Publisert 17. jan.. 2021
I won a FUT DRAFT using the OLDEST team on ULTIMATE TEAM & Pack Opening!!
Let me know in the comments which challenge you want me to do next.
I WILL ATTEMPT THE TOP COMMENT! Include FUT CHAMPS 30-0 challenges as well.
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My previous uploads have included:
Top 100 with a Bronze Team
Top 100 with a Silver Team
40-0 with a 100k Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Bronze Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Silver Team.
Winning Division 1 with the slowest team.
etc etc


  • Liverpool United predictions?

  • Idea: draft a team, and whatever you get, buy the players and go 30 and 0 in weekend league.

  • Traore Hall of Fame

  • He is so likeable person

  • Vamos what ??

  • That guy in the semi final was toxic

  • By far the most entertaining Fifa channel on YT. Keep it up bro

  • Youngest team

  • Harry your just to good

  • subscribed

  • This guy should be a freestyler tbh🚫🧢 with a sick beat he is gonna spit some bars you know🔥🔥

  • draft with only flair passes/shots

  • 11 different nationalities would be interesting i think if possible

  • Tall defence small attack

  • Trippier was keeping up wit ronaldo lol

  • Win a draft with 0 shots

  • I won a draft once and got the 100K pack

  • Please do the coded draft it’s where u chose 1-5 each pick before the draft and what ever the code is that’s the players u pick

  • How the hell did you score that goal at 6:00

  • Do a draft with the most skill full players

  • South America players only draft!!!!

  • Blind player pick

  • Only draft hall of famers in the starting 11

  • Only penalty goals

  • Oh u get a cleen sheet in all of the draft 😂

  • too good

  • a fut draft without using your right analog stick

  • No look player's pick draft:)

  • win a draft with defenders in strike and strikers in defence

  • 0 chemistry team

  • Do a draft so you pick the lowest rated player every pick

  • win a draft without shooting (clicking B)

  • full black team in draft only black in starting 11

  • 18:04 😳

  • Win a draft without conceding

  • worst weak foot

  • only use the map at bottom of screen

  • Draft challenge: Only allowed to score headers and volleys. If you score a goal that isn't a header or volley you have to give your opponent an OG👍

  • Idea: bad icons on fut champs

  • Where is that skill tutorial? You make it look easy.

  • A draft but you can only cross and shoot. No passing 😂😂

  • Idea: Draft but only allowed to score with GK

  • The 2nd guy is the donny that watched a pro player once and spent 10 hours in the arena cancelling skill moves... half the fifa community are the same

  • Congrats to him getting 700k👊🏼🤟🏽

  • Full defender draft challenge

  • U make me smile all the games man u got my sub bro

  • play draft with manual passing

  • Harry: Unless they’re using an old picture, it’s quite clearly Bruce. Me: but if it was an older picture he would’ve been younger no?? 3:37

  • Bro my whole house knows when I’m watching a Harry Hesketh video because I shout at the top of my lungs “Still noooot got an intro ladies and gentlemennnn” with you 😂

  • idea: fut champs with a full GK team

  • Idea: Oldest bronze team in champs

  • It’s class how still not got an intro has now become the intro

  • Draft with no one from top 5 leagues

  • Should of taken Carrasco mate he was 1990 I think 🤔

  • Full championship team In champs

  • Do a draft where you have to choose the player with the lowest skill moves

  • Idea: upside down draft. Pick up players as you like for chemistry then in game flip the team upside down so your GK is an ST and vice-versa

  • Next draft: upside down draft so you basically make a normal then flip it, keeper in strike, striker in net etc

  • Fut champs idea: MLS past and present!

  • Idk if this idea has been requested before. Play players off position. Preferably attackers as defenders and defenders as attackers.

  • You should do a draft with a team that has scored the most goals this season for each position

  • 700k🥳🥳

  • Win a draft where every shot has to be a goal

  • So I can have a sesh hahahahaha i feel that brother

  • Max 3* skill and weak foot

  • Do an Anders veijgang 30:0 please

  • youngest draft team

  • A draft without using any skill moves at all

  • THE SLOWEST FUT DRAFT take the player with lowest pace

  • This content is amazing!! Keep up the good work lad

  • video idea- let siri choose your team, for example you ask siri 1-5 whatever she chooses is the player you choose.

  • Play fut champs on metro bus

  • Do a physical draft challenge

  • Draft with lowest star skill moves with each pick

  • Do a 30-0 challenge with a POTM only squad

  • Alphabetical draft? Choose the player with the name closest to A. Could vary it and do it the opposite way around too

  • Win a fut draft with at least getting 2 red cards each game.

  • How about win a draft with scoring long shots only ?

  • weirdest league draft?

  • do a draft with player with the highest shooting stats. love the vid

  • Swap the starting 11 with the bench

  • Idea for champs do a team where all the players have the same birthday but also play on that day so like a week from now is 26th jan play with people who’s birthday is 26th jan

  • A squad with only goalkeepers!

  • Play using the map at the bottom only look at that

  • Heres one for you Harry. No Duplicate Chemistry Cards allowed.

  • Harry's energy is becoming progressively more annoying

  • Use the team you used to win the spencer acedemy

  • That guy is salty 😂

  • Do a draft without using any players that born in europe

  • I’m watching every one of Harry’s videos until he find an intro...it’s been abt a year but I think he’ll find one soon I really believe he will

  • 3 nations draft

  • can you do a NO HAT draft challenge?

  • Worst physical

  • A draft where you choose the players with the most physical... AKINFENWA STYLE

  • do a draft where your screen is backwards, so when u aim to go right there go left, left to go right


  • Ok I have a video idea 30-0 with a full team of icon swaps players theres just enough for the bench

  • Lowest combined weak foot and skill moves draft 👌

  • 30-0 with a full icon swap team

  • Make a draft and then buy the team and play with it on weekend league