Chess Twitter Is Something Else

Publisert 22. feb.. 2021
Hikaru reads the latest chess related twitter drama involving PogChamps, Esports, and growing the game.
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  • Hey thanks for featuring me in ur video I sent the PayPal

  • I loved PogChamps. When does the next one start? Hopefully next week

  • Him explaining things in detail sounds like a English teacher finding hidden meanings in sentences

  • You have committed to a life of hard study. What would you rather accomplish? A) Get two Phds, or B) Get really good at a board game

  • nice chess egos

  • So nice to see people like Ludwig give Magnus the teaching he needed

  • I like how Hikaru was able to send out all possible complements to the tweets and you'd know they screwed up if all he could say is "That's not good."

  • Who's here after Hikaru got crushed by Nepo

  • So many idiots not understanding magnus' tweet was a joke

  • Real Gs like me don't watch Pogchamps or GM tournaments. We wait until agadmator posts his video on the match

  • Real Gs like me don't watch Pogchamps or GM tournaments. We wait until agadmator posts his video on the match

  • You seem really down to earth and a solid, unstading dude. Kudos.

    • would be brought up by one of the tweet lol

  • POV: This is on your recommended, you suck at chess, but you think Hikaru is funny

    • james canty is such a positive and entertaining guy was only a matter of time :-)

  • If anything I’m now watching “real chess” after watching pogchamps

  • Magnus is humble and full of himself at the same time lmao

  • Classic Magnus' sarcasm - goes as many levels deep as his chess moves. We're lucky to have these top level guys who aren't haters.

  • All Chess Matters!

  • More people interested in chess, more money the professional chess players get. Look at the soccer, how much those players get compared to 30 years ago. Just because the game became more popular. Only idiots like Nepomniatchi don't understand that

    • I want pee wee baseball banned, it's taking attention away from the pros.

  • Never realized so many elitists were in chess...I thought video games was bad...

  • well, he isnt wrong in that it is popcorn, however it is expanding the interest in chess. I have little tolerance myself for youtube 'personalities' as such.

  • Classic Magnus' sarcasm - goes as many levels deep as his chess moves. We're lucky to have these top level guys who aren't haters.

  • It would be insane If google assistant had hikaru voice! I would totally pay for that!

  • It is true tho. I feel like a lot of GM's are on the spectrum.

    • This is a reflection of the elitists that run top tier chess poorly not on PogChamps :))))

  • In all honesty I haven't watched a single pogchamps video

  • Sad that so many people don't get Magnus' 190 IQ sarcasm.

  • I love how people dont get that Magnus is joking like, how would he even know that Ludwig is playing if he wasnt following the event NZKZKZZZISL

  • would be brought up by one of the tweet lol

  • james canty is such a positive and entertaining guy was only a matter of time :-)

  • Magnus’ joke is that he secretly watches because he’s familiar with the participants in spite of his claims that he doesn’t watch. In case it wasn’t clear

    • balanced, and ambitious content creator for chess. You are a voice of reason that's critical to the future of chess.

  • This is just sad that competitive event's don't get as much recognition as pogchamps. in Formula Racing, nobody cares about F2 it apply to most sports competitive event need more viewers

  • Magnus blundered the G

  • I only watched Tata

  • I want pee wee baseball banned, it's taking attention away from the pros.

  • Pro Chess Players : Pogchamp is a disgrace ! Music, Movie, Arts, Almost any Sports Industry : First time ?

  • People who are making chess entertaining and fun for the masses are great ambassadors for the game. People involved in PoG Champs along with the GM's & IM's (not naming you all!), are breathing new life into chess and that's something great for the community.

  • I only watch the finals or semi finals of serious chess this pogChamps I watched most of the games. I'd be down for a tag match between xqc hikaru vs magnus and lud. but they can't contact eachother. hikaru makes a move magnus makes a move. lugwig makes a move xqc makes a move. something like this.

