Caitlyn Jenner Praises Trump, Guillermo’s New Butt & Mother’s Day Advice from Jimmy’s Wife

Publisert 6. mai. 2021
California has the lowest positivity rate, people have been bathing less during lockdown, American’s are getting more butt implants than ever before, Guillermo is insecure about his flat butt so he tries on the new butt lift leggings, Caitlyn Jenner sat down with Sean Hannity for a “town hall,” National Nurses Day is today, Jimmy’s wife Molly delivers a Mother’s Day message, in honor of Moms everywhere we went to the Farmers Market for a new edition of Masking Questions, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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  • Jimmy ur a hypocrite

  • Are there any people left who watch Kimmel and don't abuse children? I don't think so

  • C Jenner Looks like Giuliani’s twin 😂😂😂😂

  • So now JIMMY IS TRANSphobic ??? XDDDDDDD

  • The hypocrisy here. Shouldn’t you leftists be calling Jimmy a “transphobe”? You make standards that apply to everyone but yourself. I don’t think this is transphobic since that word has lost all meaning, but it is very hypocritical. I think it’s fine to make comedy, but how come only people on the left can say certain jokes, and no one else can? 🤔 Btw Jimmy is not a good comedian; at least not anymore; hasn’t been for the past several years

  • Didn't you get famous on a show about beer and tits? How many homeless people live around Mulholland drive there jimbo?

  • I really don't think yo I can expect too much more from Jenner. She is a follower of the "biggest fool" who ever sat in the oval office. Neither of them know what gender they are. Does#45 or Jenner even have a brain. Oh well! God have mercy on what is left of america!

  • Don't forget the stop signs they cross them without stopping.

  • Very funny, especially when they show a sign so people know when to laugh.

  • Buckle up buckaroos

  • An ignorant, arrogant Ahole, calling anyone ignorant is too much! Hire a team of writers that’s actually funny! Not funny, not informative, just STUPID!

  • Jimmy kimmel , you need to stop talk bad about people , look so stupid no fun at all ...! You always talked about politics so annoying and tired , please stop no more fun ,, go home and talk with your wife !!!🤪

  • Is this supposed to be funny?! So it’s a multi million, prob thousand ppl production, and the comments of “ haha” have to be written by bots??! Wow, how about u take all these money, close this horror of a cringe down and give this money to poor, why not, that’s the socialism this idiot is preaching, do it! Give away “ ur white privileged” Kimmel, give ur job to any black bum, he will require less money , yet will be MUCH FUNNIER!!🤦‍♀️

  • Ah to see all the leftists attacking Jenner! just further shows that their Woke agenda is fake, and only applies when supporting their politics.

  • Where's the Cuomo jokes ?

  • Need better writer's

  • Kimmel is in Dems pocket always has been that's why he gets no ratings

  • You people will be sorry when DJT is back as President..

  • Jimmy Kimmel has some very serious/disgusting/horrific SKELETONS in his closet. Alleged. Maybe they should be brought out and he will shut his mouth creep!!!@

  • Omg yes. Enough Kaitlyn already.

  • Why are freaks allow on tv? A ex man pretending to be normal, pretending to be a candidate ? WTF 🤬

  • Is his private jet invisible?

  • Bruce is a super hero

  • The tolerant left once again reveal themselves to be the real social fascists. They support your lifestyle as long as you tow the narrative. The same people celebrating Jenner as female athlete of the year are now throwing him in the trash. Do any lefties understand irony and hypocrisy?

  • Ghost Bruce is still in there and I know that he wouldn't have been so quick to worship Trump.....woman Bruce is just cruising for a new husband

  • 6:58 it’s a different type of flower

  • Under Trump 4 peace deals in the middle east (HISTORIC) Biden comes in we get war? Under Trump energy independence. Biden comes in gas shortages. Biden accuses Trump of working with Russia but then removes Trump's sanctions on Russia's pipeline? Under Trump best job numbers ever. Biden comes in terrible job numbers? GO BIDEN!

