New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

Publisert 27. jan.. 2021
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic.
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Live: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News


  • Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes across NY to take in COVID positive patients and planted the seeds of infection that killed thousands of grandmothers and grandfathers. Cuomo viciously covered the overall number of COVID-19 deaths among long-term care residents. Cuomo must resign immediately.

  • You are traveling to a wonderous land. A land without time or meaning. A place where reality doesn't exist. You are about to step into the twilight zone.... Thing one and thing two are in charge of Government affairs. They are mindless examples of politicians who think they know what they are doing. Gov Cuomo and Mayor Deblasio are like a two man band. They play to their own tune. If they only had a clue how the people in New York suffered because of their actions and stupidity. They call it " mind Over matter" and to them... if you have no mind... nothing matters! To them it's just a big game....but this isn't Vegas and the odds are not looking good for thing one and thing two! A plane lands at the local airport and they are urged to get on. What they don't know is that they are on a one way flight to the North Pole and will be left there with just their skivies on! ......Revenge.... is a dish best served cold in the twilight zone! 😲🥶🤣

  • Open back up all new york state and let the people make their own decisions and stop acting like a dictator governor

  • You got caught goin to jail..nobody wants you to be governor anymore your a murderer

  • This man should be arrested for murder

  • I hate cuomo with a passion

  • NBC New s y'all need to get arrested by the military also 🪖🇺🇸

  • If our justice department, FBI, Congress, local law enforcement won't do anything about this. Then I call upon the military to step in and begin arresting all these treasonous murderous individuals who are trying to destroy our country 🪖🇺🇸

  • The KS farmer sending you a mask was a gracious tip. By the way, what is a good tip for a visitor

  • God will punish him in the end he will have to answer for his sins.

  • ❌Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a report that found that nursing home deaths 💀from COVID were 50% higher than lying Gov. Andrew Cuomo had claimed. The report also found that at least 4,000 New Yorkers died after the Cuomo administration issued a mandate for nursing homes to admit “medically stable” COVID-positive patients, which James said “may have put residents at increased risk of harm in some facilities.” I say incompetent lying Andrew Cuomo belongs in Jail. He should never be allowed to serve in public office. The fake news morons covered for his incompetence and lies and wonder why smart people like me don’t watch or believe them anymore.

  • Recall him

  • Cuomo is a murderer with no remorse, even blames others. Media is evil to have such admiration for this failure.

  • What a narcissistic piece of s***

  • cuomo: 'but who cares'; hillary: 'what difference does it make'. Both losers and always will be.

  • Maybe you should have taken Trump's advice and CDC guidelines not to put Covid patients back into nursing homes, and instead used to field hospital that Trump got the army to build for New York and the two medical ships he also sent for the people of New York. But instead you ignored the advice and guidances and deliberately put Covid patients back into nursing homes knowing full well of the massive deaths that would occur. And the reason why nursing home deaths are a lower percentage, is not because they went a lot of nursing home deaths, they were, by far the highest in all of America, but it was because you let so many other people die in New York as well. Cuomo is the butcher of New York

  • "If you see anybody from the Cuomo Administration in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere," the tweet read, signing the message from "Maxine CuomoWatch."

  • Phenomenon?

  • He has that typical meatball tell. Hes lying

  • S&W 500 says you lying

  • NY Gov Cuomo We know you did not undercount the deaths. So you tell us those senior citizens are alive in nursing homes.

  • Epstein goppelganger

  • Pure Hubris. Vote Andrew out in 2022 3 reasons I can think of; there are probably more reasons 1. Andrew's mishandling of COVID and manipulation of stats; Large number of elderly died in the first few months of the pandemic because Andrew said that a nursing home cannot reject COVID positive patients. 2.The Moreland Commission scandal where Andrew shut down an "independent" public integrity commission when it got close to his political allies Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, 3. Buffalo Billions scandal - Andrew's top aid was convicted of bribery and bid-rigging government contracts.

  • Are the people who gave Cuomo an Emmy, the same people who gave Bruce Jenner the women of the Year award..?

  • Cuomo .......... the commandant of the American Auschwitz.

  • Andrew Cuomo, NY Serial Killer

  • He looks like he is going to lose it

  • He looks scared

  • The guy is a clown. Take him down

  • I had McDonald’s burger take out to eat at home. I did not have McDonald’s because I ate it at home😖😖😫! They are not Nursing Home Deaths because they died in the Hospital ... most died in their beds .. so it is not a nursing home death😫😖😫😖.

