Tesla Model X review door Jeremy Clarkson | The Grand Tour | Amazon Prime Video NL

Publisert 25. nov.. 2020
Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het NOlong kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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  • I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car

    • I want one 🤪🤪🤪

    • Germany* ... R8 is still a better car. Try racing it on a complex track. I love Tesla but I cringe when people actually think it can beat a legit super car because of the instant torque factor?? -_- just fan boys I swear lol

    • He was probably too busy driving American Muscle cars

    • @Aryan Far you missed the joke

    • hol up

  • Wonder how much Elon Musk paid him...

  • I have a serious question - Why is no one asking how many years the batteries will live for ? We all know that the batteries in our technical equipment, including rechargeable batteries, all die after about five years. So are the batteries in these electrical cars any different ? I think not ! How to recycle these dead rare metal batteries ? And if the car price is 150,000 GBP how much will the new batteries cost after five years to replace them ?

  • Is it just me or did he draw a di** on the touch pad 😂😂

  • Well he has changed his tune on Tesla, I guess he knows he can't mess up like he did with BBC as he has nothing else if Amazon fire him. Thus has to be kind to Tesla that no doubt paid Amazon off... That said surprised Bezos didn't get Clarkson to slag em off so he can claim and retain no 1 richest spot and neg tesla...as Elons networth is linked to Tesla's share price.

  • I’m sold!!! 🤩🤩

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  • Now its time to sit down and charge whilst the Audi driver continues on with his day.

  • The Clarkson special feature "Important message" appears in background with a 8=D and the car pulls over a lot unnecessarily and swerves a little to give the authentic Clarkson driving experience.

  • Elon, you are the exact right type of billionaire the world needed and we all need you to keep going crazy.

  • 3:45 What's wrong with a gimmick? Nothing, dear sir. Nothing.

  • 1:04 Did he just draw a penis??? 😃😁😂

  • 11:30 as other have pointed out that yes in fact the gullwing doors can open almost vertically. However, even with a car full of lawyers, I don't think it's possible for Jeremy Clarkson to ever talk about a Tesla without some form of misinformation falling out of his mouth.

  • After Jeremy and the rest of the top gear crew mocked Tesla saying it ran out of juice on one of there programmes, I stopped watching top gear as it tried to perceive Tesla as a rubbish automobile company. Elon was trying to make Tesla a household name and get itself established these barstards were trying to sabotage it. Now that Tesla has turned into a giant and is worth over $700 billion they have changed their tune and are now ass kissing Tesla with puckered lips. Meanwhile Elon be like... be gone peasants....

  • 5:14 lmao they really used BF3 soundtrack

  • Always liked Jeremy. Tesla is too much money compered to some of the other makes.

  • "Now, the car’s over there. And I LITERALLY can’t be arsed to walked to it."

  • Amazing how Tesla came back after its first bad experience in TopGear

  • the lawyer part is so funny, referencing the bbc lawsuit from tesla i presume

  • I drove an R8! Faster in 0-100 than R8?? Unbelievable

  • what you see there are all the donations on twitch that a streamer has to pay back + the costs of the transfer. Well done elon musk. FUKKING THIEF

  • 5:54 your welcome

  • So if im walking and get lost can i tell my model X to find me and pick me up from my phone?

  • Deduct 125k and they might sell a few?🤔

  • First thing that he thinks to draw is a dick? Smh

  • 1:02 pretty patterns ... Sure..

  • Sudden urge to watch Peppa Pig

  • He should have been activated dog mod while lawyers stayed in car.

  • no longer is even 90k.

  • Why did he draw a penis...

  • Quality in tesla is like a Ferrari motor in a horse carriage. No one want that.

  • Why are they using an old Model X? The newer ones have much better specs.

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  • 156k . That’s a point , what happens to these batteries when you have a crash ?

  • Did she just draw a penis ?

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  • No shit, in other news Ferrari beats a tricycle

  • Wtf 1:03, hahahhahahha. Silly old man

  • they fixed the doors

  • Crazy car, but obviously NOT for the poor ones.

