Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?

Publisert 26. jan.. 2020
Over the last decade milk has become a bit controversial. Some people say it’s a necessary and nutritious food, vital for healthy bones, but others say it can cause cancer and lead to an early death.
So who is right? And why are we drinking it anyway?

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    • Non

    • add micro-organisms to the start. Babies get lots from mothers milk. Gut microbiome studies are pretty conclusive on this.

    • Are you a earth

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  • I’m drink almond milk do no more cow milk !

  • You guys have the best researched information I have seen in a youtube channel thank you soo much.

  • That chart at 8:35 keeps tripping me up, my brain somehow tries to read it in the wrong direction. 🙃 Great video though! 🙂

  • Indian cows milk is fully healthy

  • I still drink it anyway

  • Just drink ya drugs!!! Say no to milk

  • Don’t like milk I am also allergic to it but I still have cheese because I like cheese

  • Anyone drinking milk while watching this?

  • what made everyone drink everything milk? (doing what's everytime)

    • i'm don't wan't to drink a milk (i'm an brazil portugues and inglish)

  • All Hail the Milk! Down with Orange juice!

  • Watching this while drinking milk🥛😂😂😂

  • bullshit. the fact is milk causes cancer etc.

    • @Dodo Nodens I'm not a vegun and I eat meat but, it's just the fact.

    • Ah a crazy vegan

  • I was watching this whe drinking milk 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Whos milkgang

  • Karlson would care to differ. You need to drink your milk so your bones don’t despawn.

  • This vid neva sed yay or nay, its vague yet informative.....i guess he leavin up to us to figure it out 🤓

  • What about milkshakes

  • You missed out medium chain triglycerides, which can promote anaphylaxis and are present in high concentrations in milk, palm and coconut oils. I did not think the discussion of the evolution of milk related genes was balanced from a global perspective, in fact it seemed distinctly Eurocentric. Be careful, Eurocentric bias is an ancient conceit and a cognitive rut.

  • I cant get enough from your videos

  • Drink your milk kids :D

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  • its prob poison to some people because they allergic

  • I drank half a litre of milk once

  • then drink lactose-free milk

  • I’m glad they pointed out the torture part.

  • i get my milk from cruelty free companies.

  • People who think milk gives cancer there just orange gang

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  • Who else saw J Jonah Jameson bird at 9:11 EDT: in the top left corner

  • if we started from 2 people. does that mean all 7 billion people on earth are all relatives?

  • milk sucks but cheese is awesome

  • Me drinking milk right now: 👁 👄 👁

  • Discusses milk and completely ignores RAW MILK. This video also fails to mention that people selling RAW MILK treat their cattle very well. Fucking awesome. Fuck you you pseudo-intellectual charlatan. The reason that skim milk, or decreased fat milk has an effect on acne is due to the insulin response to consuming protein or sugar without milk.

  • i love me some hot milk :D

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  • Just remember this key rule milk is a meal not a drink.

  • veneno blanco lo que las feministas lo llaman las balas de los violadores y lo que pocos intelectuales decimos: cum

  • No. Mölk is gööd. Mölk is Lifé

  • I don't see an udder on this cow... 1:18

  • J

  • its not just a healthy drink but also it makes de buffs like poison weakness and slowness disappear

  • tech general yes

  • wow that was really cool

  • The only milk I'm getting from is from my sister.


  • i have a question:Arent factories adding extra hormones like estrogen to the cows making it bad for our health???

  • xzc

  • The fact that this video exists is so much funnier when you’re German & know that they’re German too unge &co

  • I want to know why I didn't become lactose intolerant until I got in my 20s. I used to drink milk almost every day until one day I couldn't.

  • I don't think the decision should be made as a society, I think the decision should be made by yourself in regards to whether to consume or not, buy or don't buy milk

  • I drink milk everyday as indo aryans should

  • I do not trust any test, Test are gone into to prove or disprove something. Therefore there is an agenda. To put the word "independent" In front of it does nothing at all. Someone paid for the test and that person had a reason. Fact is, Adults are not designed to drink milk. Not to mention the fact you are drinking the breast milk of an other species just gross's me out. Goat, Sheep or Cow milk ok but Rat, Pig or Cat milk no good. Can't make this stuff up. You milk drinkers are sick in the head.