  • People need to learn high level sarcasm.

  • This is a reflection of the elitists that run top tier chess poorly not on PogChamps :))))

  • I started playing and being interested in chess because I kept seeing chess content from a lot of creators. I'm still a beginner, but I feel like this is bringing new people to chess and that's awesome!

  • You can’t have Robert Hess broadcasting every high level or long time control tournament to make these events enjoyable and understandable. Nepo and others gotta understand: low elo audience + time = high elo audience, no low elo audience + time = the end of chess.

  • _No juicers?_ Sad. ;-)

  • This is the problem I see with Ian's argument. He is assuming Pog-Champs will set a new standard for chess tournaments, and become more popular than the standard high- level super gm tournament. Pog-champs is, in a sense, ALREADY more popular than any other chess series based on viewership numbers. But problem with assuming that this will monopolize on consumer demand is that, as people watch more chess, they will also want to watch better chess. Furthermore, I cannot see more than one Pog-champs existing realistically at one time. People engage with it precisely because it is a collection of the hottest twitch personalities, and therefore, if "pog-champs" tournaments did become the norm, it would also require a disproportionate amount of high-profile streamers to expand.

  • Big chad reply right there by xQc, what a madman.

  • Honestly, chess is the only game where elitists have a problem with low tier play. Chess will never have mass appeal if it can't show people that chess is fun at any skill level. The space needs to lighten up and get over it's ideals. I have to be honest, I don't like watching chess in traditional formats.. At all. It's boring and I can't relate to the play. I highly dislike Yans hot take, and I find his points contradictory to his initial statements while being grossly detached from the consumers point of view. Thank you Hikaru for being a balanced, and ambitious content creator for chess. You are a voice of reason that's critical to the future of chess.

  • TSM gave you a shot.... Esports + Chess = YES

  • Did xQc just checkmated Magnus Carlsen? 😂😂😂

  • I don't even see what are these people worring about. One of the concerns is that "people who watch pog champs don't watch other tournments" ... and? What's the problem here? People who already watch normal tournments are for sure still going to watch them, they will never stop watching them for pogchamps, and if people who are new to chess and only watch pogchamps and never transition to other tournments then chess popularity stays the same, doesn't decrease. And I'm sure at least a few people are going to watch other tournments after pogchamps even if they are a minority. Next is the "changing how chess works to appeal to a larger audience"... Hasn't chess done this so many times throught the years? Chess started being streamed online exactly for the same reason and I'm sure alot of people where defensive about it. Pog champs is not trying to change how the game is played or how high elo tournments works, they are completly parallel realities. Pog champs in the best case scenario is going to bring more people into chess, in the worst case scenerio it's just going to be neutral and it isn't going to change anything. Pogchamps will never ruin how classic chess is enjoyed. Computers have changed chess way more, sometimes in a negative way, than pog champs has. We are like soccer moms watching our kids playing terrible soccer. It's entertaining but we aren't going to change how professional soccer function, we are just here to see our kids play bad but in a entertaining way.

  • Did someone understood the connection between nudity and classical music? I've never seen someone playing classical music nude but I guess I've been to the wrong concerts.

  • The gatekeeping in chess is unreal. Be happy POGCHAMPS is exposing it to a broader audience smfh

  • Gatekeeping is so bad and ultimately leads to the downfall of the thing you’re gatekeeping.

  • Why would I ban people, that's insane. You have things to teach to sardoche Hikaru, and not only about chess

  • Magnus es noruego... rubius es noruego... entonces estaria muuuuy chido que rubius jugara con el en un torneo

  • I mean the last game between carlsen and so garnered double almost triple the viewers tho

  • Wait was Magnus joking or serious?

  • XQC's reply ooooooooooooof

  • When ppl talk about ppl, no information will be worth anything

  • I love seeing Hikaru beat jokes to death with analysis just like he does to his opponents.

