The Fall of 76

Publisert 4. mai. 2019
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  • Won't lie, I'm probably still gonna preorder Starfield.

    • Haha, that Toilet Paper ad gag was like a forshadowing! 🤣

    • Same

    • @Daniel Dunn it wouldn’t be as good because the game company actually started to fix the problem

    • @Konameme ///

    • Do one on cyberpunk 2077!! 😂🤣

  • I cant believe how good this video is, I've watched this 9 times

  • "Despacito, Play Country Roads"

  • Aaaah New Vegas, i love you.

  • Can't wait for "The fall of 2077"

  • Man that toilet paper joke didn’t age so well.

  • I played fallout 76 and Jesus christ it looks worse than fallout 3

  • I love your voice. You sound like a wealthy widower named Sebastian.

  • 4th or 5th visit, I can't remember anymore

  • Fallout 76 moderation is the same as roblox moderation

  • Still can't believe I made it into the video

  • 0:07 what is the name of the song?

  • I wish Internet Historian would make a Last of Us Part 2 of this.

  • I love how games s and the games media don't agree but when they actually do it's hilarious.

  • How have Bethesda not been ruined for life by the FTC for this shit?

  • Fallout has been going downhill for a long time now (aside from NV). Mainly the story. Plot holes, retcons, etc. Not suprised this turned out so bad. Especially the lore. I can tolerate a glitchy game with a great story, but 76 has a terrible story while also being virtually unplayable.

  • Do the fall of cyberpunk as that was a worst launch then this

    • fall of 77

  • _"We don't fix the PROBLEMS with our game,_ _We patch the exploits, ignore the bugs, make the game tedious, prevent people from playing it for petty reasons, succomb to Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, AND Pride all at once, and encourage you to buy our (almost literal) shit! With REAL money!_ _And we do all of this without giving people the OPTION of a refund! So hand us all of your money!"_ -BETHESDA, probably

  • I never played the Fallout series but I got hooked on watching people covering all the shit going wrong with 76. I especially loved reading comments about people calling bullshit on all the "programming" that had to be done for the plastic bottle shroud.

  • 9.1k paid Bethesda employee accounts

  • This is why I never buy a game of first release.

  • 4:14 I can’t be the only one who wants a full version of this

  • The sheer number of cursed versions of "Take me home, Country Roads" in this video is astonishing in and of itself

  • Which ones Better though (1) Fallout 1 (2) Fallout 2 (3) Fallout 3 (4) Fallout New Vegas (5) Fallout 4 (6) Fallout 76 Choose which one is better P.S. I’m very late for this

  • 16x times the glitches

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  • the only thing I'm touching from Bethesda is elder scrolls 6. if that's bad thats it, I'm done with them.

  • I’m sorry I know this video is bold but this old boy is still raging- “We spent 100 hours coding the design” and a friend of mine could code that in a day. Literal day. I’m not even kidding. Wth.

  • They meant "17x the bugs".

  • I love how Fallout is about American Post Apocalypse and the series was put down by a game bombing after being launched. Irony's a cruel yet fair mistress huh?

  • Honestly, i thought the bag was just a carry bag for the helmet not an actual feature of the Collector's Edition

  • It’s 2021 and despite the wastelanders DLC there are still so many glitches

  • FO76:is a completely broken and boring game Bethesda:this is fine Player:gets one more bullet than they should Bethesda:you’ve lost your life privileges

  • Really hope Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t this bad. But, who am I kidding, Bethesda’s owned by Microsoft now.

  • this video hased to be the most recomended video on youtube

  • “It just work”

  • In late 2019 I got the Power Armor Edition(primarily for the helmet) from gamestop for the price of a new game. It still had the original bag so I emailed bathesda customer service about the error...long story short I now have the elusive cAnVaS bag. 😎👌

  • When we getting fall of 77

  • Fallout 76 was a Disaster

  • People who go mental over e3 hype deserve to be dragged out and shot in front of their parents

  • Your videos are absolutely amazing I really do appreciate the art this truly is

  • The AI is more A than I 🤣🤣

  • 9:09 an USED PlayStation controller!

