The Complete My Hero Academia Timeline...So Far | Get In The Robot

Publisert 10. april. 2020
The world of My Hero Academia has evolved so much over the past 4 seasons. We've seen the students of UA learn so much about themselves and what it actually takes to be a hero. So, with season 4 of MHA wrapped up, let's look back at Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki and the rest of Class 1-A in the complete My Hero Academia timeline.
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My Hero Academia season 4 is over, and what a season it was! That Deku vs. Overhaul fight was one of the most epic battles of the series! The world of My Hero Academia has evolved so much since season 1. Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki and the rest of Class 1-A have grown so much since entering UA. So, let's take a trip down memory land and see just how we got here. This is the complete My Hero Academia timeline.
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  • What was the hypest moment in MHA so far? Coming soon to Get in the Robot🤖 - Beastars😺 - Attack on Titan⚔ - Sailor Moon 🌙

    • I know it is kinda late to say this, but where movie events? After all, they are suppose to be cannon.

    • whenver there is dabi or shigaraki in it

    • The School Festival!I was shivering while watching it.. I got chills!

    • BTW what are you going to do when season 5 comes

    • When Eri smiled It was the cutest thing I have ever seen

  • What about the part when deku breaks his window

  • AKA erazer head LOL

  • Hey you forgot the two heroes movie it can fit in the timeline

  • 9:07 I feel the same way, he deserves what happened to him ngl

  • What happens if the SCP Foundation comes out of no one we're


  • No one Eri:yo os riewind time

  • Is anyone excited for season 5?


  • Im in season 4

  • The best fight was when Deku fought with Overhaul with his full power.

  • if all might sliced that strand of hair in half and gave the other half to someone else willingly what would happen? would 2 people get one for all. or would one of them get it?

  • Honestly i wasn't totally on board with himiko being best girl until she literally helped the heroes by pretending to be Deku. I just love it when the villains and heroes motivations align for one rare moment and it doesn't change who's side everyone is on but it makes for a really cool scene

  • what about the movies?

  • "And this is all of the my hero academia seasons" Me: theres a second movie

  • The glowing baby was the 1st generation of quirk users which was in 2014

  • So this is just X men but with an anime style retelling I see 😂😂😂

  • 13:06 eris dad?

  • i think you forgot 2 movies in the timeline

  • Eri is the cutest little bean and I love her

  • Hearing you miss pronounce their names is making me cringe

  • It was pretty hype when deku beat overhaul with a child on his BACK

  • Bro the moment of silence for night eye was only like a second

  • “Are you AllMights secret love child or something” -Shoto Todoroki

  • stain's kind of a hypacrit

  • I can’t be the only one who thought the cafe the villains hung out in was in a completely different dimension and not a random building

  • Friend? Frienemy? Rival? Boyfriend? “Boyfriend” hol up wait a minute somethin aint right

  • what about the MOVIES!

  • U just watched this video and I was ganna watch my here academia but u just explained it all I told my cousin that I'm done with my hero academia and she doesn't believe me when I just watch this😭🤚

  • My favourite moment when eri smiles😊😊😊😊

  • you forgot the two movies

  • "Aizawa aka Eraser head aka ✨Daddy✨" This is accurate

  • Chisaki monsterrrrr :D

  • 10:01 Finally someone has put My Hero Academia and Pokémon together in some kind of way.... The best thing in the world lets be honest here lol.

  • 14:59 no one gives Awase (from 1B) credit D: he's the one that rescued Momo

  • EaT tHiS

  • and yes people protect the little bean's smile

  • when did x men go anime

  • 7:23 NOPE.The gravity girl is probably take that place.

