15 Most Terrifying Planets Ever Found

Publisert 23. juli. 2020
The Earth is not perfectly spherical, Mercury is the hottest planet, and Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. These simple facts are known even to those with no real knowledge about astronomy. But there are billions of planets in the Universe and some of them are really amazing! For example, there's a planet where night never ends. And it’s not your regular night with stars shining in the beautiful skies - here, it’s pitch dark and scorching hot!
Have you ever heard about a planet that is so close to its sun that half the planet’s surface is a literal ocean of molten lava? The other half is in eternal darkness because it never sees the sun - the planet is always turned to its star with one side! And between the scorching and the dark, there’s the twilight zone - a thin strip of gloomy nothingness. Yeah, that's spooky. ...So, if you're looking for some astronomy facts and a couple of mind-blowing facts about space, this video is right what you need!
TrEs-2b 00:00
55 Cancri E 0:44
HD 189733 b 1:08
PSR B1257+12 1:56
Kepler-70 2:29
WASP-12b 3:09
Gliese 436-b 3:44
Venus 4:09
OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb 4:50
Dimidium 5:28
Osiris 6:09
COROT exo-3b 6:47
COROT-7b 7:16
OTS 44 7:47
Carbon planets 8:25
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  • Hey there! If you could only choose eternal day or eternal night, which one would you choose?

  • I don't like planets which have name that have number it makes confues to identify them

  • Our planet is already the scariest planet in the universe. You should know why

  • 4:26: "[Venus's] gravity is almost a hundred times stronger than ours ..." No. It's atmospheric pressure is almost 100x Earth's, but it's surface gravity is only 0.9 G.

  • Venus' gravity is not stronger than ours... Gravity depends on mass

  • TrEs-2b Hot Giant(1234-2021) TrEs-2b Habitable Zone(2021-today)

  • Big Saturn/Saturn Little Saturn/Kepler-70b

  • i'm a very important person

  • Wow...It shocked me 😮😱

  • These planets are named after Wi-fi passwords XD

  • conjunction of wasp-12b and j1407b



  • 6:56 RED JUPITER

  • 4:35 A C I D R A I N

  • why is venus is the earths evil twin?!?!

  • poxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • COROT exo-3b is Jupiter’s evil twin lol

  • Those numbers might be a code to something nobody knows

  • Who came here just from Circle Dude?

  • the universe is coo i should go to jupiter

  • United Federation of Planets calls these demon planets.

  • Hi 🙋‍♂️

  • The scariest planet ever: Bright Side’s NOlong channel

  • Earth has a sister its venus guys

  • 3:07 Depending on how far away it is it may already be completely gone

  • the most terrifying planet in my oppion is Earth

  • 2:01 "Lich" for short

  • for HD 189733 b,that is over 2 times the fastest wind speed on Neptune,the fastest wind recorded in the solar system.

  • I know we have satellites but how do we know all these facts about these planets, he said one of those suns exploded millions of years ago, a satellite won't tell you all that.. I think they're just making stuff up, educated guesses.

  • Shoutout to the camera man😂

  • And Saturn is scary to its perticualy sound isnt very safe sounding..

  • Is it just me or at 1:08 did he say "HD 189377 b" not "HD 189733 b".

  • Bright side better then school

  • He said 377 instead of 733

  • But Venus is hotter not Mercury

  • Near Planets we live in: Mercury,Venus,Earth,Moon, and some word sense Planets in 300 million away: Rucmne-ryu19-ione6

  • 4:52 big names planet

  • Is the planet from the neutron star dangerous?.....

  • I don’t wanna die

  • Scientist 1: hmm what should we name these planets? Scientist 2: *throws keyboard across the room* Scientist 1: AH PERFECT!

  • 3:23 Pac-Man

  • I think Astronomers just smash their head on their keyboards just to name any exoplanets lol

  • you teach 99x more then my school does

  • hd 189733b is proper name is lieopa

  • WHAT THE *U**

  • So Osiris takes 3 IN A HALF DAYS?!?!? EVEN THOUGH ITS CLOSER TO ITS STAR?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??????!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!?!??!?!?!

  • *Nobody:* *That one black hole hiding in the star:* 3:20 HEnLo :D

  • The thumbnail looks like the sun kamehameha'd a lava kameha

  • the names of these planets are like schools wifi passwords😂

  • Wow I love this planet it's at 1:26

  • Wow this scary it's at 0:16 it's scary

  • “ wouldn’t support life “ should say AS WE KNOW IT. At the end

  • I never knew sun has a little sister(s) ..

  • Half of the dangerous planets are burning and hotter than you ex

  • 6:13-6:16 cute snail slug

  • The disturbed secretary rheologically chop because underwear structurally fetch near a tested weapon. changeable, yielding manicure

  • How come a planets name is OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I mean, OGLE!?

  • Eco planet glizzy is the glizzy habitable

  • eternal day

  • 4:25 Venus' *AIR PRESSURE* is almost 100 times greater than Earths, not gravity.

  • Venus once had water. The more you know

  • It’s so fascinating but absolutely terrifying how little we actually know.

  • WAT that like thats New solar system

  • All star systems have scary planets

  • I saw a skull in the third planet 💀

  • 👌👌

  • what about super satyrn JI407b

  • why is venus evil-

  • The planets in the next generation be like:

  • Me reading the title is it earth

  • VeNuS me: golden VOLCANIC PLANET

  • I play a game called MyCafe and there is a customer with an evil twin

  • *welcome to the twilight zone*

  • You are saying wrong statement at 4:27. VENUS HAS SAME GRAVITY AS OURS. NOT 100 TIMES GREATER THAN EARTH.

  • how do they discover this

  • Wait, I watched a different video on Wasp-12b and it said in 3 million years it will be gone. I know most of these are theary's but I'm confused

  • I can’t be the only person to realize that (I’m pretty sure) 55 Cancri E is a giant diamond instead of being really really hot

  • “Burning Ice” *Now I Have a Superpower To Obtain.*

  • Venus is the only one we all should of known before watching

  • Venus Earth's evil twin lol

  • he said 377 b for the third one - it's 733 b *realises mistake *where's my wine?

  • Bright side is more educating than school and a lot more fun

  • So is no one gonna talk about how this man sounds like a wannabe Nicholas Cage

  • The planet Ots 44 is not at all a planet,it is a planetary object. It is actually a brown dwarf star floating in space. I have searched in google and I found the answer

  • Corot EXO reminds me of the actual kpop group EXO🥺✨

  • Him: *saying exoplanet* Me: *thinking of EXO kpop group*

  • @BRIGHT SIDE. 1:08, you said something something 377b but on screen it is something something 733b

  • Now onto Snoop-420B, the best planet habitable for Gangsters!

  • why is Venus a Most Terrifying Planet but Venus is a Original Planet in are Solar System?

  • 4:20 " Referring to Venus: " It's surface is much hotter than that of Mercury" Video description " Mercury is the hottest, and Jupiter the largest in the Solar system. These simple facts are known even to those with no real knowledge" Me who caught the self contradiction " Hmm so you say? "


  • My little brother saying is this even real 😂

  • 1:07 HD 189377 b or HD 189733 b?

  • the sound is very bad

  • the very very cold planet (ogle 2005 cnxllsllsls i forgot hehe), i wonder if after billion of years, can it be inhabited?

  • Cardi B’s favourite planet: WASP - 12B WAAAAAAAAAAAAA - S - PPPPPPPPPPPP

  • 0:00 i think its lol

  • ... eternal day is my choice

  • I am 11 Times bigger than the Jupiter