  • Time to put him in jail for crimes against humanity

  • I heard 50 percent more people in nursing homes died which you didn’t want to report. Did you cover it up? By the way your policy is state specific not federal. Your political career is ranked bro. And if any of you think I’m lying . Check out the New York Times. Not that I trust the New York Times.

  • Cuomo you are a piece of 💩

  • You locked down a week late a lot of people died because of your Decisions not the governments you killed a lot of people

  • Did you see in the news where as of Friday 1/29/21 Osama BinBiden has issued forty executive orders? I fear the repercussions in the future for the Democratic Party. Trump is starting to look pretty good about now.

  • Freaking liar, blatantly. How to lie with statistics. Also hasnt your state been one of the most authoritarian with mask mandates, closed schools businesses, and even churches. So youre saying nothing you have done has helped. So yeah i screwed up, but it wouldnt matter anyway cuz people still dyin at high rate so it makes my decisions justifiable. Talk about constantly puttin foot in mouth you make Trump look mild. Recall Cuomo.

  • Evil personified in Cuoto. People are dying unnecessarily due to him and he is lying about figures.

  • I can't believe he has the nerve to blame God. He has been blaming everybody else for his actions. He needs to go to jail.

  • This pompous p.o.s needs to get out a.s.a.p! Hes garbage folks. No getting around that. The guy has zero business in politics! Garbage!

  • Those who died in the nursing home died on the nursing home, and those who died in the hospital died in the hospital, right?

  • Cuomo sounds like HR CLINTON answering questions on Benghazi..

  • LIAR

  • WHYYYY does this man get his own platform ..? And who does he think he is with the Valentine's day proposal stuff??🤔🤔🙄🤦‍♀️

  • Where is all the people that were blowing him and saying how great he was. You guys are sheep

  • I think what Governor Como lacks in intelligence is more than made up by the confidence he finds in hearing his own voice.

  • If landlords and restaurant owners ask Cuomo for help he will roll up his sleeves and do all he can to help them, even from his own pocket. People misjudge that smug face he uses on the podium that's really his lack of self-conceit.

  • all i needed was the rates for the week,and it looks like people are even more dumb these days by getting covid

  • Underreported covid deaths

  • Democrats destroy NY. Thanks Cuomo.

  • The Swan Manor in Monroe,NC needs to be investigated for not paying payroll taxes on there employess for 5 years and also violating wage and hour laws. Clean & Clear in Monroe,NC has the same case, not paying payroll taxes on there employees for around 10 years. Theses are felonies and could be up to 5 years in prison.

  • Emmy WEINER.

  • The Incompetent Governor !!!!

  • Please investigate: What does testing achieve? Are there vaccine alternatives that work as good or better than vaccines?

  • mask, distance and vaccine as soon as possible

  • ❌Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a report that found that nursing home deaths 💀from COVID were 50% higher than lying Gov. Andrew Cuomo had claimed. The report also found that at least 4,000 New Yorkers died after the Cuomo administration issued a mandate for nursing homes to admit “medically stable” COVID-positive patients, which James said “may have put residents at increased risk of harm in some facilities.” I say incompetent lying Andrew Cuomo belongs in Jail. He should never be allowed to serve in public office. The fake news morons covered for his incompetence and lies and wonder why smart people like me don’t watch or believe them anymore.

  • It's the guy who won a oscar for killing nursing home patients!!

  • That's why he won the awards for acting that there were not so many deaths in the nursing homes......

  • So sad:; Cuomo, the man who wrote a book how to deal with Covid-19, tried to cover his policy of forcing Covid patients in nursinghomes which did raise the numer of eldery deaths, turns out to be a fraud by conciensely underrating the number of death by 50 %:

  • He purposely killed grandma so that he could blame Trump

  • They're wearing masks. Where's HIS?

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    • Wow, this doesn't read like a set up at all.

    • @Alvaro Mario thank you guys, I'll send her a message now

    • She's really kindhearted and I really love the ease of communication.

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    • @Nils Kemmer Send her a message on her WhatsApp contact below

  • Wow - its beginning to unravel!! Corruption - 50% more deaths unreported concerning these care homes! He has to be held accountable!

  • You all dont talk about he gave him self pay raise $$$$$$

  • The man that killed the New York economy for the next decade everyone. I swear if you people vote this mussolini wannabe back into office during the next election......

