Small Details You Missed In The Rick And Morty Season 5 Trailer

Publisert 31. mars. 2021
Rick and Morty season 5 is coming and it's sure to be full of all the little details and subtle jokes that we've come to expect. Here are a few we saw in the new trailer.
In the trailer, there's a strange-looking character with slicked-back hair, pale blue lips, gills on his neck, and very little clothing.
This guy is actually someone Rick detests more than any other creature in any other universe, and the Rick and Morty season 5 trailer isn't the first time fans have caught a glimpse of him.
Back in July 2020, Adult Swim released a first-look clip from the upcoming season, which features incomplete animation of Rick and Morty escaping monsters on a ravaged planet, Morty driving Rick's ship and dodging flaming asteroids, and then crashing the ship in the ocean. Rick immediately panics, and then, the merman emerges from a giant clamshell to taunt Rick and Morty. His name is Mr. Nimbus, and he's Rick's "once and eternal foe."
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Ultimate nemesis | 0:00
Getting into Blades | 1:04
Another important crystal | 1:44
Robots in these skies | 2:36
Hellraisers | 3:12
Jessica's here | 4:13
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  • huge details everyone noticed, you mean to say...

  • 2:36 “this is an obvious reference to-“ Me: yeah power rangers “Vultron” Me: wait what? “It’s also a reference to the-“ Me: ok there we go “Transformers”

  • Yesssss

  • Greatest show everrree

  • I noticed that every time Morty tries to interact with Jessica (and I mean every single time) Rick simply shows up and take him away... as if he didn't wanted him to be near Jessica... as if this union could lead to something bad. Maybe i'm overanalyzing this.

    • @Victoria Bradshaw Rick Sanchez trying to prevent Morty from being traumatized...

    • What if jessica reminds him of beth's mom and he purposely redirected morty to prevent him from falling in love and ultimately going through the same traumatic experience as rick did when he lost the love of his life, which also eventually we were shown, beneath the surface of it all , was what began the development of ricks perpetual low sense of self worth and underlying self hatred and belief that he was a failure

  • Just wanna see more Jessica and Morty

  • Not transformer. More like voltez 5

  • The show is so good that u need to see videos on it

  • Ohhhweeeeee 😜

  • I'm always hearing Rick and Morty was inspired by Back To The Future but plot wise that wouldn't make sense cuz Rick goes to other dimensions and Doc & Marty trevel through time

    • It’s not about any plot stuff just Roiland original cartoons have characters named Doc and Mharti and they are an older white-haired scientist and younger kid.

  • Who *didn’t* know Rick & Morty was inspired by Back to the Future ?

  • Please tell me there's another Tales from the Citadel episode

  • Sorry they're power rangers cmon now

  • I’m so excited for this season!

  • nothing about evil morty

  • It's probably an episode where they're stuck inside a television shows/movies universe

  • I hope its not that crap releasing half and then the other half later

  • Can't wait!

  • “Ahhh-dult Swim” ... (twitch)

  • I love your head!

  • Wheres Beth clone

  • Ditto

  • Sweet and thanks!

  • Back to the Future Rick and Morty!!! 😎

  • Why isn't anybody talking about the futuristic talking dog which probably came back from Snuffles'/Snowball's planet of dogs and hints his return

  • In the last season they are gonna reveal jerry as sercretly evil and they are gonna pay homage to the star wars i am your father scene between jerry and morty

  • Didn't know there is season 5 trailer already!!

    • Same it got mentioned in my group chat

  • I would have absolutely sworn down I saw Rick's nemesis water guy person in an actual episode... My memory deceives me

    • so you live in a reality where instead of tales of the citadel...we see rick and morty in the ocean.

    • @Thabet 340 solid guess. Miles Knightly.

    • Maybe he reminds you of that guy from heists episode

    • I think he's just similar to another character.

  • Wait i thought rick and morty was "canceled" 🤣 so glad it wasn't

    • Rick and Morty isn't gonna get cancelled anytime soon. The show was renewed for 70 episodes before Season 4 premiered and there are 60 episodes left.

  • First 🤗

  • No Power Ranger reference?

  • shrek 5 coming to 2023

  • Omg! I noticed that creators of Disney also hid some messages (in clouds, in leaves, just for fun, no conspiracy theory), but I wonder if this was intentional.

  • I do as the crystals guide

  • I cant wait for it

  • Can’t wait 🤪

  • I'm fast