The Fermi Paradox - Where Are All The Aliens? (1/2)

Publisert 6. mai. 2015
The universe is unbelievably big - trillions of stars and even more planets. Soo… there just has to be life out there, right? But where is it? Why don’t we see any aliens? Where are they? And more importantly, what does this tell us about our own fate in this gigantic and scary universe?

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  • because things exploded alot (lol)

  • 0:29 I see a magnamite and a river zora

  • as i am rewatching this video in 2021 i am scared because with whats happening in earth now we may be passing the last filter

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  • if we are the only one in the universe that that would be lonely

  • j

  • It's impossible to explain colour to a person who was born blind, impossible to explain sound to a person who was born deaf. Aliens might just exist everywhere, they just don't share any senses with us making it impossible for us to comprehend them.

  • 5:52 "The universe is too beautiful not to be experienced by someone." The universe is being experienced by everyone all of the time.

  • Watching this while playing Pokemon and seeing the Magnemite at 0:25 was amazing 👏 I wanna go to that planet.

  • i think we're dumb by sending our locations to 'other' life

  • Poland during WWII paradox: "Where all the allies?"

  • Magnemite @0:27

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  • It’s simple. Just none of the alien life out there has managed to make it to the intelligence stage. We humans are very lucky you know.

  • Am I the only one who saw magnimite

  • Other civilizations exist and are more intelligent than ours. The best proof of this is the fact that they do everything not to contact us.

  • Mantap penjelasan nya Salken saya dari Indonesia

  • I wish life is hard to make rather than all of life die at all.

  • 5:01 plot of ttgl out there

  • Magnemite!

  • Except nothing exists... because we all die anyways

  • space is unbelievably large...... it would be like a ant in Australia knowing about one in New York.....the closest planet to earth is Venus and it is 25,476,219 mi away at it's closest a car going 120mph it would take 35,387 days to drive human lifetime if lived to 96 years old !!!!

  • What if we are the only biological species?? for example think of life in electromagnetic form.

  • 0:25 is that magnemite

  • Aliens don't come to Earth because it is a shitty place.

  • we haven’t even explored the entirety of OUR planet’s OCEAN... there’s gotta be something out there

  • Or maby there are just some aliens witch are at the same technical point as we are now🤔

  • i like all the little references, like the magnemite and the tardis

  • Did anyone else see that magneton used for a alien?

  • aliens looking over us: (watches video) yes. a true genius

  • If the universe is real, there HAS to be life elsewhere. It's entirely possible we're the first in in our observable universe. To expect to find life even as advanced as us is very presumptuous.

  • 0:42 yooo corona ppl predicted by kurtz 5 years ago

  • was that a don't hug me i'm scared reference at the 15 sec mark.

  • Lol anyone else see the magnamite

  • 0:25 magneton LOL

  • this man makes me feel so smart


  • I can't understand one thing. If we don't have any proof of alien existence, why have there been UFO sightings and claims of alien abduction like the case of Betty and barney hill? Also Area 51 rumours. Or are these stories and sightings created by us? i don’t know man. These things confuse me but are also fascinating.

    • Follow the white rabbit: 1 - the rise in supposed UFO sightings largely occurred post-WWII. 2 - meanwhile what happened in WWII??? Answer: the advent of missile technology and the atomic bomb. 3 - now originally the A-bomb was delivered via bombers. Yet missiles and jet fighters increasingly put these delivery mechanisms at risk..................enter ICMB's and MIRV technology. 4 - so in order to accurately deliver a nuclear payload shot into low orbit on the other side of the world a lot of high altitude atmospheric testing had to occur - top secret testing. For a MIRV warhead to transit the atmosphere you need to study the winds and how various shapes might move through the atmosphere. 5 - meanwhile Hollywood post-WWII via movies and then television began to flood the culture with science fiction movies about UFOs, aliens, and traveling to other planets - using the then new atomic power of course. The late-1940's and 50's were the heyday of "B-movies" in this genre.................which is coincidentally exactly when this top secret testing was going on and when we began to see a lot of purported UFO sightings. Moral of the story: the US military was happy for people to believe that UFOs are buzzing the planet if it keeps the scent off of their top secret military testing programs. So to answer your question. People upon being exposed repetitively to memes about UFO's and aliens + upon vague reports about weird sightings at the same time as secret military testing was ongoing = conflate one for the other. If you believe in a thing strong enough your mind can play tricks on you to make it appear as real. Ever looked at the clouds to see "faces" in them?? It's called pareidolia. So your brain upon encountering something it can not otherwise explain = will "fill in the blanks" from your memories so as to make sense of what you perceive. Thus having been exposed via the broader culture to the concept of aliens and UFOs buzzing the planet or whatever = some folks make it true in their minds. Have a nice day.

  • 4:50 that is "Mass Effect" plot, basically

  • Idk y you can't use the gravitational force from nearby planets and black holes to propel you to your see destination.

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  • It’s all dead space no alien life exists out in the universe. Dr s

  • I just had an idea. What if we reverse the WOW signal. We take the frequency and dimensions with other things to help. Kind of like pinging a target from a call. We could then zoom in on the planet and see if we spot life.

  • What if its because of conscious development. They aren't entirely conscious so they don't invent things, and never develop civilizations of cities. Kind of like ants. They build and work together but they don't invent. They aren't entirely conscious. Or maybe its developmental delay to an extreme. We invented the wheel and didn't do much with it for thousands of years. What if its to more of an extreme to them. Or it could be survival of the fittest and other beings in there world are stronger then them and kill them off. Or we could just not see them because off limited vision of colors. There are just to many reasons it could be.

  • Maybe the aliens adhere to the prime directive?

