I'm NOW a $100,000 Warzone Tournament World Champion! (My Class Setup)

Publisert 3. mars. 2021
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  • This was an awesome performance by you and the NUKES squad! Great job you GOAT!

  • You’re a nerd 😂😂

  • Bro tell me faze doesn’t have the best intro on NOlong😴💯

  • Intro kinda cringe ngl lowkey

  • What’s that ffar

  • More smoke weed

  • What is that CAMO?

  • Who else just skips 2 the end get the class then goes back 2 the start

  • I want play with you

  • 6:47 yo wth that was sus af.

  • Lol “we got top top” 🤣

  • And swagg

  • yooo Rogan you what to play

  • 😁

  • Need separate lobbies for ranked warzone and private for tournament's

  • The character in ur intro looks like a glitched 2k player

  • U should drop a mind of swaggs vid cause obviously your top shelf when I comes to this cod ish

  • like how u pretend that ur good but u use ur a alt account to get easy lobbies

  • 3:14 thats sus

  • Anybody else come here to rewatch the epic ending for some Warzone motivation? 💪💪

  • great video, you will get a dislike only for your disqusting like begging in the beginning (angryface)

  • Love how he got that guy frome like 50 meters and it's like point blank lol oh and hood vid swag

  • lets goooooo

  • Your insane swagg keep up the good work

  • Bruh no way u left that precision on the ground after u got the UAV

    • He won the 100k tourney and that’s what you’re worried about? 😂

  • I nearly cried when i saw the ending! 🔥

  • I see the Cronus Zen is doing great for you

  • Well played, litteraly! 😊 I used to think Aydan is the best, but u r different in knowing when to back out of a losing fight. How u quickly exited the tall building after being spotted shows how much self control you have. That's a win by itself. 👍

  • They don’t want us to win fam !!

  • congrats

  • I'm sorry I love the vid but its a sin they didn't make booyas clip longer when he shot dude out the heli wit the pistol so we can fully witness that glory lolol...I was like wait WAT?!🤯🤤 hadda run that back rite quick.

  • Your loadout made me drop 25 kills first time dropping more than 18 cz my pr was 18

  • Is that modern warfare aug or Cold War

  • Is this the best aug class

  • yo this is the first time ive watched a swag vid since bo4 and that cartoon intro is fire bro

  • song in the end??

  • N*gga I’m going on a hike today!

  • Congrats 👏

  • Good job men from france ! Why you don't used agency on your weapon.? Aug flashguard? Fffar nothing? Why?

  • Glad i watched you live dude, was awesome.

  • Where do I order Cronus zen from?

  • How did he make the reactive do that with gold camp. Whenever I do it it only makes the gold go on the rims of the gun.

  • Lol probably used aim bot 😂


  • 😂🤣😂🤣 you funny

  • You truly are the goat

  • song at the end?

  • Aim assist lool

  • Congrats Swag! That's amazing

  • GOAT

  • what is his loadout

  • Congrats

  • “The bus” 😬

  • that mw2 song is toe curling good

  • Let's go I'll whoop the ass

  • Big ups Swagg

  • Yo so what if he got carried it’s a team game idk how complain about anything he does bro the people he who keeps saying he got carried probably the same one not catching dubs they teams y’all always wanna one up someone it’s a team game for a reason 😂

  • Bearpigs better then this lame

  • Fuckin insane bro🤟🏽

  • This is a great video & performance 👏🏾🔥🔥🔥🥺

  • Haha I tried this and had no idea what to do imagine me having to fill in would be so hilarious

  • Been here since the first iw video

  • Good stuff. No recoil on those weapons must be nice lol

  • Is it me or do Swagg's FFAR'S have like different colors?

  • joe deserved it


  • What kind of aug gun bc I try look for it I can not find it? Anyone know info for the gun what he use or how to look for it plz

  • Imagine if they hit the stim glitch at the end and Swagg got 2nd place LOL, GG's.

  • what kind of headset is that

  • I wish I can win one of theese

  • NICE MY GUY!!!!!😈

  • Can we have a ffar class?????

  • U look like Jordan from all american

  • I like how booya was so chill when they won the game and swagg was screaming lmao

  • Song at the end?? Please it sounded amazing

  • Can’t wait till warzone dies and you go down with it

  • These dudes have no fucking recoil 😂

  • Am I the only one who saw a wierd gas mask

  • what camo is he using for the ffar

  • Was this pre agency suppressor fix?

  • So kills give u more pts....thats bs...as lomg as u win is all that shoyld count

  • Cheers, Sir!

  • Well done mate, you guys are awesome man.....yewwww

  • MAD respect from New Zealand 🤑🤑🤑

  • On my soul this might’ve been one of the tuffest intros I’ve seen🙌🏽🤩

  • Does anyoane know on which region are they playing on? I'm talking to the ones who know about Vpn's

  • Gods NOT dead

  • Jesus Loves you

  • Someone tell me that class for ffar

  • The game play was LITTY

  • That was sick!!! To many meatheads!!

  • yo can someone show me how biffle got 44 ? i know he can, but it says 18 in the vid lol

  • So do you get put into a special lobby with lien other pros or do you just plays regular game. Because there could be a ton of hackers or something in a game

  • You had silver lobbies while the other teams had diamond lobbies

  • Dope - keep the grindin' strong bro

  • wats ffar class ?

  • Lmaoo that intro is so corny

  • Bro the edit on your intro is actually sick

  • Where are all of the "he uses the cronus max hacks" now

  • Even though I know they won, I was trembling at the end