How researchers are identifying suspects in the U.S. Capitol siege

Publisert 11. jan.. 2021
Some of the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol last week wore gear that makes it difficult to identify them, but investigators have zeroed in on a number of clues. John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto's Munk School, joins CBSN to discuss the techniques that helped ID suspects who are now facing charges.
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  • NOlong deleting comments again How convenient!

  • We have a false election system that has been manipulated to become a fraudulent power grabbing system of corporate conglomerate supporting politicians over the past 5 decades. Making exclusive policies, laws & rules for conglomerate business, industry & production practices. This false election system relies on exacerbating the old method of reporting Federal State Election Results in Person to Washington D.C. by the OLD Electoral Collage. Which was used when there was no other better methods to communicate Federal Election Results to Washington D.C. by Individual States, or electronic media systems! We now have tremendous communication technologies and PROVEN old Methods to perform Elections with, and no longer need Federal Election Results to be Physically carried to Washington D.C. to report a proof of States Choices in Federal Elections! The Electoral Collage has been turned into a way for Career Politicians and Corporate Conglomerate Owners to CHEAT National Elections Against the Voting Choices of United States Citizens. To gain & retain possession of control of Business Production Approvals, Policies, Laws & Rules, to create unfair business practices, advantages & legal Federal eliminations of competitive Industries, in favor of paying & Established Corporate Conglomerate Business Owners!!! The Electoral Collage Must NOT be THE Method used to choose who is Elected to Serve in Federal or State Governmental Positions. The Accurate Count & Talley of Voters in Individual States performed separately, & Completely Transparently, with multiple Checks, Balances & Recorded Public Accesses on Internet Verification Systems & Websites, must be the Method used FOR Electing Public Officials, if Unified Prosperity is to survive & grow into the future. As a matter of Essential Nature in cause & effect!!! Trump and others have the proof in hand of the Election Rigging Apparatus they use & used in this last Presidential Election through the Electoral Collage, Trump did NOT want to be re-elected & chose the position he now has in this matter.

  • ❤Gospel of salvation: 💜💕💜💖💞💜💕For what I received I passed on to you as of [first importance]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time,

  • And BLM killed 30+ people, burned down hundreds of stores with one guy burning alive, committed 600+ million dollars in damages and are being bailed put but these people have their lives ruined for doing THE EXACT same thing as protesters did when Kavanaugh was made Supreme Court Justice... We can't live in the same country anymore.

  • So BLM gets bailed out after burning down stores, killing 30+ people and committing damages in the range of 600+ million or so while the capitol rioters get the book thrown at them. Tells you a lot about the state of the US. It's a liberal dictatorship with selective enforcement against the opposition. This country is done!

  • I seriously hate this guy's voice... bro, you're trying to hard

  • I can "see" all those who participated in the insurrection here. Hearts beating fast. Good luck😅

  • It should be $5 million in terrorism bail, minimum None of them will be able to post $500K in cash to a bondsman. They can marinate in orange jumpsuits while they wait to meet a judge. Get some good thinking done that way. Try asking a general population member to switch the TV channel to Fox, see what happens to you.

  • Too many para military groups in America. Give an inch they'll take a mile. Military surplus stores cashing in selling products to anyone who can pay. If this was Britain I don't think insurgents would have gained access to Westminster Palace to start with and secondly they would of been rounded up quick smart. I think the people involved would be if not taken would be taken prisoner in hospital or cemetery. Not saying this is good or bad we just behave with a zero tolerance on attacks on government seats of power

  • Majority of the people who finiltrated it were antifa. Bet you wont see those guys get prosecuted. WAKE UP

    • You know that's not true. Please consider the possibility that you are wrong.

  • Smart guy, but he does have a "text to speech" kind of voice.

  • Had they continued to wear that cone shaped head mask like they regularly wear in thier rituals, it would have served two purposes. 1) it becomes impossible to identify 2) protect self and others from COVID.

  • So why isn't this being done with people killing police, tearing down statues and killing citizens for the last year

    • It was. But there's a massive difference between storming a walmart and storming the United States capital.

  • Are men rioters the only target. Haven't heard a women arrested as of now.

  • Shout out to the women on the dating apps who got men to tell them they were a part of the takeover that day.. !!

  • He already said that. People wearing patches. we got it... you guys are so smart. Good job... slow clap

  • Did this spook really just cite bellingcat as a legit source as if we're all stupid? State sponsored propaganda alert, folks. The military vets with zip ties huh? Interesting. The military is unhappy with election racketeering. Very interesting message. That's all I got out of this deep state spook's talk. I'm out of here...

  • That news person should shave


  • Oh no! The congress is going down! Watch out Nancy p

  • There were no fires and the only one killed was not armed and was killed by a Gov. Cop!

