Best Gloves? Let’s find out! Milwaukee, Ironclad, Mechanix, Carhartt

Publisert 4. april. 2021
Which gloves are best? Let’s find out! Brands tested: Ironclad, Mechanix, Carhartt, Amazon Basics, VGO, Endura, Milwaukee, Wells Lamont, and PVC dotted gloves. Gloves tested for puncture, abrasion resistance (wear), impact protection, cut resistance, and grip. I purchased all of the gloves tested and never accept sponsorships.
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Wells Lamont:
PVC Dotted Gloves:
West Chester:
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  • I’m quite confused with the performance of the MECHANIX gloves as I’ve owned several pairs of them and they last forever and through worser conditions than shown have come out unscathed lol.

  • That is crazy I use iron clad at work and within 5 days I’ve worn holes through at least 3 fingers I absolutely hate them

  • Coil spring test device 😂😂 don’t act like you Haven’t trapped a fur baring animal before lol

  • NICE

  • Anyone know how much dexterity the Milwaukee gloves provide? They seem fantastic at protection but am worried they would be difficult to use

  • Anyone know if there is a significant difference between the black milwaukee level 5 and brown level 3 gloves?

    • @Project Farm appreciate your objective videos! do you know if the Milwaukee gloves provide adequate dexterity for picking up small objects/pushing buttons etc.?

    • Thanks for the video idea.

  • Comfort and restriction are #1 factor for gloves for me. Even my old standard Mechanix are too restrictive to want to use! Only time I might use them is working in close quarters on cars where it's easy to get scrapes and cuts. Thanks for the content!

    • You are welcome! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Man your thorough. No joke. Almost like watching a sporting event! Thanks for the videos. Maybe you will test some tub caulking someday. The crap I buy always turns yellow.

    • Thank you! Thanks for the video idea.

  • Sir....I love how creative you are on these tests! I share your videos with all my friends! KEEP IT UP

  • Elaphant in the Room is why PF has NO test and tool comparisons. On FLEX tools.

  • Best gloves I ever bought so far was the kimco brand from coastal farm & ranch. The black and red pair have outlasted my evo ironclad by double now and those were the best b4. Keeping price in mind ofc. The ones at coastal r only 16 bucks for xl

  • burning test can also be done

  • I wish I had watched this before purchasing gloves, but the gloves O bought weren't tested. Bought 2 pairs from Youngstown Glove Company (#1 in Durability, claim in videos and website), cut Resistant Titan XT and General utility plus. Used the titans over weekend with chainsaw, antivibration definitely helped over the 2 hrs of sawing compared to my previous CLC gloves.

  • I'm a Facility Manager, responsible for outfitting our large department with thousands of tools and equipment. I have found myself placing orders based on your results!!!!

  • This helped me a lot

    • @Project Farm yeah im a trucker who unloads boxes. Definitely needed the sand paper test and bought accordingly. Thanks!

    • Glad to hear!

  • Mechanix for this guy

  • 13:46 Milwaukee Glove: "What do you mean, I've still got one strand, I ain't givin up yet!"

  • Can’t find milwaukee on amazon

  • I was quite impressed throughout by VGOs price to quality ratio

    • @Project Farm And thank you for the amazing effort you put into these

    • Thanks for sharing.

  • I would love to see Costco's Kirkland's Brand stuff thrown into the mix of things!

  • (coil spring test device, aka: Snap Trap) *10 gloves, 10 flanges... 🤔 no real world pain test?* (I wouldn't either😉👍)

  • واش تهدر يا زح

  • Great test. Thanks. This is the first video I have seen of your channel and it has me looking forward to more. Keep it up!

  • I like the evidence based testing. One thing, can you please stop yelling?

    • Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the yelling.

  • Milwaukee and JB Weld slaps every test :) I know I say this a bunch but thanks for doing these!

  • ive never paid more than 5 bucks for a pair of gloves. thats messed up.

  • Can you test safety work boots? I’ve been looking for a boot that is waterproof.

