HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Publisert 30. april. 2021
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  • HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► nolong.info/show/gNKTn4WooMWciGg/video.html Episode One ► nolong.info/show/ltKRh3qee8h_g2w/video.html Episode Two ► nolong.info/show/nNagromdZphte4U/video.html Episode Three ► nolong.info/show/g82aqp6hjq2amZs/video.html Episode Four ► nolong.info/show/YsB4qpyPhM-gdp8/video.html

    • The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

    • Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

    • 0 l Prv^¿*^^

    • nolong.info/show/iZ17epmaq5WZlI0/video.html.

    • Ptpt

  • “I failed to killed the target at the festival” “Yeah no shit he’s sitting three feet away from me”

  • If the country guy has a gun that can kill royalty, does that mean there could be a potential crossover episode with Hazbin Hotel since Charlie is royalty?

  • I'm getting real sick of this show and how it toys with my fragile heterosexuality. You can't make Striker hot AND have him voiced by Norman Reedus. Choose one! You can't have your cake and fuck it too!

  • 9:42 hmm yes the smell is made out of smell

  • Holy fuck the animation and lighting is top notch

  • Okay but why y’all treatin’ moxxie like a target dummy 😭🖐

  • Striker is so hot

  • Striker’s song is the only “country” song I will ever like

  • i'm just, really Really proud of y'all. you're doin great.

  • damn i wonder how much they paid norman reedus to voice act in this

  • Is that Norman Reedus voicing Striker??

  • So if you were to put this on a streaming service which would you pick

  • I love this so much ❤️❤️😭😭

  • when blitzø got pinned against the wall by striker, he was sayin and thinkin all of the things we were thinkin admit it

  • I love this show so much but i want to see more of hazbin hotel

  • I relate to Moxie so much in this episode it's not even funny...

  • I think I came to the conclusion that this show has some cussing but that’s just a theory...

  • How many episodes are you going to actually do

  • That shark really hates Moxxie

  • This is absolutely astounding. How this hasn't been picked up by a studio is beyond me. Thank you for making this

  • Viv, the framerate on this one is alil rough.

  • Is it just me or does moxie kinda sound like kaos from Skylanders?

  • is it just me or does the little demon dating the the other little girl demon sound exactly like the voice of billy from bill and mandy adventures..?

  • Time: 11:58 - 12:05 Me: OH MY GOD YES~

  • Is no one gonna talk about how blitzo looked when he saw strikers horse

  • gonna be honest, the swearing feels extremely forced and the writing seems kinda lazy ._.

  • 14:29 My mind: It was gay Me: No shit Sherlock

  • okay but that shark had it out of moxxie

  • love the episode but am I the only one that sees it as low on frames at times... feels like a flip book at times where theres delay in movement(only in some portions of it though)

  • It gets better each time I watch

  • 8:54 This clip right here

  • I love strikte Hei is a fan villain

  • Huh. Am I the only one who expected Al or another overlord to be on the other end of the phone?

  • Anyone else simp for stolas? I mean just look at him 1:11 Ok I just saw striker and now I simp even more

  • Oooh the plot thiccen.

  • The sign at 17:00 tho

  • "You two raised a sturdy bitch" is gonna be what I tell my future wife's parents

  • just take my money

  • I knew striker sounded familiar, it’s Norman Reedus

  • Who else came back to hear norman reduss cuss

  • Damn..... 832k people liked---------------------maybe it should be 1 mil....

  • The most important thing I learned is that Millie has a taller sister.


  • I might be an idiot for not looking into this but doesn’t moxie sound like chaos from skylanders? He might be the same voice actor I didn’t look into it but if not he sure does sound like him doesn’t he?

  • Is it just me or does striker sound like norman reedus.

  • 5:05 when I try to explain how I already broke my headphones and it’s only been a month since I got them-

  • Its probably gonna take like another 2 to 3 months to make another one

  • Is it just me or did norman reedus sneak into this one ?


  • Anyone get the reference to CoD when Striker says, "I'll get him next time." or just me?

  • Woah! This one was epic! Series are getting better and better. Love your work! Amazing

  • This episode was honestly amazing. Such an epic adventure in 20 minutes. And FUCKING NORMAN REEDUS IS HERE NOW????? 10000/10

  • 14:29 🥵 hot


  • !?!?

  • The closest millie was been with her parents this entire season

  • Hell boos Pretty awesome Blitz Brandon Rogers Voice acting


  • This was unfortunately predictable. :/

  • 1:52 that scene of Millie and Moxxie would be a great shirt XD


  • I wonder who called the hit? It's really a mystery.

  • She did it RIGHT in front of who she wants dead lmfao

  • I think it's hilarious that Blitzo is dating Stolas who has said countless dirty stuff to him but doesn't get "That's what she said" jokes.

  • Stellas voice reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter

  • Yoo norman reedus

  • The content of the show is good but what about that garbage framerate? Oh well. At least I can watch.

  • Vizpop for the love of god give us hazbin hotel ep.2

  • this script is kinda maid and butler: the film, isn't it

  • Though striker is cool and there are many fans, my fav still Moxxei( best carrying husband )

  • Milley i love you

  • This episode is damn expensive

  • Wooooow I loved this episode, think it's my favorite

  • the things i would give to see loona kick some real ass at the sound of Blitzo's whistle, because that would be so badass.

  • Can't wait for part 6



  • Yeehaw chuckle fucks

  • 12:22 amoung us bag

  • Now this is just the best series ever, its unbelievable its on Netflix! Hey vivziepop, how many episodes will there be?

  • 15:54 everything about this part is just chef's kiss/10

  • If visiting my in laws was more like this I'd go back down to Georgia.

  • Still waiting for when moxie just goes mad with blood lust. Killing with his bare hands.

  • I love the shark gig :D

  • 1:00 Feeding tha fan ficks hey???

  • Love the camerawork song much!

  • 0:41 *wait* Edit-if you dont know what I'm talking about look at blitzo

  • i just got the red bull joke


  • my wallet is wailing this is the only thing in my life that I will spend unreasonable amounts of money on and it shows

  • I know im not the only one who thinks Moxie sounds like Invader Zim

  • :55 Blitzo ALWAYS has the BEST insults...😂😅 3:56 BAD TOUCH THERE!😳 13:16 YOU IDIOT!!!😒

  • i like how half the time blitzo has the best fights

  • Fuking subplot in my musical utra violence!? Don't mind if I do.

  • 14:56 Helluva Boss in a nutshell

  • I love strikers pistol

  • 13:12 I love this animation Bless from the demon king to all

  • bro millie just london'ed striker

  • Blitzo without horns looks like an alien