Who Knows Me More - WINNER gets $$$

Publisert 23. feb.. 2021
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  • I feel bad for princess... here and there calling her a dumbass ok 👍. But literally I had to fast forward to the end cause all three of you were being so nasty to her . I’ve been there where I’m the one being bullied and the other people team up to roast you . I love Bretman but this is enough dude

  • Princess laugh when they answered with Teacher name hahaha!

  • Princes will be strong the time bretman stand up for her in front of people. She os intimate with others because she doesn't have a back as her brother.

  • He blurred his feet lol aw

  • 13:04 we love the witches cackle 😍

  • “Everyone had him as a teacher” so you did too PRINCESS WAS ROBBED smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Princess looks so nice! If she was my sister I would love her and be so nice to her!😭

  • still by Bretman only blurring his feet 😭

  • the fact that i’m not the only one who hates larry

  • i just hope bretman read the comments

  • I just wanna protect princess

  • princess lives matter 🥺💕💕

  • I feel bad for miss Mae 😢😢😢😢

  • Oh boy ! I got bills to pay give me that hahah

  • I understood yours & princess relationship back then cause you guys would just fight a lot but now you treat her so bad you open a window for everyone around you to do so as well 😭

  • Every time I see Mrs.K, I can’t stop looking at them legs gurl!!! She schmexy...or whateva 😘💋

  • idk but larry’s character is weird but i love watching bretman & the rest

  • 3:48 best ad how-to explanation I've ever seen in my fucking life

  • Whatever yall saying, they know better. These minutes of youtube content doesnt define their relationships, so stop being negatives like you knew them your whole life.

  • I Love it when Princess doesn't understand the question Bret asked her and he Always repeats the Question screaming at her like if it would make more sense!! I can't!! Lmao

  • omg idk wtf the genders of people are

  • Why did Bretman blur out his feet? 😂

  • why is Bret's toes blurred out LMAO

  • Damn I feel bad for princess

  • When he said unfortunately for dating the girls 😭😭

  • I love Bretman’s hair💗

  • Not bret blurring his feet 😭🤍

  • me watching this as a filipino not finding anything wrong with the way they treat each other 👁👄👁 nah but fr this how we treat each other it’s a cultural difference lmao

  • Princess is so beautiful

  • It’s bretmans feet being blurred out for me 🤣

  • Can we cancel this idiot for the way he keeps treating Princess?

  • Princess is so mf sweet then we got larry the lobster over here ( from spongebob , american kids show ) he was being so disrespectful towards princess yelling in her ear in the beginning i wouldve back handed that lobster . ugly vibes here

  • Iw larry. I hate your attitude duh


  • the fact that you blurred your feet lmaoo ! like feet pics be expensive bitch, you can’t get them for free

  • princess was looking so cute

  • not mae's recycled answer lmfaooo had me in tears

  • Miss K's legs are fiiiiirrreeeee. Love it! 🦵🏾🦵🏾🤙🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Why are they all barefoot?

  • Princess is way better than y'all guys🤮

  • First time here,are u gay?

  • Omg Miss K looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful 😻

  • They all give off very much money hungry vibes except Bret an the one with the money

  • " what kind of best friend are you " Princess LOUDERRRRRR.

  • Yall need to shut up about their sibling relationship. We ain't all the same. That's how they are, and swear she ain't grown enough to tell them off.

  • Bretman counting the money giving me WOWOWEEE vibes😂

  • You are Gay

  • I feel so bad for princess mae


  • I feel so sorry for Princess, if I was Bretman I would say to them, please include my sister, or please treat her respectfully. I was really heart broken when Larry looked at Princess disgustingly when Princess was playing around pushing her. Like I would do that if you guys wanna bully me. I feel so sorry, they need to keep their mature up and treat her respectfully. It was just really hard to watch. Good on Princess for saying “Blood is thicker than water.” I Stan the queen 👑. She is a very sweet person, mother and human herself. She does not have to go through this and does NOT deserve it. This is no hate at all. It’s just my opinion and I am not hating towards anyone. But please, mature more and be an actual adult. Thanks. Take care everyone. 🙏🏻😊❤️

  • Dat so called princess must be stink euww

  • why invite princesses if yall gonna treat her like that like I know that yall siblings and like yall can have a love hate relationship but its shady sis because Bretman is the one hating while princesses is loving like yall can joke around but like all three of yall is on her then on top of that larry is sitting there hating but then cant spell they where both bragging then when Princesses they hate BITCH this doesn't make No sense like ofc this is just a video and we dont know if this is a act if it is a act 1 if this is a act if it is a act : There doing it for views because the "Who knows me better?" video got 10M views because of its scandal so therefore, if it is a act then there doing it for views 2 if it is not a act : I honestly fell like it is not a act because Bretman has done some low down shit to Princesses in his videos To be honest i have a younger sister and we fight but we never put each other down or embarrass each other in front of other people we might joke around with family or close friends but Nika, larry, and miss.kay don't seem like close friends IN MOTHER FUCKING CONCULSION BITCH ! FAMILY OVER FRIENDS PERIODTTT !

