What is the BEST WAY to BRIDGE in Minecraft?

Publisert 8. feb.. 2021
While bridging is often regarded as a competitive skill, it never hurts to know the best way to cross a span of blocks. Today, I'll be covering everything from ladder bridging, to andromeda bridging, breezily, god bridge, moonwalk, to scaffolding without hacks. What is the fastest bridging method, what is the fastest way to bridge, all of that to find the best way to bridge in Minecraft. I hope you enjoy :)

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Squeedometer: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/squeedometer
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This is a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a more research based series dedicated to over-answering questions you never asked.


  • Andromeda with blue ice might be interesting

  • Andromeda method:i am speed . Bedrock :u sure

  • Average god-bridge fan vs Average slow-bridge enjoyer

  • Did you know that „schneller“ is german and means „faster“?

  • Yuzei has officially mastered Andromeda bridging boys

  • forgot bedrock briding where you dont have to zneak at all

  • Telly Bridging in Java: hard Telly Bridging in Bedrock: gg ez no re

  • my mans fucking playing vsauce music

  • Video Recommendation: Fastest way of clicking/Fastest clicking method

  • *NotNico watching* Anyways..

  • Me : *laughs in scroll set to right click*

  • just use scaffold

  • Am I the only one who noticed the Terraria music?

  • i could ninja bridge, but i was focused on being a pvp god also right clicking is hard, dont ask questions.

  • Music terraria?

  • you forgot bedrock bridging

  • speedbridging not ninja bridging?

  • Me: a telly bridger

  • Ended pearl lmao

  • 0:25 we know all that... but how much does bridging wheight?

  • In bedrock the speed of normal bridging is faster cuz you can place a block right in front of you if there isnt any other block in your reach

  • For you bedrock players, all you have to do is: Place one block below you Make sure there is a block in front but below like this ⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ Now hold right click!

  • Texture pack?

  • LOL

  • Honestly get a command block and give yourself speed 100 and bridge with clicking as fast as possible gg ez

  • I can do God bridge in bedrock but cant place a single Block on java and also can do the scaffold (the hacks one) on bedrock bc of glitches

  • Schneller Bridging😂 Hmmm... Why is that the German Word for faster...😂

  • in the end the fastest way to bridge is not even bridging great

  • This guy is basically vsauce but minecraft

  • "The fastest way to cross a span of blocks is the fly-" Me: e n d e r p e a r l ._.

  • I got 4.22 m/s while ninja bridging

  • Schneller is german and is in english faster

  • andrômeda hack only then ai is gg

  • 1st step make command to place block under you 2nd step go into creative 3rd step fly

  • *laughs in bedrock*

  • enderpearl: i'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  • I can andromeda bridge You just have to simply Install hacks

  • In the "scaffolding but with scaffolding", if you placed the scaffolding ahead of you then looked forward when you ran out and placed the block, then jumped on the block and started placing more scaffolding, that would be faster but quite a lot harder.

  • Bedrock players: sprint jumping? While bridging? Ye, izi

  • where is mod link?

  • What about the egg bridge

  • What about broken bedrock bridging? ( nolong.info/show/Z76ka3p9aa5-aJ8/video.html ) NOT a rickroll promise

  • Jump bridge goes brrrrrr

  • Bedrock edition: I am four parallel universes ahead of you

  • i love terraria music

  • 8:35 I dont understand u are teaching like my math sir

  • I can speed bridgs

  • Bedrock:put a block in air, the block is there

  • ok lets get into the god bridgi- ad: DORITOS

  • Andromeda method with speed 2?

  • Every bridging player gangster until one player use e pearl

  • 12:12 it actually looks awesome

  • fastest (and hardest) androameana idk how to spell it

  • Bedrock players being able to speed bridge forwards haha! Java players being able to do god bridging and ninja bridging effortlessly: HAHAHAHAHA Bedrock who can do that aswell and also run and jump speed bridging:)

  • me in bedrock without having to press shift to make a bridge hold my beer

  • Hacking isn't dumb in minecraft u sweat

  • Or just move to bedrock edition and scaffold bridge without hacks.

  • The terraria theme my gosh

  • Him: Elytra Me: Stasis Chamber

  • I play Bedrock on Xbox and I can godbridge while running and jumping forward without looking to the side

  • Nice

  • He has a 2070 super and a amd ryzen 8-core cpu

  • math.

  • i use bedrock bridging, the all time best method amongst everything

  • On bedrock you can, and I can perform it, run straight forwards, and hold jump, with speed 3! It's extremely fast and I use It on servers and get reported for hacking a lot. This is beaches on bedrock you are able to place a block infront of one block

  • When you realize you basically just watched a physics video in minecraft...

  • everybody know ypu install macaws bridge mod

  • Mr Evan mc gaming sup

  • No you jump every 6 7 or 8 Blocks so you dont fall

  • the real fastest way is teleporting

  • Laughs in bedrock

  • Hackers: FLY HACKS

  • Scaffold duhhh

  • Telly briger :v

  • schneller means faster (is german)

  • everybody gagsta until the quiet kid takes out punch 32767 bow with elytra

  • when you build stairs fast what this bridge colled

  • Basically bedrock is hacking then?

  • I hear terraria music in the backround *grin*

  • Andromeda with ice and speed2 pot?

  • ok so since when did elytras, pearls and redstone count as bridging?

  • Hey guys! Its Vsauce!

  • What about Telly bridging? Never mind as soon as I say it it comes up

  • what i dont wait what,what dit you say

  • Jitterbridging is the besteht

  • Schneller bridging isn't real

  • The best way of bridging that isn't an actual way of bridging is by building up 10 blocks and using and elytra.

  • so many people use terraria music in minecraft videos now

  • Bedrock players be pike :- hey you stfu I'm good amongst all

  • what pack do you use i have the IQ of a fish and can't find it

  • me in bedrock: can godbrige vs me in java: help i can only do speedbridging

  • My trainer how do you run so fast backwards me: 8:20

  • Me:switches to creative mode Everyone in survival:does that make you A HACKER!?

  • 4:49 schneller means Taster in german

  • When think about it bedrock bridging is faster than scaffold

  • Scaffold.

  • I bridge when walking

  • nope some dude prob practiced for like 10 years on andromeda bridging

  • Wifies: Yuzei Subtitle: You say Also Wifies: God bridging Subtitle: garbaging Lol NOlong subtitle is so broken

  • *laughs in bedrock addition*