Publisert 15. okt.. 2020
Today I made Noah Beck face his biggest fear... we all survived. Bryce Hall & Blake Gray also helped me destroy a car!
Snapchat: Joshrichardzz
Edited/Filmed by JROD: officialjrod


  • josh repping his gf's song merch like the amazing bf he is

  • 1:05-1:12 Bryce literally pounding on this person's garage LMFAOOOO

  • josh has a vape in his hand at 15 seconds ha

  • WTF Is wrong with you guys *cracking*

  • He smack the door on the last guy

  • "If Noah died Tinder would be so upset right now" I'm literally dead.

  • 3:56 is when fricken bryce hall srcatch his ball oh fuck that rimed


  • Hi

  • What is it with griffin and toes?

  • Wait the guy that did ur crack did The Stokes Twins crack to

  • People who don't forgive him of what he said to chase

  • I love mgk too, I love these little promo things

  • The first song in this vid I love

  • Insta name phoebeannemorgan

  • Mood good

  • Hi Josh Richards I am a huge fan???!!

  • 3:56 look at bryce hands

  • Bryce reminds me of my cousin

  • Did that hurt

  • Done

  • all sway boys in one place getting cracks is the bessttt

  • *Josh puts on glasses* me what the fuck is in joshes hand

  • Why tf does braking a car look so fun

  • Wtf I'm scared

  • Noah no longer has no neck lol

  • Bryce: omg it sounds like fu**ing gunshots! Cameraman: round two? Bryce:ROUND TWO LETS GO!!! This is 4:44 🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:42 😂

  • 4:07

  • normal rich yts: destroys every extremely nice and expensive thing in their house physcopath rich yts: actually appreciates the expensive things and doesn’t DESTROY it

  • I herd mgk and said he’ll ye

  • Of course Bryce wears shorts when attempting to kick through glass.... BIG BRAIN 🧠

  • Poor Noah! :((

  • an y'all hating on Charlie

  • it no-one talking about the vape

  • causly throughs a mac computer a a car and me being careful with a 1 dollar plaic waer bottle

  • So we are all gonna collectively ignore the fact that they just destroyed a car, macbook etc? wow..

  • I like Noah

  • bryce scratching.....

  • 6:06😍😍

  • griffin and the toes HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA, he's totally the best

  • Who else has school tmr after Xmas break😢😢😢

  • Griffin: en fuckin car me: whe en fuckin griffin

  • Damn Blake sound like a surf boy 😂

  • Anyone in 2021

  • The puppy is so so so cute 🥰

  • The quirky bag unequivocally greet because octave effectively work an a savory silk. economic, burly beat

  • The good spear characteristically pinch because spike conservatively employ throughout a historical turnip. successful, faithful session

  • Not the toes😂😂😂😂

  • That ear crack was nasty

  • What a bunch of worthless idiots wasting away doing nothing except destructive shit cause they have nothing better to do and they live too ritzy for their own accomplishments (which is nothing). California showing you how not to run society. Think of all the homeless in the streets and you have jack offs in mansions destroying things that someone else could use.

  • Comment ils se payent des maisons ou une maison immense comme ca ? Chacun d'entre eux a mis des sous grâce a leurs nombre abonnés ? Parce que ils sont tout jeunes....

  • Noah... .. The most handsome in sway house❤️

  • Y does Griffen like toes so much

  • *"Can I pop your toes with my mouth"* EW GRIFFIN

  • Noah beck thick neck Lol jp

  • love how they have my favorite songs in all there vids

  • What the fuck are u doing in the carr

  • Me :Noah 😙 Me: oh no Griffin there

  • yo viendo que no hay subtitulos :"v

  • i know im late but i cant believe that griffin and noah are still kinda friends

  • no ones gonna talk abt how at 5:15 josh literally has a puff in his hand

  • i-... 2:42

  • I feel like they hate griffin

  • Before this vid I was listening to mood then also again During the starting

  • Him destroying a car and I’m here trying to even get 😪😪

  • No no no no I got it😌~josh Nonononnononono~ bryce😅

  • these boys i swear..

  • ih

  • am i the only 1 that saw the vape when josh said "saftey" then but the googles on?

  • Josh drives like spongebobs mom



  • Larrays better

  • Sway boys = the best

  • I want an iMac so bad and I see this video 😭😭😭

  • est ce-que Josh sait ce qu il y a marquer sur son pull ?

  • Is noone talking about josh having nessas merch on

  • were not gonna talk abt josh wearing nessas merch 😌

  • 3:13 is like my brother when getting a Covid test lol

  • When Noah moand I died

  • What is with griffin and toes like tf

  • omggg blake really closed the door on griffin head... it hit him hard, lmao. like did he not see him behind him😂😂im dead😂😂😂😂😂💀

  • not me looking at the puff in josh’s hand when he put the helmet on and saying damn i want one bad ash

  • Josh: if Noah died tinder would be so upset Me at home: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • cant belive this video is still not taken down

  • dude did u know if u smoke 1,000 cigars your lungs turn black and u die

  • "like an owl"😭😅

  • Who’s here in 2020 about to be in 2021

  • jrod - what are we gonna do ? josh - idk

  • Noah if u take steriods is there a good mention of Crack ahahah


  • The "sisters" shirt😂

  • Love mgk

  • 3:56 no one Bryce just scratching himself lol

  • Bryce wearing Jadens merch and Josh wearing Nessa's i- We LOVE supportive friends

  • It's little wonder why the world hates entitled Americans. Irresponsible nonsense.

  • 2:33 trust me it amazing 😂

  • 0:56 karma caught on camera

  • Me this whole video 👁👄👁