  • 13:37 is that Alexandra Botez tweet muted in Hikaru's account? She had the top reply to Giri's tweet.

  • Why is 95% of the stream commentary asinine and immature? I can see 25% but 95? I honestly don't understand.

  • someone in the chat said he blundered the G

  • I do think there is a valid argument that popularizing low level chess risks it becoming more popular than actual high level chess thus removing the need to actually develop into a good player. This isn't exclusive to chess either. Boxing has recently had a similar issue with the rising popularity of influencer boxing matches. However, I would argue that it is fine for low level chess to be more popular in the short term. The reality is that chess on twitch is a fad. Just like sea of thieves, tarkov, fortnite, gta rp, fall guys and every other game that fell off .. chess will too. And when it does, it will have already created millions of additional chess fans during its time. These fans will benefit the long term prosperity of the game.

  • I personally enjoy watching pogchamps almost more because it’s at my level and I can be much more interactive and it’s not all going over my head

  • GMBenjaminFinegold: Get off my lawn

  • i'm not super into playing chess, let alone following events, but i'm very curious. What are computers doing to make games more difficult at GM levels?

  • I don't understand how people who make a living off of chess try to gatekeep the game. Don't they realize that they are working in the Entertainment Industry and that their paycheck depends on the fanbase that their game has. I know it's (probably) a joke, but there are a couple of GMs that actually are like that.

    • @K P I was referring to ancient chess. You're absolutely correct though.

    • @Metappo But chess is litteraly designed for entertainment, it's a game. Professional Chess players are basically like Let's Player or professional soccer players, they all earn their money by offering a service, that service being entertainment.

    • I understand what you mean to say but chess never belonged to the entertainment industry in the first place.

  • This attitude baffles me. Like there are so many examples of how this plays out in other games/sports/competitions. Does anyone begrudge high school basketball or college basketball because it degrades the NBA? Do they dislike the celebrity match at the all star game because Kevin Hart distracts from the greatness of Lebron James? Does Japan’s obsession with high school baseball or the US’ obsession with March Madness detract from professional competition? Is Division 3 college athletics a stain on sports? Does community theater or high school theater sully Shakespeare? It’s not the audience’s responsibility to make a chess tournament exciting, it’s on the folks who organize the tournament (if they so choose to). I’m no cricket fan, but from what I understand, an Indian version of the game called Twenty20 that drastically changed the format of games to make them more high octane was a radical departure from notoriously drawn out games of Test Cricket. And it’s become among the biggest and most entertaining pro cricket leagues. And those same athletes can do both! The NHL has different hockey rink sizes from Olympic hockey to make the games more exciting. Who cares?? And man. Let’s just have fun playing this game and enjoy the fact that internet services help those of us who don’t have chess playing friends and family to play and learn the game whenever and however we want. It’s awesome. I enjoy playing golf. I’ve never watched a tournament on tv cuz I think it’s boring. Do I admire the top golfers? Sure. I’d rather play golf than watch it. And watching some pro hit 300 yards and sink chip ins from the sand trap does diddly squat for my lousy game. BUT! Playing with friends who are as crappy as I am makes the time and money so very worth it. And that’s what it’s all about. Keep on trucking Hikaru!

  • Roses are Red Violets are Blue I thought this was a Ludwig video, And so did you

  • Not sure if xQc picked up on the sarcasm or if he was actually annoyed

  • It's not complicated: PogChamps, like the most popular movies, music, etc, targets the lowest common denominator. Of course some players are not going to be a fan of watching a 1500 Elo chess circus.

  • As a poker player myself, I think it's hilarious that Magnus has no idea how to cater to the fish. It's like he wants to be the best chess player and worst businessman in the world at the same time.

    • -Calls themselves a poker player -Fails to see the humor

    • its amazing how a poker player like u cant see the point behind his tweet Amazing

  • Its also just better to watch rapid/blitz/bullet. In classical chess streams, the commentators move to different boards and mostly show long alternative lines that never happen, also tons of boring interviews and ads

  • Look at so many other sport’s. There are plenty of celebrity games. And it doesn’t destroy the game itself.

