Was the Kilo Secretly Buffed? | Best Long Range Rifle in Warzone | Best Kilo Class Setup/Loadout

Publisert 19. april. 2021
Discuss if the Kilo was Secretly Buffed and how to find out on your own if you are interested.
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Was the Kilo Secretly Buffed? | Best Long Range Rifle in Warzone | Best Kilo Class Setup/Loadout
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  • Always coming through with the stats 💪

  • And when you say buffed, you mean what exactly ..???? Downgrade or upgrade

  • Everytime a new update happens people start sending you messages lol the kilo is my favorite weapon and id love to have a buff to bring it back to almost or on par with meta

  • Holo kilo 😍😍😍

  • How do you get your loadouts fast in the warzone practice?

  • they need to nerf the Roze skin

  • The best weapon in the game is the one YOU can hit your shots with.

  • Jgod > tiktokers

  • You didn’t show us the loadout

  • JGod fighting misinformation, god bless


  • Definitely finna make warzone toxic how about the ksp extended barrel muzzle brake speed tape 42 rounds and any grip

  • This thing is soooo good, I laser people dropping in all the time.

  • No way u said the amax has recoil lmao

    • @vapelordthenord yea that’s what I’m saying the only ar I actually had to try controlling was the ram

    • compared to other ars but it really has none just pull down

  • Subscribe for a hug

  • I was good when nobody knew 😭 now I have to find something else

  • Lol the kids want the kilo to be good again

  • Lol it's not that serious 😂

  • Do a video on the Grau is it still good to use?

  • The fact that they made it look like it was a nerf to the ground

  • Stop being stupid, if you are good at this game any gun is meta. I have played with every gun and i still smack people.

  • Call Of Duty really gotta start working with JGOD. They missin out heavy.

  • Great intel much Appreciated

  • kilo has always been a really good gun feom the beginning of warzone

  • JGOD : "do you even test, bro ?"

  • whats the loadout

  • when guns get buffed in warzone does that include multiplayer

  • Kilo was my favorite meta ever. Now it feels like you have to shoot a full 60 round on an enemy to down and finish them.

  • Looking at the chart he’s using it looks like between about 40 and 87 meters the Kilo is a very viable weapon with a faster ttk than anything other than the Amax and ram. Those two weapons have a lot of kick, the kilo is a laser.

  • This video misses the point of the kilo. By showing TTKs of the kilo vs the M4/ram/AMAX, you are assuming all bullets hit their target. They don’t with other guns, they (pretty much) do with the Kilo. That’s why it’s the best MW AR.

  • That's hilarious, I'm fairly new, when I hit the trigger it sprays like a broken hose. It's level maxed out, what is my problem?

  • “I feel like it’s better” cough cough Timthetatman

  • Most of the stats tell the same story. Except KD. I don't think KD is necessarily representative of the gun, as it will skew lower as the higher skilled players generally rely on meta weapons. The KD is more representative of the usage, not the actual usefulness of the gun directly. It is also one of the earliest unlocks and levelable ARs for new players.

  • Yo What do think about the oden

  • I used the Kilo yesterday and I was lasering guys close and long range. The gun, imo, hasn't performed or felt this good in quite some time. JGOD's stats say otherwise and I'm not gonna dispute facts. For me tho, it was slaying.

  • It's the FOV making recoil look non-existent

  • I love kilooooolets gooooooo

  • i see youtube themselves are also warzone player ahh

  • there’s a reason why the kilo was meta before the cold war weapons lol

  • 10 Minute Video For A Yes Or No Answer 🤨

  • So the attachments?

  • Guns like kilo m4 ram are base solid guns they shouldn’t even me nerf or buffed there perfect rn

  • NOT BUFFED it was FORGOTTEN and NOW players realized its potential

  • Kilo is my go to favorite. Holo blue dot and 0 recoil lol. Paired with the SPR for follow up shots such a good combo. Most of the time I only lose to FFAR if we’re in close.

