Best 3D Pen Art Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts

Publisert 21. feb.. 2021
I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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  • Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))

  • I wish i was there to join.

  • 💘 Love


  • Your sooooooo talented OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think kenz is better

  • You just become a low art budget art making mr.beast

  • You know rules and so do I say good bye

  • Ahh why clickbait kid???

  • Mckenzie i wouldve done the same :p "Don't touch it it's hot" Me: Touches a pan on a stove. Touches the end of the hot glue gun. ;-;

  • Thats how Mr.Beast became famous.. have your own team and conduct contests for ur own team and give money to ur own team... gain subscribers...


  • Were is viv

  • You are the best youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • I subscribed

  • Can I have a IPhone plss🙏🙏 I'm from phili..

  • iam a filipino zhc been a subcriber for a long time while your drawing marshmello 24 hours that's when I subscribed plss notice I am a artisy

  • I actually own a 3d pen and I burnt my fingers so much so I can't really feel pain in my that normal.......

  • am subscribe

  • 7:47 look no make up on her

  • These challenge art videos are getting really boring because Kenzie wins every time. Also, Jake, Michelle, and Jaz are spending all of this time and then Kenzie wins every time.

  • If always watched you but I wasn’t subscribed 😬


  • Just saying, anyone else tired of the stupid clickbait? The wouldn't have gotten the views without it

  • TYING rock-paper-scissors does not count as a loss. You ripped her off with that.

  • All of the punishment I would do for fun

  • Can I be in one of your videos?

  • iphone pls i need for online class pls my family just poor we cant buy cellphone for my online class pls see this iphone 12 pls pls

  • the way jake looked when mackenzie said she betted on him

  • They all are so talented

  • i am the huge fan

  • Love ur vids but y dont u do a last to stop drawing video wins 10 k aka 10 grand

  • I subscribe a long time ago

  • I need a ps5

  • I've been subscribed for litreally forever. I wish I could click on it a million times to be in one of the videos 🙁

  • oh my gosh why does everyone have the best hair at all times a swear y'all are so beautiful and good looking 😭

  • Omggg Zach was wearing bella porch merch 😳😳

  • Heyo

  • My sister has a 3D pen but I stole it hehehe🙂

  • I wanna

  • LOL:

  • The only comments i found was of youtubers

  • I like maps

  • I feel like miechele won

  • If I lost the Rock Paper Scissors, I’d be fine bc I’m left handed lol

  • They should do t shirts

  • i bet on jake

  • Can I be in a video? I subbed and liked👍

  • finally someone knows grogu's name

  • Jake's Yoda is so cute.

  • @ZHC Zack where did you get those 3D pens from? They're hot!

  • this dude is littaraly artistic mr beast

  • CONGRATS MCKENZIE (my name is the same except spelt different 😁)

  • So nice I love all the art you make

  • I doubt you'd chose me, I'm from Ireland

  • that was amazing

  • Why don’t you pick me?

  • 55510000🍿🎂😀👍🏻

  • I picked mashell because she never wins

  • love the farm

  • me to

  • Jjiikkkkkkk

  • hi can i be in it i subscribed

  • Omg you da best

  • I draw with my left hand

  • i love your videos

  • 3rd time Zack “rock paper scissors you win and you can stop using your left hand” You (loses) Next clip using right hand? STAGED VIDEO

  • The best by far was the chameleon.

  • Omg can I get McKenzies dragon? The finished version of it. It’s so cool I‘m obsessed


  • the girl far left tho ;)

  • If zhc owned a art meusuem or sold arts hed be very rich and famours

  • What’s it like to be rich, I’m not hating on u or anything luv ur vids just wanna know what it’s like

  • Legit nobody: Jake: aha aha aha aha aha

  • Can I be in a video I because I really want A phone and I am going to be going to middle school and I have been subscribed for a year I think🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • hello

  • dragons are cool

  • So technically Art version of MrBeast

  • Just kidding I am a huge fan

  • I sub to you zhc

  • Zack seems to love rock paper scissors 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Baby yoda

  • Dragon is cool

  • Jake is the first that I heard say his real name besides me and my fam

  • I feel spoiled after watching Br.Beast vids

  • I’m with the dislikes on this one

  • I like cheesecake

  • That was nice of them I liked them all

  • cool cool

  • Hi plz reply and God bless you

  • 💖💗❣

  • who saw the bella porch merch

  • i like toilet paper

  • I subscribed

  • Whoever is seeing this god bless you

  • *E*

  • My instagram: funny_.yrn

  • ZHC you just made me want to get a 3-D pen

  • I feel really bad for Michelle

  • zhc: "don't touch the tip, it's hot" kenz: touches tip 😂

    • I played it back and the people who lost rock, paper, scissors lost the same way every single time Bruh