Catching fish as big as CARS

Publisert 5. okt.. 2020
Catching fish as big as CARS! Our BIGGEST fishing video ever!
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Music by Ryan Innes: "Nothing But Vibe"
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"Nothing But Vibe"
Performed by Ryan Innes
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Written by Arlo Lake and Ryan Innes
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  • Who wants Halloween Stereotypes? 🙋🏻‍♂️🎃

  • i really want halloween stereotypes . its gonna be sick

  • i like your videos so much

  • This is the worst video ever made you are killing marine life !

  • 3rd win ever

  • I love your vid guys and I will be like you one day

  • How does that not hurt to catch fish? The pole is right between your legs...

  • I Caught a 305 pound dull shark

  • Poptarts slap

  • I’ve been watching dude perfect for two years and I still can’t tell who is coby and Cory

  • Come on give coby a full gold pole he doesn't win often and im so happy he won that was a huge fish

  • If you add Halloween stereotypes have one called the “The Scaredy Cat”

  • You guys got the big fish!

  • Tyler rage monster Cody tall guy Garret red head Coby wins 1 time a year Cory gets all the wheel unfortunate

  • Make some Halloween 🎃 videos please

  • Me

  • Noot noot

  • I want Halloween stereotypes

  • Wow that is big

  • I wish I was there

  • Me

  • Wow

  • If I hit 100 subs before January I will get a new monitor plz sub

  • Who remembers when this was called Goliath grouper battle ! They keep changing the names

  • Wer is build a boat battle 2

  • dude the bait is as big as the fish i usually catch

  • MEEE

  • MM

  • please sub to J and A sports

  • Who else thinks that next overtime they should play rocket league!?

  • Please upload rocket battle 3

  • I love you all

  • the placement of the fishing rod is... unnerving. Worlds worst wedgie

  • TEAM COOOOOOOOOBY! I think. It might be Cory. I can never tell.

  • Dude Perfect 2050: *G U N B A T T L E*

  • Even after watching dude perfect all these years I still cannot tell who is coby and cory.

  • What state do you live in please tell me I want to move somewhere that is super hot

  • Subscribe to my channel please.

  • Subscribe to my channel please.

  • Subscribe to my channel please.

  • what battle should we do next😞but i can't come😞❤love from pakistan

  • Yall should do school stereotypes

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  • Dislikes are from the fish who were jealous they weren't a Goliath Grouper and weren't caught

  • Never miss your videos, love from Mizoram, India 🇮🇳

  • isn't everybody wondering where's there custom play button

  • This is perfectly normal fishing just have to stay in the boat

  • I like Tyler, He is really really cool!

  • They are not realesing the new episode

  • 1:09 Just a normal day fishing with the bois.

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  • What if they were just getting the same fish over and over again and the referee just kept guessing 🤣🤣

  • Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi Mimi

  • What Halloween stereotypes

  • This is insane.

  • Hello, I am a sub of your channel I do not understand what they say but I love the challenges that they asen and I am writing everything by the google translator I love them very much 😘😘😘

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  • hi i love you guys TRICK SHOTS LOVE THEM

  • 2:50 Bros will be bros

  • Sleepover stereotypes 💤 Garrett/snack guy Tyler/rage monster not being invited

  • coby's all time 3rd win in dude perfect battles

  • me for sure

  • why yu dont upload anymore

  • Thats not a car, sorry

  • we want halloween stereotypes please mabe it and add rage monster....

  • There are 3 things humans will never understand: 1: government 2: dude perfect 3: NOlong recommendations.

  • I want Halloween Stereotypes

  • Well done COBY ON YOUR WIN

  • What time is it going to be posted

  • That fish can swallow anything

  • Do a Build A Boat Battle 2!!!!!!!!

  • Idk if anyone will see this befor they upload the next vid but the next vid is in front of my friend house with lots of Halloween stuff

  • Please fans help a poor boy to grow 😢 😢 😢

  • Please page support even if I get 1k sub I Will really appreciate it

  • hej

  • im literally wondering what the frick the fishing rods are made of. they hold fish as heavy as 2 cars and it doesnt snap

  • Indoo mana nih

  • Dear dude perfect team I wish that you will make a video on trick shots

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  • (My first reaction on seeing the video was where is the mask?)

  • Nice

  • dude perfect is the BESTTTTTTTT

  • meeeee hollewweeeeen steroetypessssss xD

  • I am ok with Halloween stereotypes, after that can you make ‘zoo stereotypes

  • Кто из России?

  • Those fish look unreal, they are so big. I'm surprised there are so many in one place lol.

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  • I don't do Halloween

  • Halloween Stereotypes- The rage monster( obviously) The trickster The clown The party crasher The scaredy cat I cant think of a name for someone who puts to many decorations The candylifter(shoplifting candies) mr. unspirited

  • Coby finely won a battle

  • can't lie this actually MrBeast but they are op

  • Do another virtual reality battle

  • Does dp have a ruby play button yet?

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  • this is number 3 right? 4 counting the go kart one he won with his twin brother.

  • waiting for next video bro