Publisert 9. feb.. 2021
Thank you Halsey for making a girls dream come true!!
Go check Halsey's new commercial with Natalie here:
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  • THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Make sure to give this video a thumbs up!!!

  • ashley’s laugh is so poor 🥺

  • So when are you going to own up to what you did to Seth??

  • Im curious why david had a throw away camera on his shelf lol

  • Hey Jason!!! How's that show going

  • If I wanted to watch a talk show.. I'd watch a talk show

  • David youre my Favorite keep it up

  • How does every video have 5 million views ? That seems like some pay for views bullshit

  • 2 weeks ago?

  • This is terrible how lame are people’s lives that this is entertaining!

  • hey david, remember when u s3xuaIIy assauIted someone in ur vlogs and laughed about it in a podcast?

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  • It’s been 2 weeks and he’s has 1.6 m

  • when halsey waked in i thought she just got fat

  • Baba tarafı biziz 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Its so funny how everyone needs david for clout and when they get blame him for assaulting lol

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    • I can't believe any of these celebrities would even go on this especially after all that's been going on makes you look at them differently 😒

  • David is the man he can do what he wants everyone is a snowflake ❄️

    • I love natalie's face when she gets excited about the commercial 😂

  • Seth

  • Anyone knows what Mics they are using? 🤔

  • Justice for Seth. David and Jason are fucked up people.


    • david tricked somebody into smooching somebody that they did not consent to. david made his “friend” seth think corinna would be locking lips with him but really it was jason. it’s literally s3xu4l 4ssau1t

  • Still don’t understand how people hate in the comments but still watch the video. The world will never know what goes on in their heads if you don’t like him then don’t watch him you’re just giving him more money

    • everyone who’s hating in the comments isn’t watching the video lol

    • people are probably commenting on the video so he, or his viewers, will see them. my watch time on this is literally one second because that’s as fast as i could pause it LOL.

  • This isn’t funny....... why do people watch this?

  • If u don’t comment on the s e x u a l a s s a u l t stories about you sold your soul to the corporate machines, just acknowledge it

    • halsey smfh babe nooo not jason n david

  • kiss

  • Poor seth

  • Cadê os comentários em português ?

  • Baby

  • A barriguinha da Halsey🤰

  • lov u Halsey 💗🇧🇷

  • What do you think people are thinking? On behalf of the internet: f*ck podcasts ✔️vlog

  • is it true that the guy posing as Daniel dobrik on TikTok is ur brother?

  • I love natalie's face when she gets excited about the commercial 😂

  • I can't believe any of these celebrities would even go on this especially after all that's been going on makes you look at them differently 😒

    • ive personally never liked halsey anyways so this just reinforced my distaste

    • deserving the right.

  • Why halsey sounds different


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  • She acted like she knew she was there.

  • halsey smfh babe nooo not jason n david

  • 🤮

  • Natalie's face when Halsey checked David, on making sure he aquires consent uú before making decisions for Natalie, broke my heart. It was like, "wait...I have the OPTION as to whether or not I want to do something David set up?" Something, she has never experiencedm

  • they’re disgusting. I hate how they still have clout.

  • Hasley is such a big inspiration to me. I suffer from Endometriosis to and it's been a very big negative part of my life but I'm still standing due to her music.

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  • bro when tf did she get pregnant ???

  • Hey, what would have been hilarious is dressing Jason up and having him kiss Halsey without her consent!

  • You guys are horrible

  • I watched the first 3 podcast you’ve made David & it’s wonderful!!

  • You see how David sweats when that's my daily routine....I have sweaty hands y'all 😂😂

  • Love the vids 😁✌️

  • How could you. You used to matter and mean something in my life. Now I am ashamed. I hate myself for thinking you were decent. How dare you continue to breathe without deserving the right.

  • my review to this Ep 8/10 ☆☆☆

  • Natalie's eyes when David said Halsey.

  • Halsey is literally the cutest human being

  • yeeeeeeeesssssssss my main man David broooo I was waiting for a video for a long mf time

  • This shit be boring asf

    • @Assena unfortunately, no. peeps just spam these typa things on random channels for no reason. it’s pretty sad, because you’re just delivering false hope.

    • @Charming nowhere to hide huh did people actually watch my video?


  • please upload 😢

  • who went and watched misfits instead?

  • Justice for Seth

  • Big Nick, Seth, Trisha.

  • 😂😂

  • Can someone tell me why is everyone hating on David?(saw a lot of hate comments here,dats why)

    • @vbp buddy can you just give a quick recap of what's wrong..... These things are like an hour long.....



  • H3H3 !!!

  • Its soo wild that they got 1 million sus in just 2 vids

    • trying to not pay Seth for all of his labor. David Dobrik is not a good person.

  • Wait is she pregnant?

  • dead ass, Jason is the most sweetest Father and the most sweetest human being

  • Sir, I watch your videos it really super charges my mind with fun, I need favour from you or consider it borrow I am law aspirant I am 26 after loosing my job in pandemic I came back to hometown since then what ever I earn gets spend on my living I need some money to back to Delhi and join some Mnc to resume my life and build career please help me with some money I will back in instalment. I have texted same to other NOlongr so please don't take me wrong

  • I love halsey

  • Nah why .she look like Freddie Mercury 😭😂

  • Im suprised david didnt buy her baby a car

  • I was thinking make a vido with Liza 😔pls


  • As a 34 year old single mom I have watched David since his 30th vlog. I don’t follow on Twitter or any other platform because I’m old and don’t know how to work those and I refuse to learn. LOL but I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK ON NOlong!!! You make my immature side laugh so hard and I love it!! I can’t wait for more vids!!! Thanks for all the laughs (there were tears too)

  • wait what happened im confused



  • Ya

  • yo this funn:) ty

  • is it just me wondering why they're using old mics???


  • Jason looks like David Lynch.

  • trying to not pay Seth for all of his labor. David Dobrik is not a good person.

  • 20-21 Global population scales 3.7 times x Annual growth rate.

  • When he said “and mushrooms “ I felt that

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  • david puts alot of stess on animals,rats and spiders in his videos.for the sake of their entertainmemt

  • Must be nice to be a white guy, you really can do whatever you want with no repercussions at all

  • Wait, Halsey is pregnant? Lots of Covid babies coming this year

  • The moment Natalie said that’s why we got covid tests because of Halsey but David said it’s gonna be a usual so the podcast room is safe for everyone

  • Any Armies here? 👀💜

  • Yooooo

  • Dude these are awesome I like that I started uploading again


  • David is so cringe

  • natalie obsessing over halsey and me obsessing over the series of unfortunate events books in the back

  • Say sorry, David Dobrik. Say sorry, Jason Nash.

    • I always get excited when I see a video from you when I'm scrolling ???

  • So happy hes back!

  • Can somebody explain why everybody hates on David? WHAT HAPPENED

  • Fake ass shit

  • just wanna know is it madison beer friend of david or david friends with madison beer

  • I did not know this was a thing you could actually watch now I did not watch because I like to be able to see the people talking in it but now I’m gonna watch

  • Impaulsive better imo