  • Come on Jenner. You killed a woman I a car accident. You have failed marriages. You don't seem capable of making the basic life choices yet you preach lime you have a pulpit. Please, just stop. You are far to heavy to carry. Non stop pretentious nonsense. Just stop. I tired of seeing your face. Drump's face. Can you please just go away?

  • Hold on a friggin second. Yes Jenner is a wealthy white "woman", but just about every politician who has got his or herself to a position where they have a realistic shot at running for governor of a state like California, is also a wealthy elitist. Most of them were born into relative wealth & privilege, unlike Jenner, who is from a very average upbringing, but through shear self-discipline becoming a world record beating athlete, sports star business person, TV star & then overcame a heck of a lot of prejudice & came out as a trans person in her old age & publicly fronted up to the insults & derision... perhaps she actually understands a bit more about hardship, adversity, prejudice, success & achievement than just about any other individual in Californian high-society today!

  • Better then newsome Under his homeless hopeless illness Jenni has better policy I like it

  • Sorry Caitlin, but you still look like a man.

  • Jenner is not she or he, can be referred as It is A-Hole!

  • Jimmy. the first lady of late nite. COME OUT AND CRY FOR US JIMMY!!!!

  • late night comedy... WHERE!!!!

  • its really hard to know which one the man is here. is it crying jimmy or the man who has gold medals?

  • In between Caitlyn and Soledad Ursua, a councilor in Venice who was truly advocating for the homeless in California, Ursua would be a better choice and should run for Governor. Her interview abt how the homelessness situation is being capitalized on was enlightening. Billions of dollars allocated for the homeless but mostly spent on "consultants". One way to solve homelessness is to legalized tiny homes.

  • For violated our constitutional rights and all brought this upon yourselves to help your psychopaths bankers and politicians and all going screwed themselves Freedom and Liberty’s will not be dictated by fascist elites 🗽

  • It’s all unconstitutional these draconian measures against populations and will be sued soon and will have justice against psychopaths billionaires 🗽

  • Why does that hideous thing even show it's wretched face in public##!!:##'


  • The irony is classic.

  • "Europe, without kids" was really upestting. The purpose of mother's day is being a mother, not going away from your kids.

  • Do y’all honestly find this guy funny?

  • Wow these jokes are bombing hard hard hard

  • Love how he put Caitlyn Jenner in her place 😂🤣

  • *Bruce Jenner

  • Jimmy hasn't been funny since 2005.

  • How quick the left turns on their own . 😆

  • How the hell is Catilyn Jenner not in jail for killing a woman like 10 years ago or is this still in court ..???????

  • I’m a transgender woman. Caitlyn Jenner does not represent anything in the transgender community. Everything she says, sounds absolutely ignorant and devoid of substance.

  • We all support LGBTQ. Let’s Get Biden To Quit!

  • Give G-Lo a raise! He's amazing! And that butt makes me want to switch teams TBH ;)

  • Not Caitlyn complimenting a man that thinks she shouldn’t be given rights. Not Caitlyn voting for a party who thinks she is still a he. Not Caitlyn being a transphobe as A TRANSWOMAN

  • I love Guillermo! 🥰 Flat butt or not, he’s adorable.

  • Homeless bruce can just run over them in the hummer.

  • Jimmy is braindead

  • Trans women are not feminists! Tell me how they help the feminist cause?

  • She's going through menopause

  • Nobody listened to her as Bruce on KUwk , why should we listen to her now!

  • Bruce looks horrendous

  • Caitlyn Jenner = Man

  • Jenner should stay home. It is what it is. She has nothing to do and want to get into politic with no knowledge of the bin issues. In other words, she is nothing although I respect his athlete performances.

  • Disgusting who’s doesn’t shower every day? Me twice a day.

  • Hannity got all bitchy about the jokes about the interview with Jenner. The jokes were funny. I wish Kimmel responded.

  • 😂🤣😆

  • She is an aweful person!

