A President So Nice He's IMPEACHED Twice

Publisert 13. jan.. 2021
James Corden is out of the garage with a shady coat of paint on his desk, whether he asked for it or not, and he recaps the news, notably Donald Trump being impeached for the second time during his single term as president. And Trump is becoming increasingly ostracized, with New York City cutting off all association with his organization and the European Union declining to meet the Secretary of State. And James looks at a Brazilian church that unveiled a very unfortunate collection of wax figures depicting notable figures like Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela.
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  • i got clicked bait i thought it meant kpop girlgroup TWICE :

  • A president so great that he's acquitted twice lol stay mad, it's entertaining

  • Democrats and leftists so full of hate, they will lie even when they know the truth....

  • Lol imagine if he won. Jk he did

  • Don’t know why they would impeach a president that stopped wars and did tax cuts and Made the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years as a black man I don’t like Biden because of what he said about black people and how many wars he and Obama started in the Middle East and How little he did for Americans..

  • My favourite version of the show is BACK!!!!! 2021 no audience chaotic energy, we need Ian back ASAP for pure perfection!!!!!!

  • Do you think Trump will be tried as an adult? Should he?

  • audience was so shit


    • @seeni gzty whos death are you talking about

    • Yo guys i love your comedy but death is not funny especially now poor taste

  • *Carpool Karaoke with Louis Tomlinson*

  • Trump’s organisation also most probably hold a « Hot Dog » stand franchise. Sidewalk connections, if not yet, soon to be CEOed by Eric 🤗

  • wow

  • #NewDesktheMagicisGone

  • Omgosh I can see were you wiped throw the desk in the garbage. Going to Twitter starting a hashtag.

  • Mary trump said don jr is the dumbest trump I agree.

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  • Joe biden bill clinton obama bush all who sat on Joe's stage called the grand wizard of the KKK a grate man and a mentor the democrat party are the true racist knowing joe bidens best friend Robert C Byrds klan did to black people to black Americans you just got welcomed back to the democrat plantation

  • T la meilleur, on t adore ???

  • Ignoring treachery, only allows it to grow.. No one is above the law. Sedition, and treason cant be allowed to grow in America. I'm sure together there are Democrat and Republican voters, against treason, and Sedition. 81 million + Democrat voters. And most likely some 73 million Republicans against treason at least.!! I don't believe all republican voters are murderous traitors at heart...? You Republican traitors in Congress have over estimated your voters, they are wanting to vote party, but not treason.!!! Why don't you just ask them in public how many are with the traitorous seditionists, that wanted to >>>( MURDER!!)

  • Welcome back to your studio Papa Mochi 💜 Your show has been keeping us laughing through 2020 Thank you P.s. sorry for your painted desk

  • I wish there was a late show that wasn't against trump and just didn't talk about hating Trump and politics

  • Did you say shoedio 😂

  • Yo guys i love your comedy but death is not funny especially now poor taste

  • Where is Ian?

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  • Biden claims "unity" with Trump being impeached. If he wanted real unity, he would have dropped the impeachment! But he's scared sh*tless his crimes will be uncovered. No secret remains hidden from God and all shall be revealed in due time! Screw your version of unity!

  • The only president that have more impeachment than a term.

  • Am i the only one noticing all these politicians and corporations suddenly distancing themselves from Trump after 4 years of supporting him or staying silent....talk about opportunism. Benefit from a mans abuse of power and greed while he is in power then quickly switch gears when the winds change....

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    • i love your videos so much !?

  • I dunno, as a Colorado voter. Buck (who I vote against perennially), and an extremist in our gerrymandered 3rd district no more represent our deeply blue state than Kevin McCarthy represents the will of California voters. Most Coloradans despise and are embarrassed by this terrible human.We have a wonderful governor and a deeply blue legislature. Ain't no red dependent welfare state here.


  • A president so heinous, he was impeached again - ous


  • “Two impeachment’s, just like trumps sons the second one is the most embarrassing” “There’s nothing more disturbing than the sight of a pleased Mitch McConnell”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lame.

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  • the impeachment process has no meaning now :)

  • James def looks happier and you can tell he loves being around his staff. Except the one who messed with his desk lol.

  • And twice proven innocent!

    • @Kat Bowen He is, and it was PROVEN.

    • Hes not innocent

  • The killer whales of Eden.......Old Tom

  • Everyone who isn't a white heterosexual "liberule" socialist communist on tv only!!! Watch the transition!!! Witness how easily it goes down!!! 90 years of a little better!!! The time is now!!!!

    • At least a 140 years of no white "liberules" reigning in lazy priviledge!!! Man, that's heaven!!!!

