Opening The $200,000 1st Edition Pokemon Box (Official Live Stream)

Publisert 9. okt.. 2020
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    • Literally love you.

    • Hey Logan, Would be Really nice of you react to PAPAPLATTE‘s Video about you Packing his Charizard !!! Like this comment for Logan seeing this ❤️🙏🏻

    • You Should get Pokémon go

    • @Papaplatte is a German NOlongr/Streamer

    • I fucking hate this channel!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡

  • The Charizard reaction was the best.

  • Nobody: adults clapping for trading cards

  • He should easily be wearing gloves / opening the packs better. The one where he pulls the charizard almost looks like he did a slight bend. Sick video still tho

  • thats my face when i get introlbel 14:02

  • I have all these cards from when I was a kid still in folders how do I get them graded

    • I seriously felt my heart sink and like I was going to puke when evan threw those cards. Holy fuckkk...

  • Seems like the people in the back have no idea when to clap or not. They just wait for him to get hyped up and start the applause.

  • You need a Starbucks/ runner i got you 🤣

  • Yo Logan I had a charizard holo rare first edition and I lost it that was a bad bad day

  • Wtf since when was Logan Paul a poketuber

  • Can mike stfu

  • I found this channel randomly an still tune in everyday

  • Why can't I give money to you in my country

  • shouldnt all these yellow cheek be red cheek. they were only in 1st edition. the yellow came slightly later in the unlimited set

  • one good thing logan paul has done

  • It’s not how the tables have turned it’s how the turn tables

  • Officially a fan


  • Donated 2k

  • Kinda liking Logan after the fight.

  • I seriously felt my heart sink and like I was going to puke when evan threw those cards. Holy fuckkk...

  • Galatians 5:20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

  • 1:02:13 charizard

  • I love how Lachlan is as big as Logan as a NOlongr and he disrespected him hard core 😂

  • Idk what the fuck I watched it full

  • Who the fuck is the dude next to Logan talking all that dumb shit! Stfu! Sounding like a hating ass! Don’t ever wana see him again!

  • Were are you buy it

  • when logan said does it work in abu dhabi :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • me watching him opening those cards which i used to play with my school friend and thinking i ve opened more then a 100 charzardssss

  • If I beat u in a 1v1 in basketball u got to buy me a pack my Instagram is wyo._.damonte

  • Where can i sell my PSE charizard?

  • Wait that charzard card is rare I have one just sitting on my desk in its container thing

  • You did not shave da beard

  • er

  • I wanna give you all my pokemon cards if you want them just let me know

  • Your mom is awesome haha

  • jar of hearts

  • Haha omg that dude is funny and amazing live stream

  • bro everyone is just a frikin gold digger just play with the cards man if i had a rare card wouldnt sell it just keep it and play some pokemon man

  • Did he make money?

  • I have a 1st edition Blastoise and a bunch of other stuff if anyone wants it

  • He was pronouncing Graham Stephan wrong 😑

  • Would like to invite you to our podcast if you have a chance please reach if you are interested.


  • Tell me about EBIT vs EBITDA

  • What’s that website where they auction

  • Very intense video!! Enjoyed watching 🔥🔥

  • kiss

  • No

  • Hi logon I love your videos but you will probable not like me but I live I Ingland

  • I am not a fan of Logan Paul but I will cry too if my rare cards are destroyed

  • What year did these cards come out?

  • I fucking hate Evan

  • we're ready pour

  • Nobody: Minecraft Steve: 35:11

  • Hiermit wurde auch dieser Kommentarbereich zu deutschem Territorium erklärt

  • Ballsac man has risen and said that this channel needs to be demolished

  • Why is this sooo satisfying

    • Im making a compilation of every Pokémon He roasted xD

  • Hello, i am from India i haveno mony for pokemon pls donate me cntact me here frend i wil open chanel for boxing cards from india if i have donation of pokemon pls send packs and card

  • He probably made £150k off this video itself 😂😂

  • I have a Charizard GX card that i don't know if its shiny or not but its Art is so cool and i searched it up i found nothing like my Charizards art its Rare i think

  • He told Gary he will not sell the Charizard base set psa 9 but he give it away to his viewers or he does a giveaway with it. Cmon ? you promise Gary not to sell it .

  • Btw base set psa 10 trainer potions go for a few hundred dollars

  • W

  • loved this video

  • I got a Pokémon ad....

  • I had one but i traded it for an hole collection

  • When mike mathed wrong and said he’d be 96 😂 same haha

  • Why is this loser still uploading

  • not even a pokémon fan but i really enjoyed this....

  • Hi

  • is it me or i cant hear him at the begining

  • Im making a compilation of every Pokémon He roasted xD

  • So people bought him the packs to open on live?

  • Nobody: Despacito after inventing 7 billion people: and that when the big bucks started rolling in

    • Mlon Exacto friend

    • what? what does this even have to do with the video?

  • He got scammed people, chill...

  • Hey from norway

  • I think I just realised I’m rich I got so many unopened first editions. Wtf I didn’t realise they were worth shit hhsha

  • REAL TIME REAL TIME REAL TIME 31:55 Venusaur 40:05 Chansey 43:50 Gyarados 53:03 Chansey 1:02:13 Charizard 1:25:48 Poliwrath 1:29:12 Raichu 1:39:15 Blastoise 1:48:25 Chansey 2:04:58 Alakazam 2:07:23 Mewtwo 2:17:18 Blastoise LIKE FOR HELP PEOPLE...

  • I think I am deth now 😂

  • I have 3 charizards mint

  • My e

  • Bro I had one of these boxes im gonna find it hope my grandma didn't throw em out

  • you are good 👍

  • Kevin Teller Papaplatte er ist jetzt einfach reich omega lul

  • Buddy said he has coin slots for eyes 🤣


    • the comments now german : buyt from PAPAPLATTE

  • Pokeman

  • I cringed hard when he pushed the top right corner of the charizard card

  • Item Finder is rated place 20 with 750$😂

  • Faaaantastic

  • buraaaaaak

  • 😂😂😂😂omfg evans face and then a big huge sign over his head saying impulsive 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Does anyone else feel the need to reach thru the screen and shut that other guys face hole who knows nothing about Pokémon?

  • Ahhh why is Logan's mic only going through one side of the headphones?! *twitches and closes stream*

  • it’s always a drowzy then a polliwag right after

  • I’m so mad when I was younger I bought so many pokemon cards but my mum and dad got rid of them. It was never like a charazard or a starter but Ik I had 1 or 2 hollows

    • I have albums full of cards and I know I have a bunch of hollows and sht I didn’t know they’re worth money apparently 😭

  • Love it 😀

  • i saw evan smoke at 1:05:04

  • Sorry I cannot donate