  • Princess is looking so fucking cute as always

  • I ate all my food at 5:02 because of that long promo between

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Bruh, this Larry guy is giving attitude to Princess. Idk i felt off with the way he looks at her, like he's so irritated or whatevah.

  • maybe this is why princess doesn't want to film vids, she might be forced to film vids because she feels indebted to his brother for her career idk but princess is a queen, pls treasure her.

  • Lol bretman why you got your feet blurred

  • “Know your place”. wtf larry it’s literally a game

  • Larry: "Know your place" Me: gurl. she is bret's mother f'in sister and your his best friend. Actually, should you even be his best friend bcs no best friend would treat their other best friend's sibling like dat. I know its their "relationship" but gurl u taking it too far and dis ain't funny anymore

  • Y'all are too much, they're literally almost together every single day. Princess isn't the kind to get affected by someone she knows for a long time, if she hated it she would've said something.

  • So sad to watch :(

  • Everyone attacking the way Princess gets treated is honestly annoying. They are obviously playing around with her. She knows where she stands with HER brother y’all need to chill and just enjoy the video. Smh

  • Bro princess makes me die lmfaooo

  • I’m confused 😭 y’all what time in the vid were they being mean to princess

  • Being a sibling and the Bestfriend's sibling are two different cases. So the way how the two treated Princess like how Bret treated her is a big deal. I mean, if Princess is my sister, I am the only one who can be mean with her because she is my sister. But if my bffs treated her that way, that's a different story.

  • Princess hi key dumb but I love her

  • When I read comments, I stopped watching this vid. It hurts already. Haha. Ok, next.

  • If miss k ever needs an assistant! And assistant for the assistant if you will I'd happily go to Hawaii and work for you both! 😆

  • What would you call the jumper that Brets wearing?



  • I miss bretman the science bleeppppp

  • He gave him $20 😂

  • Mayyang... The way Princess says it, its very Ilocano accent and I'm loving it.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • let's just say I don't think I would have enough willpower to be friends with Bretman or Larry. Bless Princess's soul she seems really sweet.

  • “I’m just encouraging you 🙄”

  • 16:55

  • 14:40 How did everbody else get to go but he just ignored his own SISTER?

  • It makes me wanna cut out my liver when I see how bad Bretman treats princess.

  • only person who can argue with princess like that is bretman the rest can’t and shouldn’t coz its weird.

  • y’all act like you don’t bully your sibling especially if their younger then you💀

  • 9:35 can i slap larry? huhu sorry but i feel bad for princess

  • i feel sad for princess, is that how u guys treat princess? :3

  • Larry gonna be making an apology video soon 😂😂

  • larry

  • I love that bret blurred his toes

  • Ion like how Larry is with Princess, it makes me highly uncomfortable. He should know his place with your sister, it’s your relationship with her and that’s how y’all act but he isn’t apart of the family and shouldn’t be acting that way towards her.

  • I love princees

  • princess deserves better if I’m being honest. Everyone is so mean to her and like yeah it’s funny but the fact they make fun of her EVERY VIDEO is honestly getting old and really mean:( princess wants to be respected and they just can’t see that!


  • Treat Princess BETTER!!!!!!!!!

  • Couldn't even finish the video because I'm tired of how Princess is treated. I like humor and I love Bret, been a fan for a long time, but the way Princess is constantly being mistreated is starting to take the joy out of the videos. I want to support Bret, but man please stop people from bullying your little sister.

  • Idgaffff if y’all siblings that’s not an excuse to keep being toxic we grown! If you’re bothered by me saying it’s not normal then rethink your siblings relationship LOL I have a younger sis but I don’t disrespect her. We argue but it’s always mended

  • I feel horrible for princess

  • bretman is such a Leo omfg

  • Bretman ignoring princess, no wonder he’s ok with all these bullying.

  • Not going to lie after watching the mtv show I feel so bad for princess, baby you deserve better 🥺

  • Ms.Kay is sooo cute i cant