  • Tesla 0-100 - I'm the king Audi 100-200 - Not quite

  • Draw pretty patterns Draws a dick

  • how good is it in frosty mornings, surely it can defrost all my windows for me :)

  • The electromagnetic radiation in electric cars can cause all sorts of harm including cancer They don't tell you that do they

  • Do you write with your left hand? I don`t.

  • 8:30 big naturals

  • 9:00 "We don`t have any evidence to the COUNTRY"

  • To much expensive

  • no one talking about him drawing penis

  • Looks like a Prius

  • Did anyone notice what he has sketched on screen 🤔

  • Just wait till in 5 years old with loads faults batteries not holding charge electrical systems plagued with problems enjoy

  • Electrical cars have no soul tho. Also the UK’s plans to go all electric by 2030 are insane, we would require literally nearly the total global production of lithium purely for car manufacture if we did. - source, I’m an engineer working on nuclear fusion, we are concerned there won’t be enough lithium for our reactors to scale up.

  • So this is how old people celebrate my god!

  • Funny! It can actually come from a parking space niw

  • I look forward to the day this man reviews the new roadster

  • Why can't this be on the regular Prime Video channel with English subtitles as well

  • If you could take a shit, and a piss in your tesla, you could pretty much live out of it. Seems like many countries with housing shortages would love a tesla. Why havn't they thought of this? why have an auto driving car if your seat is not your throne and you cannot relieve yourself. Seems to me that the biggest issue with cars is having to stop and urinate on the side of the road.

  • And I would still rather have the R8.... I mean what car is going to get you some fine female ass? An R8 or some soy boy, dorky, gullwing doored Tesla?......

  • 😂😂 celebration mode

  • 1:03 did he really draw a penis squirting 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • Who else saw him draw a pp?

  • 1:00 did he just subconsciously draw a penis? >.

  • I don't care what kind of performance that car has for $200,000 it better look like a million dollars

  • If i could afford one i would get one straight away

  • 1:00 what a pretty pattern jeremy

  • What a rubbish car. The future is bleak

  • Did this fool not make the tesla roadster look shitty on purpose with false claims???? He should be banned from entering any Tesla...

  • So many things to go wrong ... And the gullwing doors are pointless and dangerous...

  • Anyone else see him draw a chode on the sketch pad??

  • Like it or not. EV’s are the not so distant future. OE’s are full tilt ahead.

  • Amazon is shit. Ps. You peeps is cool

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  • Of course he drew a sick first thing lmaooo

  • Remember when you lied about the Tesla roadster.

  • Jimminy Clarkson in a Tosla.

  • Jeremy Clarkson, the moron who said Australia was having bushfires because we deserve them. This said as people were losing their lives and homes to the fires.

  • For the price I could build 3 cars just as fast

  • What episode is this? And which season it belongs to?

  • imagine being too old to drive a Tesla ? well now you don't

  • Thats the problem with recruiting kids as engineers. They don't know whats not possible, so they do it anyway.

  • I lost all my respect for this man years ago when he tried to fake stuff to make Tesla look bad.

  • Isn't the range of combustion engines normally about 50% lower than advertised?^^

  • Not enough lawyers in that car!

  • I like how he drew a penis on the sketch pad and called it “pretty patterns”

  • Draw pretty patterns? Is he trying to tell us something...

  • did he just draw a dick?

  • I also share Elon and Tesla videos on my channel, he is great, thanks for sharing! 😍

  • Pounds as I weight or money? Jk

  • Get out of the middle lane!

  • I’d buy it if money was no object

  • I wonder how many people noticed what he drew on the sketchpad/touchscreen

  • We so need the OG top gear guys back together ffs... whatever this show is called, it aint the same... :(

  • Future has already begun

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  • For people picking on the quality control, watch a review of the original Dodge viper...

  • Still has more varying panel gaps than a zip tied S-Chassis

  • wtf!?! The first thing he draws on it is a penis?!?