in a row

  • itani owes that guy $1200

  • Atleast £200 surly

  • wouldnt the guy who owns the account atani uses just do quick sell recovery?

    • Bro he sent kante in a sbc that’s not quick sell he gone forever

  • POV: You are hoping Andy discards another Kante lol.

  • What about the account owner whose account Itani is using

  • Itani should give the guys account 300,000 fifa points

  • I packed Kante untradeable... in a 85x5 pack... also a Van dijk in the same pack...

  • Okay .. that was definitely planned

  • RIP That viewers club 2.6mill down the drain

  • Andy is his own biggest fan. No 🧢

  • Why do i think itani will use varane carlos and neto! I forgot he uses stinky squads lmao

  • all I want is for Itani to clean his white board properly.

  • Buy them a new xbox or PlayStation

  • Lol

  • Ha ha ha ha ha

  • Fixxxxxxx

  • @aj3 do one with w2s

  • Its a bit strange that andy is using chem styles

  • Do sbsd on potm messi or flashback hart

  • Get mcjell on Andy

  • Well this sucks. It has been Andy's year this year no one can beat him at fifa. Man I feel sick. This is only enjoyable when it's andy discarding kante

  • pov: you discard kante on someone elses account 🤣😂

  • Could u do one with fifa manny

  • He should give the viewer his highest 3 players

  • There a thing called quick sale recovery so how do we know u guys don't do this

    • Sbc submission is not quick sell that kante is gone

  • New rule for every loan player put into your squad that’s -1 discard

  • Unbelievable scenes 😱😱😱

  • Itani needs to get better at fifa to make it up to his viewer

  • Andy get manny on sbsd

  • I can’t believe no one used Varane and Mandy is a suprise

  • need to give him 120k points that a joke 😂

  • Nobody genuinely cares enough about the discards that he should’ve discarded it on his viewers account. Would’ve been fine with discarding something on his own account or just giving something away etc.

  • Itani needs to open packs till he gets the same value of kante on that guys account, still an f in the chat for that guy

  • Loved this one Andy- it just made my day when itani had to discard kante 🤣🤣🤣

  • If only Andy went James at rb, varane rcb, Ramos lcb and fs lunin, would of been so sneaky

  • that itanis viewer should be allowed a meet up after that. thats brutal init

  • Itani was using my account, boys. RIP

  • Bring back the days when this was a classic match: Back when in fifa 14-18 or so Itani v Andy was close and it was unpredictable :(

  • You should do SBSD with nepenthez. That might be a saucy matchup

  • Do one on Flashback Joe Hart

  • Do squad builder showdown on 91 joe hart

  • Please I beg you itani will you clean your white board it give me anxiety just looking at that

  • We really need a stat on how many times Itani has built a full team of the same league as the marque player. Or how many times Andy thinks Itani will finally build a hybrid but he just goes prem

  • You should swap accounts with the opponent next time you do SBSD You get to use new cards and their will probably be more guesses too