  • It was a planned agenda by dems and afedia


  • Were all these people's phones off, what about Bata data that stuff from the phone signals bouncing off their phones to the phone towers. Can't that identify them being in that vicinity and provide pics from their accounts to help see if the same picks show up on the inside of the capital areas and building. It's all about enabling white supremacists people to keep white supremacacy alive. All these media people know this but they will never ever say it especially the big six. They won't say it or address it because that's who they make their million annually from. A matter of fact it's the big six media houses that keeps this white supremacacy going by enabling them and covering up for them everyday, and lie about black people just to get other white supremacists to support them and buy from their advertisers. That's capatilism for you, if lies make them buy, good enough for business. We the black people in this country are tired of this white supremacacy nonsense. It's only destroying the country and the world to give a few white people the pseudo feeling of being superior to others especially blacks. Well now it's exposed to everyone so let's stop it and admit it and unite against it continuing, simple.

  • There were detectives there documenting these idiots!! Knowing damn well they will attack press!!😔

  • Gossip is disgusting. One big lie WITHOUT EVIDENCE, people will ingest to the fullest. Got damn if you speak the truth!!

  • Not enough focus on HOW THEY GOT LED IN!!!!!!!!!

  • The Democrats know everyone of them.

  • How come these black communist reporters aren’t so concerned about catching blm and antifa ,, I wonder why .. Biggest racist pos on the planet

  • I love Anne Marie green.

  • I would think the bigger question in all of this would be why do otherwise reasonable God-fearing hard-working citizens who are free of any criminal activity and live a pretty upstanding life what would cause somebody to have such a reaction to go to the Capitol and do that I'm guessing if you fraudulently steal their rights by corrupting a federal election maybe is that possible has anybody considered I mean everybody's talking about what happened but they're not talking about why let's talk about why how about you guys start reporting real news and let's talk about why these people decided to do what they did cuz that's the real problem and by the way it's probably not going to go away God willing everyone who participated in any level of corruption God will bring Justice to that person! I personally would choose not to contend with my maker by rejecting his authority but apparently a lot of liberals don't agree and they think they're going to taunt a holy God and he won't do anything doesn't seem wise in my opinion to taunt God

  • I had an android phone, i can see the map track where i went everyday, work, supermarket, what time, that is google tracking map. It not difficult. FBI can see in every phone. Google show he was there, where the location he was. So, just look for him.

  • Well, one thing is certain, they are a formidable force growing in numbers, so good luck with that one? But for certain, things will not be going back to "business as usual"?!

  • over throw that damn gobement brothers

  • Talking head traders

  • Rest of the world: America why can’t you just be normal!!!!! America: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I love how so many people are trying to explain away/excuse the guy holding zip ties with intent to restrain someone so he can do them harm. It's alarming.

  • who asked you to do this? and how does this compare to all of the work you have done on the "protests" on the west coast where a police station was barricaded and fire bombed with police inside! Huh! Answer that if you can.

  • their livestreams... 😂

  • But You all are obviously informing those people on how now to be caught hmmmm

  • I would love to see the look on the faces of all those military retirees when they learn they could lose their monthly military retirement compensation if found guilty of treason against the government they defended. I guess they did not think this through before being suckered by the Con-Man.

  • Weird how we are not trying to identify BLM rioters who looted and burned shops and police stations.

    • May be because it is of lower priority. The difference is Capitol riot is attack on the constitution. Riots on streets is a violation of law. Alos a country can afford another riot on the streets but... Cannot afford another one on the CAPITOL.

  • Guess that technology wasnt available last summer?

  • This was treason against our country. They should be dealt with as traitors to make an example for the rest of the simpleton hillbillies.

  • Wait a minute you snowflakes, these people were just having a peaceful protest you know like this summer when DC was on Fire. So F U !!

  • Huh

  • Ok whatever you say I am not disagreeing I am just not interested in talking about it anymore

  • We seemed to gloss over his fear of having to unlock encryption. That comment made me stop and think.... hmm.

  • Political parties are photo shopping all their opposition people’s faces into the video footage! 😀😌

  • Don't mind me, I'm just here for the harmonica solo at 4:05

  • Booooooooooo rubbish.

  • Nobody researched the bad guys in Antifa and they still run free today without a care in the world and they've laid siege to Portland and Seattle for over 6 months. Why now is it right to turn around on a crowd of mostly peaceful people who got caught up in 1 days events and make them out to be insurrectionists and make them lose jobs, bank accounts, FB and Twitter accounts which should be freedom of speech, and a way to live a normal life. This is by far so unequal and crazy I can only drum it up as another Democratic funded witch hunt on anyone that doesn't believe like they do. Let's silence them, jail them and make it impossible for them to voice their opinions. Not the America I've grown to love and serve over the years and makes me sick to my stomach. Shame on you!!

  • John Sullivan BLM Documentary With him from CNN

  • Air Force Combat Veteran... 5 Star General... hmmm...

  • Pro Trump mob ? Some were Antifa. The Capitol invasion took place twenty minutes before the end of Trump's peaceful speech.

  • YEAH divide and conquer the people via Twitter , gee that's a new tactic, NOT. keep breeding the dummies you get more listeners CBS.

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  • Trump voters are the real heros not looters.

  • When are they going to arrest the domestic terrorist that was killing police and burning buildings in Seattle, Chicago, etc?

    • On point.