    • @leo stgeorge Truly sorry in fact I'm in dire need of punishment would you own me as a slave until you see that the respect that was warranted earlier has been delivered...?

    • @lâr êow Lived in the country all my life. All 60 years. Shows how stupid you are. make assumptions about someone you never met never talked to and know nothing about. SNOWFLAKE!

    • urbanite

  • I still want a glass

  • Soy milk, no that will to soycialism

  • Humans feed cows with others cows. - This milk tastes funny. Humans feed chicken with pork. - this chicken tastes salty.

  • Being half-East Asian and half-Southeast Asian, I'm lactose intolerant as all hell but damn anyone who tries to get in the way of me and a tall glass of milk. Edit: I'm shitting my guts out right now as I'm typing this.

    • @lol stop damn bro I'm only 5'10. I'll probably keep my tolerance as a form of repayment for my shitty height from god lol.

    • @Canyon Moon I'm a little over 6'3" at 220lb (190 cm and ~99kg if thats the language you speak). But trust me, man. It will hit and strike you seemingly overnight, one day you're enjoying a whole gallon of chocolate milk while hitting weights at the gym, and the next day your guts are turning inside out and you're passing smelly gas out of both ends. This is a very unique characteristic of Asian lactose intolerance, you really don't develop it until around the ages of 18-25 which is around the time your lactase production goes all the way down to zero. When it first happened to me at 18, of course being the Asian I am, I taught I just had some really bad gut flora and starting eating lots and lots of fermented food and yogurt (which very obviously made things worse) with sadly no result. I only started suspecting that I was lactose intolerant when I started noticing some symptoms that both my lactose intolerant parents have; I had bloating, excessive gas from both ends, frequent loose bowel movements, and even slight nausea. I only really found out after a test with my doctor where also he explained to me that he was surprised that I was able to go that long without developing even slight symptoms at my rate of daily dairy intake. You'd think that years and years of large dairy consumption will somehow reverse my parents' genes and prevent me from developing lactose intolerance in my later life but I still felt the full brunt of it. While there's still a good chance that you won't develop it (assuming you have the same genetics), I highly suggest that you enjoy dairy as much as you can because, one day, you never know🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @lol stop wait how tall are you if you drank that much milk?

    • @lol stop I highly doubt I would develop an intolerance overnight but we’ll see

    • @lol stop I’ll get back to you when I’m 18 then lol just wait until July k

  • milksong

  • Not all milk is produced in the factory farms. A percentage of milk is done on dairy farms with the cows getting lots of grass during the day and then they come in and get milked. There are big differences between factory farms and family farms.

  • Alright, where’s Dani?

  • Dani : fucc it.

  • O-O i just drank chocomilk

  • Let's not forget that PETA said that milk causes autism

  • Im also Lactose intolerant it sucks :(

  • People who say it cause cancer are Orange Juice Gang

  • i realy dont whant to upset enybody .... and i am aware that milk industry is torture ... but we cannot escape the FACT that we MUST survive... as a conclusion we WILL consume what we need to be alive regardless from were it comes..., yes yes i know one could be vegan .... here same rule apply suffering is caused to the plants ... regardless that they dont heave nervous sistem they are still a forme of life and cutting and eating them poses the same torture problem...untill somebody comes and offers us the posibility to survive eating NON ALIVE food ( by that i mean food that comes from something that is not considered alive) we will continue to eat products that comes from other life .