  • I might actually buy those leggings

  • Nobody takes Caitlyn seriously. Two failed celebrities in a decade is two too many. Stop the freak SHOW you crazy narcissist, Bruce. Pleassse!!!

  • Why would anyone with a brain vote for Jenner the nut case??? They wouldn’t.

  • Everything he said positive covid rates in california is lowest is a lie

  • So now we are at the stage when woke a-holes figth eachother...and it looks like jenner is loosing cos she isnt woke anymore apparently 😂😂

  • Jenner is setting the Trans Movement back 25 years. Frankenstein’s monster comes to mind.

  • These gop-s all sound like Marla trying harrrrrrd not to trash her ex

  • Wasnt everyone calling Caitlyn a "hero and role model for all trans" not that long ago... now she has a different opinion and shes suddenly satan

  • Positivity rate means nothing. Death rate means something. Lock downs are unbelievably stupid.

  • Rumor is Caitlyn Jenner is PREGNANT!!! There will be drama, it's Lamar Odom's !!

  • Jimmy has no right to put a hole to the person which is mean. You don’t have to be a jerk about someone you don’t agree with.

  • J-lo and big butts Bo Derek and braids. Yes I have a problem with this.

  • Another reality show person? Has anyone learned anything? Jenner is nuts.

  • Can someone help out an old lady? Is Caitlyn Jenner related to gold medalist Bruce Jenner? The look a lot alike. Kind of reminds me when people ask me if I'm related to my younger brother, Mitch. People ask me that all the time.

  • Biden in power yet Kimmel obsessed with Trump. Well that's what gets the show money.Get a life dude

  • What makes rich entitled (mostly white) people think that anyone cares if they move? They threaten or announce they r moving because of things they don't like as if it's some great loss; a teenager, " well it's your loss" type of sophomoric brattyness. NO ONE CARES! GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBISH! As a first person of the land beneath anyone standing in Los Angeles feet I say go and give back the land to those that cared for it for thousands of years. Go & return to us the land that used to be a paradise. When the white man came there were millions of people who were managing this country but the white man thought he could do better. Has he? Because before the white man there was no unhoused, no debt, no smog, no degradation of the enviornment, no poverty, no taxes, no scarcity of food or water.....take your suv's, your lavender lattes, your entitled privilege and false charity/care, your gas poweref leaf blowers, your hate of nature, your disrespectful of life, your token spirituality...take it all & go you will only leave behind peace.

  • I live in California and have a house in New Mexico.Unfortunetly I have to drive through the horrid state of Arizona.Homeless everywhere.

  • Who cares what that weirdo Bruce thinks or has to say about anything

  • For Mother’s Day it’s kinda simple but it always (except for last year) pleases her. A card, a nice homemade brunch, a present, and family time.

  • Jimmy Kimmel is theeeee Biggest , MOST IGNORANT A HOLE i maybe have ever listened two ( for 3 very loooooong minutes !)

  • Jimmy needs to go back to the beer show he and his smart partner youst to do instead of broadcasting his political opinion on TV

  • Is that Oprah Jimfrey?

  • This is a demon.

  • I have NOTHING against LGBTQ, but I will NEVER accept a man as woman or a woman as a man. If they can't do what the opposite gender does, then they're still who God created them to be.

  • Bruce Jenner needs to take a seat and keep sipping his orange juice. That's close as he'll get to being governor.

  • Transphobic much!

  • Ugh fuckin Caitlin. She’s our Stacey Dash

  • Caitlyn Should Start In The Reboot Of "Death Becomes Her" 😂😅

  • Why doesn't Jimmy ever interview any REPUBLICANS that half of America supports? That's all you need to know!

  • I’m sorry, but Caitlyn Jenner is just f-king gross. Inside and out.

  • She's an ignorant a hole, can't deny that

  • Here's a solution for you Cait. Send the homeless back to their states of origin. their families will surely take them in.

  • It's beautiful watching them turn on their own

  • Jenner is a weird white dude.