Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

Publisert 5. april. 2021
Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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  • I was watching Midnight in Paris last weekend and realized that Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston were both in that and had great chemistry in their scenes together, so this should be great. Also Marvel alum Corey Stoll from Ant Man was also in that.

  • The scores for these trailers are SO GOOD. I'm hoping they continue with this bomb soundtrack for this series. Even if they're only going to use it for an intro/outro.

  • Did anyone realize that in minute 2:06 there is Natasha and Loki.

  • سلسلة الأصلي يتدفقون 11 يونيو

  • فيلم لوكي هينزل 11/5/2021

  • How does this movie speak loki? Seems like it's another film but with loki slapped as title. Feels off.

  • This is not how I imagined them brining Loki back to life

  • y’all better don’t kill him again this time 😭 HE DESERVES BETTER

  • Now he’s just being cute 😏

  • does this mean Kang the conqueror will finally be a part of the MCU because its to do with time 😍

    • Kang the Conqueror will appear in MARVEL Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

  • Looks way better then falcon and winter solider.

  • so good to see owen wilson back. a generation of young people don't know who he is.

  • "This Absurd"

  • Loki bringing Boku back. lol

  • Are we gonna ignore Natasha at 2:06?

  • 2:06 has got to be black widow

  • Thailand​

  • ,"It is adorable that you think you can manipulate me."

  • Im buying $dis stock after this

  • _Lowkey_


  • 2:06 looks like black widow

  • เหมือนศรัณญูมาก!!

  • Thats “loki” dope. Get it? Haha- 😏

  • is it bad that im more excited about loki than shang-chi? 🥲

  • Wish he could get the JOKER role too :(

  • oh god I really missed him

  • Can someone explain why there’s a Loki series???? Spoilers: As much as we love him, he died like twice ((He fakes the first time but the second time he was actually killed)) why is he even here?? Is this before the avengers events or after?

    • @Dharmendra Prasad Ohhhh so this is another version of Loki? Not the one in the mcu universe who was killed?

    • When avengers time travel 2012 loko took tesseract and ran away when hulk was angry on using stairs remember the time travel part . He messed up timeline so he is here arrested by TBA as e mesed up timeline

  • Wow fantastic videoo

  • Will he bring Natasha back?? Please please pleaseee

  • Marvel characters die to come alive

  • Funny thing is that Hydra will blame him for stealing his sepctre

  • Nonsense

  • My theory.. Loki will become sorcerer supreme..

  • Why release Trailer if u are gonna stream it on June playing with Fans Stupid Marvel

  • 2:06 ?

  • Out of all the marval project in working loki is the one i am most excited about

  • Hindi trailer please

  • is that Black widow at 2:06 ?

  • Big metaphor guy, i love it...makes you sound super smart. Tony: Yep, that’s definitely me

  • 2:06 is it Blackwidow and Loki in Vormir ??

  • Okay, but like, what if Thor sacrifices himself for Loki on this timeline. And then later, Loki ends up going to the original timeline. Just imagine when they see each other. Each brother just runs and embraces the other while sobbing, neither sure why the other is so distraught and neither caring. Then they pull away from each other, and while whipping away tears, Loki makes some sort of crack about Thor's weight. laugh over it and then share stories about what's happened on each of their timelines. Then they team up to defeat whoever their adversary is, and the two end up becoming closer than ever. Like, is that too much to ask for, Marvel???? I'm actually asking for the pain this time, so can I please have it????

  • Advance Happy Birthday Shakespeare In the MCU's Shakespeare's trailer

  • Loki: *working as a time agent* Me: *i am PRETTY SURE THIS MAN IS GOING TO BREAK SSOMETHING again*

  • I think the rapidly changing font of the Loki logo could represent something of an alter ego.

  • Is that black widow at 2:05

  • It will be the best and highest rated Marvel show! 100%! True, I still cannot understand what this version of Loki is, but I hope that at the beginning of the show they will explain to me better. And the stack of Loki's conversations, it seems to me, is too small!)))

  • Is no one gonna talk how that natasha will be in the series ?

  • I never do it again

  • After watching too many trailers of Loki i now get it.......i m still confused what is going on.

  • Did I just saw natasha at 2:06 🙄

  • Nice

  • Going to be more than it seems

  • Wow "I love it"!!!

  • 2:06 black widow?

  • we want it in hindi

  • I never watched the marvel cinematic universe and whatnot, but I probably gonna see this.

  • Loki was with Natasha in reality where she didn’t die?! I guess atleast...

  • Joker🃏

  • Sounds like the time masters from Dr Who

  • Is it just me, or is Loki's voice in "I know what this place is" part unusually raspy/low?

  • OMG

  • They should make a movie

  • 2:06 hmmm that looks like Natasha


  • I'm naming my next kid Loki.

  • i cant be the only one who saw natasha there

  • you gotta admit, this villain has no haters to the point where he gets his own movie

  • Premium par milega yah vip par

  • Real talk. Is Loki gonna be bi?

  • When hulk?

  • That cat needs an Emmy

  • It's very subtle but if you stop it at exactly 2:06 right after the purple setting of Loki in the wind, you'll see him and a red haired lady in what appears as tights on a planet that looks very similar to the bay below the mountain on vjormir. Looks like nat and loki meet up and have a real heart to heart after all there subtle but strong conversations throughout the avengers. Awesomeness


  • Loki has always been 10steps ahead of me i love him😘😘😘

  • Wait a sec, is that BLACK WIDOW??? GASP!!!

  • If Loki had a final boss name it would be something like: Lord Loki The God of Backstabbing

  • “It is adorable that you think you could possibly manipulate me” truly, the Trickster God

    • Which font do you like for the word "LOKI"? Marvel: WE'LL TAKE THE LOT.

  • Natasha?

  • But why does Cap get away with it?

  • holy f*ck!! is that romanoff at 2:06??? oh my Goooood!!!!

  • Bro wtf does jschlatt have to do with this

  • hindi dubbed?

  • Was that Natasha and Loki at 2:07 👀

  • At 2:06 is that Natasha...!?

  • *This looks amazing!*

  • Did my dude just bark when he entered right in the start😭💀

  • Loki: But why me and not many of the other superheroes that can actually be trusted? Guy: Cause... Plot reasons

  • Who's he sitting with at 2:06 👀

  • Please this series release in hindi

  • Please release in hindi

  • Did I just see...... Black widow?

  • Save black widow from there 2:06

  • Loki goes to The Umbrella Academy.

    • @Raskolnikov32 Precisely on the latter. You brought up TUA, simply because you were unaware of the TVA existence in pop culture fiction.

    • @Alberto Rojas It's an old trope. Appeared even in Victorian sci-fi, albeit with more occult overtones; hell, there's beings close to this in classical literature. That is not my point. There's more than one idea here; the whole aesthetic, rhythm and vibe is The Umbrella Academy. You understand this distinction, or is it just a case of 'Mmmmmummmummm they did it firsssst ummmm mmmummm mmuuummm'?

    • MARVEL Comics Time Variance Authority (1986) Dark Horse Comics The Umbrella Academy (2007)

    • TVA

  • I need this right now

  • The soul stone scene tho>>>>>

  • Just 50?

  • at 02:06 surely thats not Black Widow is it?

  • good