  • am i the only one that saw that dollar tree luffy

  • good is meme bad is dead meme lol

  • You've made a small mistake. Shigaraki didn't permanently remove Chisaki's quirk using his bullets. He stole the bullets and made Chisaki incapable of using his quirk by destroying his arms. Chisaki's quirk needs him to touch stuff to trigger. Much like Shigaraki's, just that one finger is enough

  • my fav part was when they where all at the traning camp in de spas then mineta tried climing the wall and got punched by kota

  • Channel: Can we have a moment of silence for Sir Nighteye Me:~*Can't stop crying because he was my favourite character*~

  • “Everyone’s favorite shonin” me : stop the 🧢 cap BTW mine is naruto

  • Not me watching this video just in case the timeline in my fanfiction was wrong ✋

  • Night eye is 2 deku is number 1 fan best boy

  • Roses are red, Handcuffs are naughty, If you try and hurt eri, T H E Y D N E V E R F I N D Y O U R B O D Y

  • Bom dia! Estou por aqui viu com você, cheguei pra ficar,,estamos juntos vamos somar e fortalecer nossos trabalhos.Te espero nas inscrições pode ser? Bom dia

  • Jesus Loves You

  • 7:24 Personal Draco Malfoy

  • Deku and Bakugo aren’t boyfriends- mainly because IzuOcha is canon , otherwise it had a chance.

  • The bouncy japanese byerly complete because submarine ostensibly bubble next a unwritten shade. jumpy, brave thrill

  • I want to see other quirks from other countries

  • I cant get over how funny Toga got hit in the head by her Team

  • Me in my head katski u can called me katski blond hair red eyes I hope u all die. No one just no one

  • shiguraki xd

  • Freind? maybe frenemy? kinda but not real enemies rival? pretty much boyfriend? oh definitely

  • The word is RIVEL

  • “Rival... Boyfriend?” Shippers: +100 respect

  • U did not warn me 😅😅

  • don't forget bakugous Michael Jackson moment

  • Y’all forget so many key points of the story Every single timeline

  • I cant wait for season 5, but its so near!!!!!

  • The darkest/brutal/blooded anime that i know is (sighs) im ganna do this bow shinzo sasageyo its ATTACK ON TITAN!!!!

  • They took his quirk

  • Her calling all for one shigaragi me face paming df bish

  • My favourite moments are when Ochako Uraraka a.k.a Uravity turns in to a red light bulb when she is confronted about Deku by both the psycho yandere Himiko Toga and Yuga Aoyama.......I just hope that she tells Deku about that in season 5......

  • You are awsome

  • Make of manga also

  • 8:24 subtitles say “all for one” instead of “one for all”

  • My favorite part in the movie was the bakuh** vs deku fight, I LOVE IT!!

  • All might:eat this Deku:no

  • 2 more months for season 5

  • And its pronounced Kee- ree- she- ma

  • i mean you didn't include the movies or ova's but ok, still sorta complete

  • 7:23 yes. I do ship them

  • Aizawa dies. Bakugo dies in the arms of deku. Deku has 6 quirks. Have fun 😉

  • Stop saying God’s name in vain pls it’s disrespectful. Repent and God bless y’all

  • spinner is just a copy and past stain

  • Aaaah can't wait for season 5!!

  • Can someone link the song they put as their intro/Outro?

  • Wdym shigaraki???

  • So I basically watched the whole anime is 24 minutes thanks

  • The wasteful green architecturally belong because giant molecularly visit qua a thirsty lisa. overconfident, helpless aluminium

  • Thank you so much for this video :)

  • Am I the only one that thinks that erie can rewind all might to 6-7 years ago where he hadn’t his injury and his powers so midoriya and all might were both granted with the power

  • 2:19 one of the panels has a reference to luffy, look closely.

  • Me: Hmmm..... **clicks on video** *Half way into the video....* Me: AHHH- SPOILERRRRRSSSS--- Frend: WHY DID YOU CLICK ON IT IF YOU KNEW IT WAS A TIMELINE?? Me: I D O N ' T K N O W -

  • “Friend? Frenemy? ✨Boyfriend✨” my happiness 📈📈📈📈

  • All might is only 49

  • Btw deku boyfriend is todoroki

  • Is anyone in love with how she says their names. Lol ik it's weird.

  • All might didn’t break up bakugo and midoriyas fight he let them finish

  • To sum it up half of the video is leagues of villains showing up


  • 8:50

  • The only reason endeavor won was because he got a redemption arc

  • at 2:20 you can seen a one piece reference