  • Shared with the boys 🤙🤙

  • Roze slim rat

  • You tell em JGOD 🐐

  • U love to see jgod and TGD getting along ❤️❤️

  • Bear in mind that wzranked uses the CoD API gun stats, which are completely broken and have been since day one. Just go look at your own gun stats and you'll see they're complete nonsense.

  • I'm still using my m13

  • Does the MP7 been secretly buff I feel it different

  • JGod, how do you do a private match without 25 players?

  • You should do the LMGs,

  • TikTroll

  • Chrisdopertruusm add me

  • kilo used to be good for beaming at 200-300m range, but now it just feels like a pea shooter

  • Isn’t M13 faster and do more damage?

  • just use it bro you’ll see.

  • I think people feel like it was buffed because they haven't used it in awhile and it's still really good

  • My Kilo built exactly the same does not have no recoil like what you just demonstrated 🤔 I don't understand

  • Kilo is yuck, just a hit mark machine

  • This mans the Ben Shapiro of cod

  • What do you think of the Mac 10???

  • I wish I could setup my own large bot lobbies with a small group of friends to practice.


  • I only use the Kilo when I need a comeback class late game for the fully loaded perk. That lack of recoil in small circles works for me. I only grab it end game IF and only IF I need a loadout.

  • I picked the kilo by mistake in solos and was beaming people, it was feeling really nice.

  • What’s new meta going to be post nerf patch? Kar and cw mp5 Kar and ffar M16 and Mac 10 Could the p90 make a return??

  • I’m to lazy to watch is it yes or no?

  • Big thank you for what your doing bro, I really enjoy your content. Keep going and stay save.

  • boring gun an94 is better

  • a suggestion to why the kilos kd is so low: im pretty sure the unlock level is 1 and its a solid gun, so when beginners come into the game, the kilos a main choice, but as they are new to the game they have a lower kd

  • This is "Just the Facts" with JGOD

  • I highly recommend *DIXON_NET on INSTAGRAM* He restored my banned account.

  • It is so used because the AMAX / Grau is locked for most players who don't own Modern Warfare.

  • Can you check on the amax recoil I used it yesterday and it felt like more recoil on affected 120 fov

  • The Karl KD should be like 1.5 lol

  • I love how JGod can just debunk the bs tiktok posers with one sentence

  • I honestly can’t believe people are still into this game lmfao. Such a mess of a game.

  • Tik-Tokers: _Tengo otros datos._

  • why would anyone even dislike

  • Never used tiktok. Ive become outdated at 31 years old. You wanna know about AIM chat, napster, myspace, and cs 1.6 days, im your guy. Tiktok snapchat and uber, i am not lol

  • Kilo has always been friend.

  • Kilo is sick jgod is just trash

  • You see a lot of bots using the kilo. Bruh I swear JGOD KD is 1.5 whose the bot my guy

  • What do u think of the m4a1

  • All my guys love JGod

  • “Look at it, there’s no recoil” -uses keyboard and mouse

  • Hugs from Brazil! Jgod

  • When you can put 6 guns in a chart and have to talk pros and cons, that's a good place for the game. Remove the other broken ttks and i'll redrop in verdansk

  • Please try the Krig 6 weapon. Its absolutly insane.

  • Interesting how kilo after integration got nerfed when EVERY CW weapon is broken....

  • Jgod i wish you the best Brother.

  • 43 pct subscribed is a helluva lot...

  • I hope.. was the best meta

  • @KiGuNiiN 2:10

  • Lol simple- stay off of tiktok- it’s a worthless app filled with equally useless “creators”

  • “There’s 36 other guns that are better than it” But nobody would ever know that because everyone uses the same 4 guns

  • No I highly doubt it was buffed, it's always been top tier. I think a lot of people just forgot about it due to DMR, AUG, M16 and so on...

  • People only think it got buffed because they use the “meta guns” every single match. Whatever a youtuber post is the only gun they’ll use. Nobody had made a video about a M16 or Aug replacement yet so now people just go back to what they used before themselves.