  • Everyone who isn't a white heterosexual "liberule" socialist communist on tv only!!! Watch the transition!!! Witness how easily it goes down!!! The time is now!!!!

  • Cool...super loved it?

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  • I'm so impressed by James Corden. He keeps his feet firmly on the ground and his career in the stratosphere whilst simultaneously remaining hugely entertaining and likeable. I remember him as he started out in in Grange Hill and he deserves every subsequent success and continued happiness. Thank you Mr Corden for every single moment of laughter.

  • Ufff I Imagine Maduro smoking a Cigar and laughing at Trump!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • OMG I love it so much?

  • Such a waste of taxpayer money, no more Biden please

  • James Corden isnt funny at all. I believe he doesnt think his content is funny either.

  • This had me howling. 😂🤣🤣😂🤣


  • I don't miss Ian at all.

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  • hey dufus. trump wont get impeached, and it will also fail. a new downfall for pelosi. reasson? 1 day left until inaugeration, and no time for any impeachment trial. and trump as a privat citizen CANNOT be impeach. STOP THE HATE.

  • im pretty sure trump hates james so much after all this 😂

  • He’s being impeached again cuz y’all are so afraid of how he’ll ruin your plan to make America China

  • I'll never forgive Elon Musk for making space shenaningans lame.

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  • Don’t know about that desk mate...something has changed for sure...the jokes got better...but there is something different...That desk needs a proper sand off!!

  • Where IS Ian anyways?

  • WTF. James the mojo has gone.

  • If two different women accuse James Corden of rape, does that mean he's guilty of it or that he was simply accused? Grow a brain, people.

  • Everybody knows the hoax was started by Hillary so that ones out and Trump did not have anything to do with what happened at the capitol that was the Dems who once again paid Antifa BLM to do that just like the cities . They have a bunch of them in jail. So stop your lies out of your fat pie whole your in with the left only reason you have your job because your not funny.

  • 🤣🤣🤣 the button!!

  • *American Thinker joined the likes of Newsmax in issuing a correction to various claims it spread during the 2020 election.* *American Thinker is the latest organization to issue a statement admitting that its coverage of the 2020 election involved a number of false statements related to voter fraud.* Newsmax host John Tabacco read this statement on air 👇 mobile.twitter.com/existentialfish/status/1341078245878472706 👉 *Trump will have the worst jobs record in modern U.S. history. It’s not just the pandemic* www.seattletimes.com/business/trump-will-have-the-worst-jobs-record-in-modern-u-s-history-its-not-just-the-pandemic/

  • This is so sad

  • Trump with 80 million Trump Supporters....James Corden, are you jealous? That's what jackals do, try to knock down a lion because he's too cowardly to do anything else.

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  • I cannot believe, do people actually pay to watch you boring show, you call that comedy, It shows what morons you and your audience really are. Not one thing you said made me laugh, maybe you paid the audience to come to your show.

  • The desk!!!!!!! I feel you, bro!!!

  • I would love to hear more from one of the only women* on set (the one in the band!) - Who are you :)?

  • I don't know why all the satanist hate Trump. It's like a bunch of illuminati celebs against the President Trump. 🤯

  • You are allowed to be back in the studio because the US is doing so great with the Rona?:D

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  • What does the Trump Organization do exactly? NBC News: "Palm Beach County, *_Girl Scouts_* are latest organizations seeking to end leases with Trump"

  • I love james!!

  • 4:10 is where it’s at

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  • I used to love to watch you, but this mess is ridiculous. Too much crap over the last year and here you just make jokes about something that won't stick. But ok

  • Its like he came back extra british

  • In her G rated terms- Boebert’s restaurant gave customers the “Chipotle experience”, btw. 🤢

  • Apples & oranges. Is De Niro the Commander in Chief? For a real comparison, let’s go through what conservative celebs & media personalities have said...

  • Maybe now Trump can start his first successful business venture. He can market his men's makeup concealer called Him Peach.

  • They absolutely missed the chance to make on more joke about David Backham's statue prank

  • I got nelson mandela right lol

  • Hahahahahaha Corden killlllllin in this episode Fuckin subscribed and liked homie Oh shit I laughed way too hard

  • all the networks :)

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  • You make my evening James😂😂😂!

  • Left wing media

  • Omg I got Mandela right lol

  • She actually tried to steal “I call bullshit” from the students protests against gun violence if you can believe it

  • Pass the buck on the desk. No one takes responsibility.

  • "Weren't sure" about that joke? Can't believe you passed on the opportunity to say you didn't think the SpaceX joke would land.

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  • Hm.