  • Cuomo, is an immoral Governor. He blames everything on somebody else and wants to cover up his failed policies and failed leadership. He is solely to blame for NY’s state of disrepair.

  • I bet that 10 years from now, Cuomo will probably blame Trump that his diaper does'ent fit correctly .

  • Murderer

  • How old is Eddie Munster now? Cuomoron 2021

  • Cuomoron, are you still 46th in nursing home deaths since your "facts" are LIES!!!

  • This man looks evil

  • With the help of his lil brother Fredo over at CNN, Andy Cuomo continues to lie to the American people about how many people died unnecessarily in nursing homes in New Your due to his HORRIBLE management of the state. And now senile socialist puppet dictator Biden is bailing him out so he can waste more of out hard-earned tax $$. These people hate America and the American people!! Impeach Cuomo and Biden before they destroy America further!

  • Hey, "great in your own mind " Cuomo, your own atty general says there are twice the amount of Covid deaths in nursing homes than previously reported. Keep patting yourself on the back though, some idiots will believe you.

  • With the new totals from the nursing home deaths, you should resign. Don't think about it. Don't call your baby brother. Just do the right thing. The civil suits coming your way will be a burden on the state.

  • LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, CUOMO! People are going to DEPLATFORM you for passing on DISINFORMATION about your COVID19 LEADERSHIP. Pos Governor Cuomo!

  • "Try new Cuomo with 50% more dead people"

  • When are they going to arrest this murderer and his sidekick Communication Fredo?

  • The residents of the State of New York should call for the resignation of Andrew. Cuomo and a class action should be brought against him by the families who lost a family member because of his decisions letting COVID 19 infected people to be bright to nursing homes infecting others. This is manslaughter !!!!!!

  • So much blood on his hands

  • This man is a disgrace. Killed more people than first thought!! He says he sleeps well at night! How did he ever win an Emmy for a book of lies! Corrupt democrats. Heartless criminal.

  • Let me change my stance now that Bidens in office. It is still not my fault however, that's important to remember. I can still blame Trump for my mishandling of the situation, right?

  • nys and now the federal gvt. are criminal organizations...enjoy the upcoming price of gasoline,diesel, and heating leftitst pieces of sh#@..


  • Heard he likes fly fishing I hope I never catch him fishing somewhere it won’t be good

    • Roy Tsusui if I see him around his Twitter says he likes fly fishing I probably never will js

    • Ronnie Keppler, take FREDO with you! They both need too go on a fishing trip?

  • 🤥

  • Now that Biden's in charge, the covid is running scared. Give it until March and you won't see any more stories on the covid. people will still be catching it but the news won't report on it.

  • Apparently New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is responsible for more nursing home deaths than we originally thought. A lot more. According to a bombshell new report, the death toll in New York State nursing homes was “severely undercounted”. The NY Times reports that the deaths were undercounted by as much as 50 PERCENT. This report comes after Cuomo’s book on “COVID leadership” was touted by the mainstream media for several months.

  • Since the NYS District Attorney now has and investigation on going against Cuomo for possibly under county Covid Deaths in nursing home by 50%! Will they take away his emmey award?🤔

  • Coumo projecting his failure to Pres. Trump but he underreported 50 % of death in the nursing homes. Shame on him! He destroyed NY.

  • The emperor has no clothes


  • He should have the title of minister of propaganda


  • So the leader of the nation in nursing home death counts We’re under counted by at least 50% largely contributed to Andrews c. order to put positive patients back into nursing homes. I imagine this is going to go well with his Best selling success story novel recently released. The irony/Deception Is absolutely mind blowing.

  • Cuomo's political career is over but MSNBC or CNN will more than be happy to hire him.

    • @Christian Adjei lol

    • @Mestari1Gaming How? do you not understand the pressure of trying to lead a state during a pandemic

    • @Christian Adjei You sound like a moron.

    • You sound like a trumpie

  • Looks like another Emmy for best performance by someone pretending to be a governor. So he lied about deaths by ...50%!!!!!!

  • Remove this Crooked Man from office in any way you can. This kind of governor should not live in the United States

  • Governor cuomo is a corrupt politician and career liar

  • Governor Cuomo has killed more people in New York than any person in history.

  • Is cuomo going to address the massive under count in nursing home deaths he caused?