  • I love getting a new pair of gloves....I usually leave them on a truck bed and forget them and they are lost to the highway. I usually get the cheapest ones due to this. VGO looks good, but I can get a cheap pair at Home Depot too and I usually loose them before I can wear them out as I have to remove them to do intricate work I can't do with a glove on. I also wish you could just buy right gloves as I normally wear out a few fingers on the right glove if I don't loose them first. My left usually looks new in comparison. I'm left handed so I wonder if they make the right gloves weaker than the left to sell more gloves....probably not, but it makes me wonder. gotta go, just lost my gloves.

  • Craigslisting: Work gloves, slightly used, missing index finger, but minimal DNA ;-)

  • Thanks for making this video, I need a new pair and will be picking up a set of the Milwaukee

  • Keep up your great work👍👍

  • I just love your unbiased technique for testing

  • 97 passes? that little string left on the Milwaukee was still like "I didn't hear no bell"

  • I remember I asked for this video over a year ago, glad you did it!

    • Thanks for asking for this video idea.

  • M1 and m2 moto gloves are for motorcycle riders but are the toughest gloves money can buy.


  • very good may be a heat and waterproof test

  • Moral of the story, it doesn't matter where its made in, if you willing to pay good money, you get better products, well most of the time.

  • Best waterproof gloves

  • I mean.. You got enough fingers... Why u used the wooden stick? 🤣😝

  • Surprised not to see the classic yellow leather gloves in the line up

    • @Project Farm Great video, keep up the content! They wouldn't have done much better than the cotton ones, and you did have a shot of them with that thorn through the finger 🤷‍♂️

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Now that's a lot of damage

    • @Project Farm you are one of the rare guys that actually read comments you have my full respect because of that

    • Thanks for watching!

  • I don't really understand why you did not test the brand Schmitz mitt's when I looked it up online about a while back it look like to me that they were the toughest and most expensive glove on the market.

  • In the future, could you test which brand of glove best protect against flame? I know most gloves aren't flame retardant, but it would be an interesting metric to gauge.

  • Please test different brands of windshield washer fluid. (video idea)

  • Looks like I’m picking up some milwaukee gloves!

  • I would actually buy products that do well in your tests, some companies should actually pay you for what you do, to begin with i never even knew Milkyway was a glove brand

  • Now for safety boots. Metal versus composite?

  • 12:25 "I also tied 5 pounds to each of the sample, this will make sure that it will be 10 pounds of tension to each sample." As a quick note, It's 5 pounds of tension instead of 10. However it is still a lot more than a glove could probably handle in real life.

  • But the angle you put the dowels are entering at different angles every time right?

  • How's about heat resistant gloves as the weather is reliable enough for me to melt and pour some aluminum with my devilforge and I've been getting some toasty fingers from my tools heating up and transferring that heat through the generic leather BBQ gloves I've been using?

    • @Project Farm Thank you ahead of time if you take it!

    • Thanks for the video idea.

  • Those mechanix impacts are far from the best for any of these tests

  • Can you do What gloves are the best oil resistant

  • Another awesome product test, Thanks

  • The Milwaukee gloves are out of stock...Everywhere. They have a Level 3 protection glove. I just wish he had tested them, because they are available everywhere. Who knows how well they would have tested. Dang

  • Video idea: Best garden shears/pruners?

  • Ironclad is a surprisingly good buy for the money. Mechanix I figured would hold up a month or two maybe of regular light work at a retail place, nope, Ironclad lasted the month and then on to daily farm work and they still are holding together. The first pair had some finger hole wear issues that the second pair does not so I think that was a fluke, the only somewhat failure point so far has been the stitching on the thumb and mainly index finger and again that was present on the first pair, not this second pair I have now so it leads me to believe the first had simply been made on a monday morning which most of us can relate to. My model: Ironclad Boxhandler In summary, Ironclad: good for the money, surprisingly durable, good grip, comfortable and would buy again.

  • Where are the Hex armors?!

  • What type of Milwaukee gloves whare they

  • Wow i did not kow carhartt and ironclad made from indonesia. good to know

  • What if you test the same glove multiple times with the wood. How consistent are the results?