    • @Miga Caral from my perspective you olso dont make sense , ok i am willing to think ( that way i learned a lot ) , you are comparing me cutting a carrot with me cutting my finger , .... haw is that logical ? i could cut your finger in stead and is more plausible since both carrot and your finger are not part of me... , that beeng said i know that there is no comparison between plants and animals , but as of yer there is no scientific proof that consciousness originate or is the product of the brain or nevous sistem , BUT is hawever scientificaly proven that plants react to outside stimulus so they feel something ... who is to say that in plants world that is not pain? .... enyways ... show me eny link to a beliveble source that definitivately says that consciousness originate in nervous sistem and i will read / view it ... i am sorry in advance for eny mistakes that i made in english language .... is not my primary language and i learned it alone... so .... that beeng said i am waiting a valid answer

    • Your argument doesn't make any sense lol, unless you are living in an extremly poor situation (which i think you aren't, since you are here commenting) you don't necesserily need milk to survive and even though animals and plants are both living beings, theres no comparison between them and it's quite dishonest of you to compare the suffering of a conscious living being that can feel pain to another that don't even has nervous sistem, it's defenetly NOT the same torture! Just think with me, cut a slice of carrot and cutting one of your fingers off are equivalent things?

  • There is a huge difference between homemade milk and the milk you buy usually.

  • I live in rural Wales and a lot of the milk we buy is sourced locally from farmers with actual morales

    • @Tom 441 me too, we’ve barely discovered fire

    • Wales, wow I didn’t even know NOlong existed in Wales

  • not sure about that map about intolerance to lactose, why Argentina and Chile have High intolerance ? they have milk base diet as any other country in europe and or the US,

  • milk makes people sick. i know. i experimented with it for over 2 yrs. w/o milk a was a different man. it's the sugar more than the fats or protein.

  • I'd love to see some sources for all the studies quoted in the video.

  • Thank you peta. Now Karen’s think milk causes cancer

  • Me:Oh no it is probably poisonous Also me:drinks milk

  • I'm only allergic to a medicine

  • How have I gotten cancer yet.

  • Un video de mierda, es la leche la que causa el impacto animal o el capitalismo que está sobrexplotando el planeta. Insisto , pura ideologia disfrazada

  • As I understood, 250ml or less daily is still good, but natural, not synthetical

  • Y cuando vivís en un país 3er mundista que tenes deribados de leche.

  • I'm allergic to milk

  • Tf I ain’t poison

  • Make a video about ANTIBIOTICS

  • You are from Orange Juice gang.

  • They way I see it is that cow's milk is for baby cows & not for humans! Coconut milk is so much better for us....

    • @smogunner 😂

    • No. Coconut milk is for coconut babies.

    • The coconut tree didn’t produce the coconut for you did it- no it wanted the coconut to grow into another tree.

  • The big child likes miyazaki 😆😎

  • I am watching this eating a huge plate of cereal

    • @Eli Miles lol sorry bowl

    • ...plate?

  • if we banned milk i'd die of thirst yesterday i drank a quarter of a gallon of milk yesterday

  • Dani joined the game.

  • The ape having milk in his hands

  • shut i'm milk gang

  • What was the dude doing who found out you could milk cows... How did he explain what he was doing to the rest of the people

  • yep, no bias at all. They just say that anyone who drinks milk is complicit in mass torture and frying of the planet. They also sell you the idea that 'we' collectively MUST decide whether to allow these atrocities to continue. And if you buy into this logic, there's only one correct answer. But even if you don't, they prime you to accept the idea that a milk ban is inevitable - and rather soon, so the only question left is just how much shaming ['informing'] it will take

  • Im a professional dietician. Eggs meats and animal products are toxic!!! they have huge amount of chemicals antibiotics puss puke sh** while producing them. they are full of bacterias and clogg the arteries!! first educate yourself later eat whats good for you only!! they also massively disrupt hormonal balance of men and women!! Animals are fed with GMO soy and corn and they dont get any nutrition from the soil, cause its extra money, nobody does that. Omega 3 are destroyed by temperature oxygen and light, there are no omega 3s in animal products or meat. Fish and fish oil are massively POLLUTED. Omega 3 naturally occuring and best souce is SPIRULINA. Marketing is fake, open your eyes. Meats and diary are not allowed on keto diet which is the best diet. Best anti inflammatory diet is vegan keto.

  • Did anyone else get a glass of milk after this if not here’s some 🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛

  • Megi

  • Very informative and unbiased until they went on a rant about how cows are tortured and killed without adding any supporting data. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • I like milk because I’m not sad about drinking milk

  • On

  • You are such a miss lead , shame on you 🤨


  • Your 👎👎👎👎👎👎