  • This makes it seem like our galaxy/star is the center, so everything is moving away from it...kind of galaxy-centric

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  • Aliens are inner dimensional

  • Again a mainstream channel not talking about a protocol for type 2 civilisations not to interfere with type 1 civilisations

  • There is no paradox at all. Just ignorance and arrogance. How long is mankind able to receive and analyse electromagnetic waves? 100 - 120 years maybe? Electromagnetic Waves travel with the speed of light, right? So from how far away could an alien message at best come? 120 Lightyears maybe? How big is our Galaxy alone? 200.000 by 1000 Lightyears. So where is the paradox?

  • Why would the lack of interstellar aliens be in any way an indication that there isn't life on other planets? That's just stupid.

  • This youtuber made my destiny

  • My FBI agent was getting bored

  • 1:18 If there are 400,000,000,000 billion stars in the milky way and that's roughly 10,000 stars for every grain of sand on earth that means earth has just 40 million grains of sand and that's ridiculous . I absolutely refuse to believe that.

  • How can scientists possibly know how wide in diameter is the universe? Somehow I got a a feeling that we can count all the stars in all the galaxy, but we can't find cure for HIV. I don't know.

    • What does one have to do with the other perchance??? lol! On a side note. HIV = "infection". Meanwhile your immune system is responsible for clearing your body of infections and keeping abnormal cells from proliferating. Yet the HIV virus = attacks the immune system itself. So that is like removing the guards from a prison to allow the inmates to run free as there is no one to keep them in check. That is why curing HIV is so difficult as you are dealing with a mutative virus which literally disables your immune cells which are responsible for removing the virus.

  • Do a video on the Fibonacci sequence

  • 05:58 简体中文翻译有错误,应该是200小时

  • honestly, whats so sad about life disappearing forever? its not like anyone would be around to care

  • 0:28 can u spot the pokemon?

  • I don't like hiking about the universe dying because it makes me think about what will happen after

  • 5:24 this thought makes me feel excited and happy

  • did anyone else notice the magnemite at the beginning of the video?

  • if scientist found a way to artificially create wormholes, then we could visit those other planets in n time

  • I honestly hope that we are alone in universe otherwise we will be 1) terminated by more advenced civilisation or 2) obliterated by the great filter. So yeah as we said here in France Mieux vaut être seul que mal accompagné.

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  • Maybe if there is aliens there just waiting for us to be more advanced because of course if they visited now we wouldn’t be able to handle it

  • all these references are sick lol

  • No one is gonna talk about the magnemite at 0:27? It’s not even funny because it’s a perfect magnemite- the colours and everything It scares me

  • Got some real "Finding a Friend for the End of the Universe" vibes going on here 🚀🤖

  • I think we are alone

    • That's pretty arrogant. We have never went anywhere and never will. Most likely there is life everywhere.

  • What if the filter is simply the speed of light, the distance to another civilisation, and the stage of maturity we're at. Whilst the probability of other life forms is high, the probability that they could communicate with us during that infinitesimally small window of Universe time that mankind has the capacity to hear the message, let alone have a reply reach the sender, is just too small for us ever to learn of each other's existence. That strikes me as a much more plausible explanation for not having heard from anyone than your posited explanations, but thank you for them!

    • @Vary Olla I think 'desire' is a reasonable assumption, albeit based on my experience of living things on Earth.

    • You miss the largest factor here = "desire". You assume said civilization would desire to send us a message - let alone take interest in others in the Universe. That of course is a rather large assumption which becomes emblematic of "anthropomorphizing". Moral of the story: the Universe is expanding at what appears to be a faster than light rate. Thus given that rapid expansion outward coupled with the age of the Universe = our ability to detect and contact other life in the Galaxy let alone others is limited by distance and technology. Yet as also noted any purported desire on the part of others to interact with us is pure Hollywood to be frank. That comes from human hubris and our sense of imagination. So while the vastness of the Universe lends to the possibility of other life somewhere. The chances of said life evolving to desire to interact with us or anyone else remains to be seen. We certainly might like it to be true..........but we have nothing to support such a supposition. Have a nice day.

  • Are you for real? evidence! What a joke

  • That reference to the Knights of Sidonia! Truly one of (kind-of) logical fictional spaceship a man ever designed :D

  • Someone played Mass Effect...

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  • So we could reach a point of development where Reapers will then annihilate us, well time to get a Commander Shepherd.

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  • 4:53 the reapers

  • Another interesting thought would be that there are aliens around, somewhere in this galaxy or even near this solar system, but most choose not to make themselves known to us for reason of interfering with our development as a species? It's a thing that gets brought up every so often in the TV series Star Trek called the "Prime Directive" that's interesting to think about and I kinda like it. Gives me hope that we aren't entirely alone in this universe, but we're just not ready to see what exists beyond out there in the depths of space. _This is just what I like to think_

  • Ever thought that maybe the other life forms are LESS advanced than us

    • lmao they can't detect our signals if that's the case

  • I thought it was music video

  • easter egg dalek

  • easter egg a tardis flyng

  • 0.28 why is there a pokemon

  • To be or not to be, that is the question

  • 5:52 ex. the 40k imperium of man

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  • Hail Kane!

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  • 1:58.... for all we know there was many more earth's before our earth came here we wouldn't know cuz it's been wiped away! All I know is is almost 1am and this has me tripping hard

  • Nice knights of sidonia reference

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  • why is a magnimite there 0:25

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  • Mistake at 1:16 : here you said milky way has around 10000 stars for every sand grain . But in your second video of fermi paradox , you corrected it by saying there are 10000 stars for every sand grain in whole observable universe . 👍

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  • Ah yes space being dead Perhaps *dead space* Ba dum tiss