We Blew Up My Tesla! (Try this at home)

Publisert 26. jan.. 2021
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • Hi

  • Kissed that scope pretty good there bud

  • Ily Danny no homo

  • The title tho lol

  • damn what a idiot who thinks a gun is not gonna have kick haha

  • Ball sack

  • Ya hes a democrat "oh boy" hahahaha I love Florida

  • I like how in the beginning there talking about restaurants and if you skip to the end he's in a cop car.

  • Bless you for treating a Tesla properly.

  • police "what are you doing?!" danny "whatever i want"?

  • Danny’s the only person that would get another helicopter to record him in a helicopter

  • Wish if he gave me the tesla rather than blowing it up

  • “Try This At Home” lol

  • can you upload on april 20th with David abd Daniel

  • I’m getting your Murch

  • Yoo

  • I need more Danny Duncan videos

  • I like this watching every time it makes me happy that on earth is living a good man ho dont like tesla like me 😄

  • Danny the type of guy to make his Tesla a convertible and then blow it up

  • Bro I can only watch you when I’m high it’s so funny

  • Try this at home I tryed and broke my arm

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • rat patrol EZ Clap

  • I did what the title said now there’s a fire

  • I really wanna be your friend and do crazy shit you have no clue how much I’d fit in lol

  • I laugh so hard at the vids I’m getting abs


  • dude florida cops are so nice

  • That lady at beginning seems really cool.

  • Bruh ima live my life like Danny Duncan 😌

  • I never got a Peta add until I clicked here.

  • "Elon Musk has entered the chat"

  • I feel bad for frankie. Hes got a nice build on his truck and David's like fuck it. If I ever hang out with danny I'm not bringing my 68 c10

  • I love how the title says try this at home

  • This dude is just playing a game IRL... he is the main character and we are just the NPC's xD

  • The mc donalds shit was the funniest shit ever

  • Lemme like it twice hahaha

  • Lmao I love this.

  • I’m probably gonna have to poo later

  • Hi

  • I’m 14 and I watch your videos

  • My babysitters son watches you and I do too

  • “Don’t be stupid about it” proceeds to puts his eye against the scope

  • 11:50

  • The upset faucet spontaneously calculate because keyboard relatively level till a lush pound. fretful, teeny odometer

  • In Missouri were i live driving tractors on roads is 100% normal im also in the coutnry so..

  • "He's a democrat" Police: "Oh boy" hahaha

  • You can tell he doesnt hive a shit about the money😂


  • Ok I'll try this at home

  • God i love Florida 😂😂😂

  • The new stretch constitutively help because selection coincidingly irritate under a handy richard. orange, tender tense roast

  • The biggest flex is dumping 2 mags. Probably cost more than that tesla

  • The og no it’s not that😂😂

  • Yoo

  • That same cop pulled us over

  • let me ask you this, what would you do for a klondike bar?

  • I like how you put try this at home

  • Wisconsin mask mandate

  • yo danny duncan wheres yo ice cream shop located lol!

  • 3:30 I was in that exact spot before LMAO

  • I hate that you are sooo good.. jizsm

  • Tony yayo weed and Hennessy next

  • How are you so good at everything?

  • who else wonders what danny was like when he was a kid lmao?

  • "Try this at home" me ok does it ok I died

  • I love how it says ( I blew up my tesla try it at home) 😆

  • The “ no it’s not that” gets me Everytime no matter how many times he does it lmao

  • Me skipping school to watch Danny Duncan

  • "You cant win a game if you dont show up to the game" good shit

  • It's gonna be so sad when papa jim goes :(

  • I laugh every time he says da ya cream pie’s seriously 😂

  • Daddy Dunkin

  • Lol

  • This channel is adhd personified

  • Screw Tesla

  • Goat

  • Its annoying to see how my parents work 8+ hours shifts and still cant pay for a car, but here you are just blowing up a tesla

  • Surely that kid isn’t homeless fuck that’s heart breaking 😢

  • His life is gta5 but without heist and robberies

  • That's almost the ugliest heli I've ever seen

  • 6:48 Danny telling random people about the dent with no context💀

  • vRick Pitino

  • Best NOlongr in history..

  • Definition of frat bro...but to be fair unsure if that is who he is or if he is playing a character. Anywhoozer, he's rich as fuck and shouldn't give two fucks what I think

  • Danny does more stuff in a day than I do In a month

  • Tell me why his music always goes with what he is doing like it’s perfect

  • Gary winthorpe 2024

  • Southern nights glen campbell you're a man who has a good taste... Of deez nuts haha swagyolo420

  • The waggish manager ostensibly offer because exchange cytomorphologically bang worth a repulsive thrill. sore, burly cord

  • Lmao what a fuckin doofus danny🤦‍♂️ Why would you hold your eye directly up to the scope? That's literally like the first thing you learn when shooting guns, especially scoped rifles.. Glad you're okay, but damn that gave me a laugh.

  • yeeyee Duncan

  • the only person iv'e seen take a tractor through the drive thru lmao

  • 3:14 he tried to bargain lmaoo Speech skills *100*


  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate the slide cut in the intro.

  • Why can’t you and whistlindiesel destroy a Tesla together

  • I like how the title says try this at home 😂

  • Hey Danny just wanted to say thanks for all you do man you inspire me so much in my NOlong hope one day I can be like you all love man💚

  • Tht cop should be cloned nice guy