    • They were arrested & immediately let go... Heels up Harris even started a fund to bail them all out. Probably all records will be expunged.

  • We know exactly who they are

    • @eiht hype the BEGINNING of the END

    • Yep, John Sullivan

  • They also Must Identify all the people with the Black life matter group and Antifa and the people that were getting All this people free in bail there were cracking the Law that Include Maxine Water ,,kamela Harrys Nancy Pelosy,, schuck Schumer,, and many more

  • They just did not think they would be charged.I will still wait to see if anything really is done.The members of Congress also need to be charged for incouraging these people with the lies.

  • These people that did this should be arrested and so should those people that burned, destroyed and looted over the last 6 months!

  • In other words...slack jawed, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, banjo playin porch sitters

  • Fake news

  • Mostly peaceful protestors

  • Where was all this effort when the disgusting Democrats rioted all summer

  • It’s very easy to see the purpose behind the left - right division in the USA. Don’t fall for it - they think you’re controlled dummies. The inauguration is going to be a BIG Show and you’re going to come away with less rights.

  • A little bit of sloothing will show the people smashing Windows and leading the charge where antifa.?And it alarming that they are using facial detection now and not during the summer?

  • “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty!”

  • Why dont we talk about how we are going to find the people from antifa and blm who shot and killed people

    • people in blm protests who did violence already were arrested, youre literally one Google search away from finding this out

  • The main goal of the communists is to get rid of democratic governments dividing the people them they find any reason for the people to protest and infiltrate them attacking the police, they make sure that somebody dies and blame the police, with the police out of the way they force the president to quit and demand a new constitution. They did that in Chile and recently in Peru where they had 3 presidents in a week until they got the one they want, and now the new president and the president of the congress are radical leftists. It's the same pattern in all the cases including now the United States.

  • Don't call these traitors "gentleman "


  • If it wasnt for social media this wouldn't have happened

  • Dont be telling these idoits how your catching them

  • Don't tell people how they are being identified! How stupid are you??? "Hey, they are figuring out who you are by ..........., so be sure to cover that part up next time you break the law"

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  • A lot of the many "Joe Blow" Rally Goers didn't see that others had broken in way up on top & saw the crowd streaming in & just followed them. PThe pictures show them walking slowly thru the building, unimpeded, looking like a school field trip. They didn't break in, rampage, or loot. They seemed blissfully unaware of the earlier violence. We Must Not Make Examples of Them & Ruin Their Lives For A Mindless Stroll Thru the Capitol! They Even Stayed Within The Velvet Ropes For God's Sake! Just "Being Inside" Should Not Be Prosecuted. After all, THEY were not breaking things, stealing things, or setting fires.

    • They trespassed plain and simple. What's so difficult to understand?

  • I believe they were Antifa protesters hired by Democrats

  • Stop referring to these criminals as “gentlemen.” If you’re wearing military style attire while breaking and entering, your intentions were not gentle.

  • We used to call that, "Sh#t for Brains"! It is a good thing many criminals are that stupid! But, some sincere people believed that the principles of our U.S. Constitution were violated by the Democrats in the recent election & that they had stolen it but nothing was being done about it. Of course, Violence is Not A Viable Option For Solving That!

  • Feel no pity for these corrupt war criminal politicians! Dems and Repubs are two sides of the same coin. Many of these politician scoundrels are the architects of our country's problems! Keep on re-electing them!

  • Who stormed the building when? Why was BLMARXIST in the building? Why where well known professional antifa rioters in the building where the lady was shot? Good luck.

  • We need a Capitol Coup Boneheads site where these bozos pics are displayed and ridiculed

    • Can I get your pic? I’d like to to put it online.

  • Don’t tell of clowns we catch them!

  • Retired military rioters should be recalled to active duty and face court-martial charges.

  • Trump supporters true ones are not pressing for violence. Lies. This is Antifa

  • Wait. What happened to No Justice, No Peace narrative?

  • John Scott Railton is an intelligent Cutie Pie😏.

  • Go back to Canada and mind your own business, Mr. Personality!

  • Fake News

  • Any ex military or active including so called law enforcement that were involved need to tride for Treason

  • Thanks for the intel, they will remember this in the future, Duh !!!


    • Tom Macdonald song “ no lives matter”

  • Funny how all you guys, jumped to the left real quick, it seems a president elect with the supposed most votes in history, has to have 25,000 military to watch his 6. Maybe just maybe he's not the true president elect. Voter corruption was identified, not only in the presidential but govenor voters as well.

    • No, it's just that multiple far right militias have made threats regarding the inauguration and not that long ago Trump supporters attempted to take over the US government. It's a fairly sane response.

  • Oh you are such an hero...!

  • The news never tells the truth now wander TRUMP calls it fake news. All they are a bunch of liars.

  • And blm&antifa don't forget these people.

    • I forgot when BLM and antifa attempted a coup

  • The investigation has way more resources than what this guy describes. So far, no mention or discussions have come up about their cellphone location capabilities. If you're a cellphone customer, your data and location history, along with you texts and calls can be traced.