  • Just commenting to support. You never fail to disappoint

  • comment

  • Great tests always. But can you talk faster? 😂😂

  • Enduras are great, working for a massive crane co, endura is our go to

  • you should do this sort of testing with motorcycle gloves, especially ones with palm sliders and kevlar.

  • Best channel ever!

  • Great channel! Who knew watching all of these products get tested could be so much fun

  • I've worked in those Mechanix Impact gloves in rough industrial environments for years, I'm surprised they didn't do so well.

  • I would love to see a fuel injector cleaner test. The type that you put in your gas tank to "clean" and "boost mpg."

    • @Project Farm thank you for the work you do! Love the channel

    • Great suggestion! Thank you.

  • Hey do flex tools ,ha ha I know you will can't wait

  • What Milwaukee gloves exactly?

  • Doing a final tally of the data like at 15:25 is perfect. I would add this to ALL future videos. Thank ya sir ✊

  • We use the PVC dots at work.. they suck! Have you ever tried the yellow variant? They apparently have Kevlar woven in them. Great video as always!!

  • Project Farm - putting other third party and "independent" testing bodies to absolute shame.

  • I go through a lot of shoe laces at work and hate rethreading new ones. I’ve even tried paracord. wouldn’t mind seeing a comparison video on popular laces

  • VGO gang

  • Superb channel.

  • I stopped buying leather gloves and have switched to rubberized palm gloves from harbor freight.....$2/pr. they last longer than leather gloves when handling firewood and provide a good grip. when they eventually wear a hole.....they were only $2....break out another pair. I usually get a good month's use out of a pair......and they do get a lot of use in the woods.

  • The first test with a wooden rod is not accurate. The rod made from the same wood can have different resistance to impact, regarding the part of the tree it's made. But still thanks for your videos, always enjoy them. :)

    • Thanks! Thanks for the constructive feedback.

  • I absolutely love the spring loaded testing device. Way to bring some humor but still have an accurate test. Well Done Sir 👏

  • Aside from awesome and timely test to pop up on my feed, I just have to say this... "Coil spring test device" Bahahaha!

  • Great video

  • Almost any test that includes Milwaukee nowadays, I automatically assume they're either going to finish 1st or 2nd. Another high quality test!

  • Have you ever tested those nylon abrasive wheels (used with a drill) for removing rust etc.?

  • Milwaukee is number one in every aspect

  • Idk about your drip test when would you ever grip anything like that unless it feel inbetween your seat and the center console lol

  • Proof again milwaki and makita for the price are usually the best in every aspect for any tool for weekend warriors and professionals. IMO.......

  • Incredible! I had no idea a lot of these other glove brands were better than the mechanix! I gotta get me those Milwaukees! I also would love to see how good they hold up against heat/fire/welding resistance!

  • Me an indonesian: tf are these brands?

  • Awesome content

  • I think Oakley gloves should have been on here too

  • Never would have imagined this winner lol. Great work!

  • Wow I'm really impressed with those Milwaukee gloves!

  • Love the creative ways you come up with to test stuff! I missed one thing tho; How do they fit and feel, how's the ''move ability'' / ''usability '' of the fingers etc.. ( I know that can be a ''personal preference thing'' but still)

  • The ironclad brand also is the most uncomfortable I've ever used. No dexterity and stiff. Some of the most durable in my experience is craftsman and the tractor supply coredura500 gloves. Kinda a random selection of gloves though.

  • Hey, I don't know if you have a Ross store close by they have some great gloves usually in the $3.99 - $10.99 range. Gas Monkey Garage, Mechcanix and some other brands I've never heard of that have plastic reinforcement plates etc. You should take a look. They have a small auto section and they have some automotive tools I'd love to see go through some testing. Let me know if you're interested. I'd be happy to grab an item for testing and mail it.

  • great video, gloves are one thing I use a lot of for work and have tried many, haven't seen milwaukee around here though but I will look for them. Stihl leather gloves and the mechanix have done well for me so far.

  • .....thought my mpact gloves were decent spent 30 bucks on em at walmart but guess not

  • Now, please do gloves made in USA only...