  • This makes me wonder if xqc will seriously watch overwatch tournament with full of silver ranked players.

  • I personally think chess will just always have two different audiences now, the professional part and the more amateur part. People who watch professional games will probably never be interested in events like PogChamps just like people who watch PogChamps will most likely not be interested in watching high level games. This "beef" on Twitter is ridiculous to me, as in my eyes there are just two audiences that are so different from one another. And people like Hikaru, Magnus, etc... Are the few people who partake in both sides of chess. Anyways that was just my opinion :)

  • Hikaru + XQC Magnus + Ludwig Naroditsky + Moist I see some 2v2s in the future.

  • Levons reply sensational

  • Chess is at least as much of an esport as pinball, but they're both in that physical space too.

  • 1:50 “he blundered the G” -chat

  • and they say video gamers are gatekeepers

  • I don't mind Pogchamps and I do think in the long run it'll be beneficial for the game, but I do find it kind of tiring how a lot of my NOlong recommendations and Chess content in general has been taken over by it, and the streaming culture/parasocial relationship stuff that is becoming part of it. The novelty has worn off for me and I'm not invested in the people in the tournament, and when their level of play is something I could find in my own games it just becomes an minor annoyance to have to sift through videos recommending it and waiting for Chess creators to cover games I'm actually interested in.

  • What people don't get is that even if chess advances in a different route, the original format of chess won't die because it is the fundamental chess which you need to you need to understand in order to be able to play the different variants of chess so everyone can enjoy chess how they like it.

  • They added the "g" in the thumbnail.

  • Hikaru doesn't know what he's doing. This is gonna blow up in his face so bad.

  • magnus and ludwig vs xqc and hikaru hand and brain would be viewer record on twitch EASY

  • I don’t watch serious chess live, I watch them on Agadmator’s Short and sweet, also, informative

  • it's just a board game at the end of the day

  • Pogchamps and hikaru are the only reason I've ever watched any real matches

  • Chess lan tournaments incoming pog

  • "...replacing and displacing any real chess content and this is just terrifying". What a load of melodramatic elitist bs. Just let the people have their fun ffs.

  • magnum carlos is such a chad

  • I don't think I'll ever understand why pro players/GMs/etc are being stuck up about the pogchamps stuff. Are they just mad that the hard-earned attention they used to get is now going to 'clowns' who stream for a living and don't even have a 'real' job? Because I've heard that in other communities to a point, people getting mad at streamers taking away their popularity when they 'aren't as skilled'.

  • How many online/mobile snooker/pool games are there? Loads! And I’m sure the people who play them love them! But they don’t take away in the slightest from the actual sport.

  • I just saw Ludwig’s video with Magnus and I think the craziest thing about it was that Lud just casually reference Dvoretsky’s Engame Manual near the end. I’ve never read a single chess book and had never heard of that particular one, but now I have heard of it, and may even pick it up because Pogchamps has made me want to get better at chess

  • Magnus makes a joke, dude doesnt get the joke and calls him autistic lol

  • I'm not a chess player and I still watch Mr.Hikaru. I mostly play Go and MTG...

  • People playing chess isn't real chess? Sounds like a case of gate keeping. No it's not replacing anything, it's literally an entirely different demographic. Just because that sub-group is many times the size of the "serious chess" sub-group, doesn't mean it's being replaced. It means there's more people.

  • If anything people will see pogchamps, get into chess, and end up watching the real tournaments. Nobody watching top level chess is leaving for PogChamps. It’s nothing but good for chess.

  • FaZe chess team incoming

  • Chess people's humor is hard, and rly good.

  • 7:20 the tweeter underneath Daniel Gormally sent me a replacement mouse once when mine broke, thanks Pascoe, you rock