  • yeah was fucked up mess

  • “One of those but bigger and brown” -Internet historian

  • I Still remeber when me and my friend got the tricentennial addition and he didn’t even get the code for the stuff...

  • Everything is fixed and a lot of things are added? :) it's a decent game now

  • It just works

  • I absolutely loved to play Fallout76 last year. But due to the nerfing of explosive effects, everything ai enjoy is gone. Cant get my hands on a legacy wep or a hacked wep. Traders wanna trade legacy for legacy or hacked

  • game is aight now imo

  • ANNNNDDD THIS is why I don't buy videogames.

  • Todd Howard looks like a meme

  • nice video, quality content


  • 30th time lads, here we go.

  • 22:00 That's what she said

  • Tbh I just wanted the helmet heh

  • You got me!!! I totally thought you were gonna be able to rap >< HAHAHAHA.

  • imagine pre ordering anything anymore..... wow you must be a complete degenerate

  • Is Fallout 76 still really that bad? I mean i played for over 20 hours now and it seems fine really, but yeah the bugs at the beggining were hilarious and annoying.

    • Its enjoyable now but I understand why someone could still hate it. I mean, theres still bugs.

  • After watching this, there is no doubt the was some shady motive behind bethesda joining microsoft. When i hear the word Bethesda all i can think is "shady scammer company with one-hit wonders"

  • Fallout 76 should pay you to play.

  • Hmm

  • 15:30 Can anybody Tell me where that Interview is from? Lmao

  • I bought a canvas bag in China cheaper and its of much better quality

  • at this point if you buy a bethesda product, you got yourself to blame

  • I truly love his way of making videos, his humour, his editing, everything is interesting to hear and learn when he is the one to talk about it I- Just, carry on the excellent work mate, my ass will be there to watch your future works 😉❤👍 Stay careful everyone though, we still in f*cking covid 19 deepshit. Bye bye, lots of love 💖🤠

  • Never trust dated games

  • But it will never be better as fallout 4

  • 2021 here, Pandemic was bad but 76 is still the worst thing to happen to first world countries in recent memory.

  • Wow.

  • This is a random recommend

  • Microsoft: yeah we’ll take that

  • Light wood laminate Light wood laminate Light wood laminate

  • Is thia good for the player?

  • I started after the wastelanders update and it looks like a different game

  • who is the youtuber that said "im so angry,i shaved everything off my face!"

  • I thought it's cyberpunk I was watching

  • did he mention the power helmet mold?

  • prophetic TP bit

  • I only bought the game to get the exclusive T-51B helmet as a collectors item

  • I love the fallout series but this is just funny.

  • Light Wood Laminate! Light Wood Laminate! Light Wood Laminate!

  • Look at it now!!!!! Have change your mind ?

    • @Indoctrinated Truth said the guy with a vault guy pict profile 👀 ok ok well sorry I do like the game 2000 h and counting 👀

  • hi

  • I laugh to avoid cry.

  • They fixed the game, but it was too late.

  • Why... wouldn't you just delete the dev room?

  • the price for atoms is noww 6.49..... beathesdas so crack

  • I've never played this game and I have game pass and can play for free but I will

  • Fallout went downhill ever since I Use Chems stopped playing

  • WC3: Remastered - Hold my beer CP77 - Hold my paint thinner

  • Remember when this was Bethesda's problem and not Microsoft's


  • You know its bad when even ign thinks its terrible

  • If only he was in cryostasis. Instead of consistently failing upwards. This is why we can't have nice things, or rather better rpg shooters. The market has rewarded this f-ing mess. Thanks Todd.

  • I've rewatched this so many times I wish he would make more game videos

  • the nuclear codes were unencrypted

  • They screwed up so bad they had to sell themselves to Microsoft

  • I just dont get the logic of not using the A-team on their "Biggest one yet"