Making 500,000 VOLT ARC with Marx Generator

Publisert 29. nov.. 2020
You can make a Lightening Bolt with a Marx Generator! I’m ZEUS!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


  • Karl Marx approves of it! Mao se tung is proud of you Comrade! Hail Bidan!

  • This guy is what I imagined PrinceVidz to looked like

  • Funny as always

  • 1:25

  • Whats the input voltage for that generator?

  • 0:50 A little further on the speed of him when he jumped back so fast

  • This is why I love physics

  • 10:57 11:12 INTRODUCING NEW 2021 MEME

  • You know you can make way bigger arcs with a MOT and two hv capacitors, right?

  • unbelievable this guy is still alive. if he walks through a park at night the lights won't turn off they will light up like the sun. at this point i am pretty sure that he became the flash.

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  • NOlong is probably going to censor this video with its new streak of censorship

  • Corona discharge nice so it’s capacitor 19 also known as capacitor virus

  • Would submerge the circuit in oil (leaving the Spark gaps out) help preventing the arcs across the resistors? Or maybe put It into an open box and cast some insulating resin? Maybe it would work better than painting polyutethane

  • There should be something called Mehdi generator

  • And when you're not careful, it will turn you into a Communist. When Karl starts to work on your generator!

  • watching this I was really hoping he wasn't going to mess about with it once it was built.

  • Awesome

  • his poor (well rich) wife

  • yo WHAT kind of discharge? 👀

  • 6:27 That's it, that is all you need.

  • Mantap

  • Where are yoy from??

  • This man is Zeus reincarnated

  • Corona Discharge?

  • I remember *G U N S*

  • You can keep electric tape around resistor legs and exposed metals.

  • 0:57 best shock reaction ever

  • What a scam. I built this and Karl Marx is still dead.

  • Marx, smells like communism in here.

  • Little do we know this guy is giving us hints of how to beat his giant robot he is making

  • Jumpscare

  • i love this kind of videos :D:D thumbs uppppp!!!!!

  • If your studying Electrical enginnering and studying for an exam and reading this your getting sidetracked go back. Idk man do what you want

  • this channel should be called: paying millions on electricity by doing crazy and cool experiments while extremely shocking myself.

  • I think you could use blown fuse (or just without the filament) as a spark gap

  • am i the only one who understands "corona discharge"

  • When you dont have fire work...

  • why does this man not just wear leather shoes?

  • Thank you for the video, peru 👍👍👍

  • 0:57

  • Maybe try covering them in epoxy to get bigger arcs?

  • Can't you put the resistors and capacitors in an oil bath and only leave the spark gaps free for higher voltage input?

  • 8:48 reminds me of Insidious

  • Khapasitaurs

  • 2:06

  • the great way of learning and Laughing

  • Use your layden jar. Thats high voltage right?

  • i heard a giant boom back here in holland

  • Electrobooms bizarre adventures

  • So the corona discharge is responsible for coronavirus?? It all makes sense now

  • U can do a remix lol

  • Can you make a music ark with this like tesla coils?

  • 7:47 SOUNDS LIKE A SONG (oof caps)

  • Connect a baterey to it and check the hi voltog and connect a ball 🎱 to it so it can connect more better to the hi voltog

  • Hey buddy your Iranian , Eh?

  • I tried this at home.

  • What if there was 2 Marx generators next to each other to arc? or a series of multiple generators in line would they charge each other up and make multiple arcs?

  • Had a good laugh, thanks! :D

  • if you stand outside with a 3 yard tall metal pole during a thunderstorm you can make an even larger arc

  • When i see him i go back to my childhood when i was watching smurf

  • 7:46 When you accidentally touch your friend at PE class in school:

  • 1:26 lol how does he know minecraft

  • Corona discharge 😷

  • 1:45 to 1:46 1/2 suicide- 1:46 1/2 to 1:48 You mention the capacitor

  • Someone please, make another video with the electric shocks only! XD XD XD XD XD

  • Sir, can I roast a chicken with that thing? :P Nice vdo hehe

  • Jeez this guys face! I was watching his reactions more than the experiment XD

  • 7:44 he a mad man

  • yes whats wrong with that people!!! Its Sexy!!!

  • I have a funny feeling most f his electrocutions are at low power and are for giggles only... Unless he's some sort of super-human with an extremely non conductive body? Or maybe his body is superconductive, like that Indian guy who can hold a wire with one hand and light a bulb with another, although I think that those videos are just parlor tricks as well...

  • Doctor: Don't worry Mehdi Sadaghdar saying the n-word doesn't exist Mehdi Saying the N-word: 10:57

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  • What do you call a generator you share. A Marx generator

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  • We all know it can only generate hunger

  • make a bigger arc

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  • Hey ElectroBoom make new video again 🙏🏻


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  • lmao i tried this at my home and my mom thought that i was having xxx with my sister cause its making a noise like this 8:52

  • From indonesia i like your videos

  • You're not supposed to jump like that... you're supposed to be all calm like in that famous photo of Tesla sitting calmly reading a book with artificial lightning flying around his lab. ;)

  • This man needs ear plugs

  • How tf u are still alive 😂

  • Marbu magiha

  • OMG. 11:15 at .25 play speed is funny as hell!

  • Corona this charge

  • هذا الرجل لن يعاني من مرض السرطان طوال حياته

  • 9:00 Live bugfixing like a boss xD Kappa

  • 😂oke

  • When you're obsessed with getting bigger than the biggest you've already gotten. An even larger arc!

  • Hi, i need to consult about insulation of my marx generator. Will be a good idea to use epoxy and submerge it all? I would just skip the spark gaps and the input with the main output. What do you think about it? Thanks for the answer. 🙂

  • Would it help, to just have pins on the source side of the gap? To provide a sharp surface for the charge to escape from, and then leave the ball on the load side to provide surface area for the charge to find a path?

  • A) I would NEVER run HV through a croc clip and touch it. B) Im wondering: Is your smart watch still working after being that close to an "EMP" discharge? :>

  • 7:46 8:12 8:28 so this is what electronic dance music is huh 🤔

  • Mehdi: get's electrocuted for the millionth time Him: *I'll f*cking do it again*

  • and also make more vids with ur famly thank u