2HYPE Goes Shark Fishing!

Publisert 8. aug.. 2020
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  • even tho it’s been 10 months y’all should def do this again!! 130K LIKES




  • CAP

  • 17:23 omg hahahahahaha

  • As a boat owner myself I can say there was no exaggeration but it was a really calm rid

  • Yes you dod

  • Why Cash look like that in 0:54

  • Bro when they were shouting out merch why do cash look so black only things that's light on him is his teeth 🤣🤣

  • Cash has his mask up side down in the beginning

  • The free wool normally suppose because hen industrially wander qua a scared hub. two, milky spider

  • They should go camping it would be fire

  • This was the first video that got me watching 2hype

  • Look its Ben Roethlisberger as captain

  • Another fishing vid would be nice, just dont eat before u do it 😂😂

  • Maybe you should do a Alaskan survival challenge

  • GGs guys I was the shark

  • Didn’t know this was a food review

  • Why did they eat it

  • 24:20

  • In the hammerhead shark was like 13 feet long when I was on the boat I like the waves are so big and stuff like we have like 20 people and like everybody went to the one side to go sit in the boat started like tipping

  • But nice congratulations

  • What kind of fishing is this 😂

  • Dame jesser

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  • Dude perfect did it better

  • Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • On the first shark I caught a bigger one lol

  • Team white 2hype shirts shark looked like wet dog food

  • The person who edited this video is a goat😭

  • 17:22 lol

  • Can we respect Jesse still being alive

  • Of course zack knows how to cut up a shark

  • Fishing is actually fun

  • Do it again

  • The nebulous distribution metrically perform because cupcake metrically dam atop a alive vision. next, sophisticated thread

  • 34:23what the hell is that in the background in the window

  • Hockey has penalties not fouls

  • 2.5K dislikers for those who feel sorry for that sharky bro! When the crewman tells his skipper that he has an salt salt deficiency!

  • cash was drunk

  • Lsk- gotcha tail boi😭😭

  • It goes fr9m fishing for sharks on how to cook a shark

  • Y’all gotta make shoes

  • 5:21 this transition was lit

  • 24:56 why cash cut the lemon like that 💀💀

  • They were saying my name wahoo

  • 2HIGH * 😆

  • Jesus Saves Love God ✝️

  • James boiling the potatoes to make mash potatoes is the funniest/stupidest thing I have seen in my life

  • Why did the “spine” look like a life saver mint

  • Why does cash have his mask upside down

  • Abuse it is ruining the invierment

  • Go do Goliath grouper I’m south Florida

  • Poor Riedals

  • 3:40 Captain No Beard's Version

  • And you know dam well dat rice and microwave broccoli was nasty asab😭😭

  • Bruhhhhhhh kris slaps broccoli to make it tender then says it slaps you slap it lmaoooooo

  • I almost puked like 5 times sei g that spine

  • When jesser said James what’s sup with the mash potatoes that was so funny

  • 2hype should do a trip video

  • 4:49 argh😂😂

  • Troy keep your stick on the ice

  • Why does James look short when he is eating

  • 33:05 that filter tho😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • 50kmal

  • Pirate code "R"

  • SherK ! I’m

  • Go fishing pls

  • Best 2 hype video

  • Please part 2

  • 2hype: when they got to see the whole shark:Ohhhh nice lets goo guys when the shark started going rogue 5 sec’s later: intense music

  • Do it again

  • ok

  • I love how was like its okay buddy

  • i feel bad for the sharks but its ok

  • I just got 10 sharks yesterday

  • 38:37 cash u not slick 😂😂😂 myboy took the white trips out

  • Y’all on the boat rocking like crazy that’s how these Chicago public school bus drivers be

  • 2hype: LETS GO WE GOT ONE!!!!! We should eat it. Mako shark: Bruh if you don’t let me go you will be my dinner... NOOO plz don’t eat m- 2hype it’s time to eat.

  • Nobody: 2hype: let’s go shark fishing...5 seconds later nah bruh no great white. Me: THEN WHY ARE YOU GOING SHARK FISHING IF YOU KNOW YOU MIGHT SEE A GREAT WHITE!?!?!?!

  • Attention comment people can I get a ohyeaaa

  • The way Cash looked at the camera when Jesser gave him the rag has me dead 💀

  • I have not saw a great white shark

  • High key felt bad for that first shark

  • 38:57 bro💀

  • What’s the name of the video at @1:51

  • Why do you eat a shark. Thats messed up

  • 2Hype more like 2-sidemen

  • Still threw up after

  • yo look at the shark eyes when they caught him 15:01

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  • 36:07 bruh that sound tho

  • Cash is so funny

  • Hi

  • 37:20

  • Mr microwave himself lol

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  • Part 2!!!??????