Publisert 20. juli. 2020
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People in this vid:
Dixie's Dad

Outro song by
Simon Rex
Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva
Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis


  • dixie is so confused

  • *yeah i grew up doing bmx so kinda do my own thing* well okay

  • “I’ll slice ya fat neck if ya sing again” 😂😂😂😂

  • She hates it

  • 8:29 doesnt he look like Scar from the lion king a little?

  • Please dont do this again

  • Did she eat her boogies after the interview?

  • When she said that Jonah doesn’t need to get into singing I’m like bitch you don’t need to either

  • I fw Jeff’s humor. Glad I found this channel through NELK now I’m on a barbershop binge watch 😂😂

  • Dixie is that one anoyying girl that everybody is freinds with for clout

  • Dixie was so uncomfortable

  • why did Jonah's shirt keep changing color?

  • Is this a sequel to the cherdleys video

  • Dixie- “current boyfriend and no cheating” ... that didn’t age well

  • These amelio girls are literally tiktoks version of the Kardashians. They do NOTHING to become famous and boom they are....never do an actual hard day of work in their lives and will amass a greater fortune then doctors,cops,soldiers,firefighters or emts. Gotta love our society

  • Dixie- “current boyfriend and no cheating” ... that didn’t age well

  • “i picked the song because i related to the lyrics” sis did she just admit that she had a ghost writer💀

  • No more Jonah bro just ruining your content

  • Can someone explain to me why is jeff’s face like this to this day???

  • Watching these drinks is amazing

  • Like how Jonah says when the camera cuts Edward siccor hands is the one doing it😂😤

  • its my show my names on the show but its out of my hands lmfaoo

  • we want Alex Ernest


  • Check my channel out?

  • Dixie is so fed up with Jonah lmao

  • 8:04 mood

  • Jonah should make music that was beautiful

  • This show is fcking great at making people uncomfortable

  • Please keep him out

  • He popped the tires cause he’s fat 🤣

  • Did you mean Dixie DUMBelio

  • I don’t like this guest she acts like she has to look down on ppl..

  • So whats the story behind Jeff's eye did he get jumped or some shit or what

    • @CallMeFrankT. need more info

    • @CallMeFrankT. serious???

    • He was doing a stunt on a swinging excavator with David dobrik and it malfunctioned and he fell off

  • Dixie lowkey thinking {this guy needs to shut the fuck up}

  • This is not me joking but pls remove Jonah he annoys me

  • One day I thought I would not make it but then I saw Jonah

  • The red door is multiplied hahaha

  • She seems so bored and unhappy being there

  • bruhhh 2:58

  • Her accent has to be the worst thing I’ve ever heard

  • Who else Initially thought he meant Roman swipes


  • joanas singing tho

  • Jeff got botox. His face here after the accident looks the same. In his new videos he looks asian and can't move his face.

  • 5:45 I feel you homie 🥲

  • is dixie a transexual? i cant tell

    • 😐

  • Wait is that’s Jeff’s friend that he picked up from prison

  • please get jonah of the show. he sucks

  • Am I the only one who noticed that jona’s shirt kept changing colors

  • 8:32 So, what actually happened to him??

  • Dixie is boring!!!

  • Can you bring Jason to sit in the recliner

  • lol Dixie just smiling while Jonah is just talking about his problems.

  • David: would you ever cheat on your girlfriend Jeff: “no”.....sarcasm

  • The reason why it’s so fucking funny to watch is because idk if they’re joking or not

  • Jeff and Dixie start a whole new conversation while Jonah sadly carries on with his bmx story😂

  • Jeff is basically the more dangerous and less nude Eric Andre

  • Jonah really can relate to the song

  • Dixie looks like she hates life during this vid

  • come one dixie what

  • get johan out

  • She's got the personality of a wet flannel

  • Funny, but maks the other guy shut more up, I like him, but he is takling to mutch

  • It’s the “TikTok Girl’s Sister” for me 🤣🤣

  • You heard that she picked the song. She didn't write it was someone else's work. Their a brand all because of Tik tok. Good job parents 🧱👌🏻

  • During the ad read he had kraftwerk playing 😌

  • Damn Dixie is so beautiful

  • This is fkn hilarious 😂

  • Nick is the type of person that he thinks he’s cool on NOlong but when the cameras are off he’s just a little boy scared. So I don’t mind him off

  • I skipped the whole thing when jonna started singing

  • Hate comment

  • 3:43 bahah Jonah just keeps going

  • Did somebody see that it said "Ex-maffia hitman" before it said " Charli D'amelio's dad" lol?

  • Jonah is the best

  • she did fucking bmx...my guy imagine her doing a manual 180 barspin out

  • Jonah ruined the show

  • i love her haircut,, she looks am badgirl or something

  • *Eric Andre Barber Shop edition*

  • Jeff you’re the best ❤️

  • wheres the masks what-

  • “ex mafia hitman” EYE-

  • why is nobody talking about jonahs shirt changing color

  • I feel bad for the fat guy

    • his name is nick

  • i hate jonah

  • Is just hair come back !!!! i loved that part

  • She looks so uncomfortable 😂

  • A literally have the same shirt as Jeff haha

  • The “Jeffs got a lot to hide” sent me

  • whos here when griffin acc chated and Dixie is with Noah

  • Remove Jonah

  • Watch the red door what a trip

  • Whoever doesn’t get this humour I feel very sorry for

  • Keep Jonah but make him miserable through out the whole show

  • Jonah singing is the definition of cringe

  • Nick/Jonah is so funny

  • 3:43 jona kept talking while Jeff an duxie starting having a conversation that's When I stated laughing so hard

  • did u see dixie's face when nick was just talking about how he always has bad day...lol!!!

  • Wat happened to his face?????¿¿¿¿

  • This man Jeff is fucking comedy