The Lumineers - The Ballad Of Cleopatra

Publisert 27. april. 2017!YTC
Cleopatra is the brand new album from The Lumineers
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Music video by The Lumineers performing The Ballad Of Cleopatra. (C) 2017 The Lumineers, under exclusive licence to Decca, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd


  • George Clooney

  • This is my favorite movie now.

  • This is really good... but why is every single person in it white? Awkward...

  • oh! my god! this is just so goddamn amazing! I'm mindblown

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  • 18.40

  • skvele

  • Sus cerebros son hermosos, el hecho de poder escribir y hacer canciones, y que el vídeo que proyectan, se sienta, es increíble, y además que la historia que en ellos se cuenta , se relaciona una con la otra, es realmente increíble, las historias son hermosas, son reales, los admiro mucho...

  • I've lost track of how many times my life has gone this way, I mean that I've watched this beauty of a music(s) video...

  • La melodía te transporta a otro lugar!

  • I’m pretending this super talented guy is my son. (I had a kid early)

  • i love your song ophelia. its my daughers name!

  • now I wanna sniff some glue...

  • The way he's jumping in the water I would fell on my butt by now.

  • You can do no wrong xoxoxo But NOlong is somewhat of an anomaly And I’m a bit of an enigma Trust me Wouldn’t change a lot about myself I’m flipping AWESOME!!! I’d love to be friends as long as you don’t lie Let me know 😊or don’t cause you are probably super busy ✌🏼

  • I just came across this beautiful song today.. 2021 February.. !! wow.. what a music and song!

  • wow

  • why am i crying at the end T_T

  • There is no video for a music video that ever hit me like the Cleopatra video...everytime she sees the girl in the airport before her son gets in the car I want to almost cry but at the same time I have goosebumps do not ask me why...I can't explain it's just the best video I've myself ever truly been touched by

  • A good song makes you smile .. Great songs make you cry

  • 9:20 always remember one okay can change your life

  • Bhai joote kon se company ke hai ?

  • Brasil 🇧🇷

  • I feel like at the end in the nursing home she's telling herself if you don't leave now, then you might never make it out. Just like in Sleeping on the floor. (( done so cool that no words ❤

  • the girl at 16:31 ....looks like elon musk haha


  • This is a maester piece

  • No me canso de verlo ❤️

  • Whoever thought about this is a real genius.

  • "If you don't leave now you may never make it out".

    • Spot on mate. Spot on.

  • Gracias, Gracias por regalarnos esta pieza, aunque para mí es una historia triste cada vez que veo este video me hace recordar que estoy vivo, que he sufrido, que he tenido días buenos y que esto aún no se acaba pero la fecha escrita está para llegar al día en que tenga que partir..

  • that transition in the street was awesome! great job!

  • Como diria o cantor brasileiro Roberto Cartos: "São tantas emoções!" As Brazilian singer Roberto Carlos would say: "There are so many emotions!"

  • Wow ❤️💔❤️

  • for some reason i didn't notice that this was 24 mins, i thought it was a single song so i was so *confused* when ophelia started heh

  • I cry every time!!!

  • Isso é muitooo maravilhoso !

  • i never knew elise was in this. it’s such a beautiful story.

  • los vengo escuchando hace un par de dias y aaaaa como me encanta su musica jaja:)

  • Prior to my Father passing I got him into the Lumineers. My Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in December 2019 and passed on July 22nd of 2020. This music made my dad smile and still makes me smile as I think of the times we shared. He introduced me to all of the music I love and I know he loves the music that I introduced him to. Thank you Lumineers for bridging the gap and showing a new world of music lovers that there is a deeper meaning in great music.

  • Was hoping this would be in some cool Egyptian scale, or something cool. Instead it sounds like every other song. Same formula.

  • man oh man, it was such a pleasure to watch ,what a piece of art you made

  • Cómo se atreve está banda a hacer arte puro! Deleite y placer casi sexual para los oídos humanos 🙌🏼

  • Pizza on Pineapple

  • In the driver seat of your life, make sure you take the right turns, make the right stops, and pick up the right passengers.

  • Incre

  • This was wonderful 😭

  • 5:21 he is the same nurse who is with her in the elderly home.

  • my crush for 3 years now made me listen to this... everytime it plays, all i can ever think about is him.

  • This is an astonishing masterpiece of art. Absolute brilliance. Impossible to improve in every form.

  • I LOVE IT!!!

  • POV: you're from 2021

  • cool cinematography, does anyone filmmaker know, Black pro mist filter was used to get these creamy lights? Look beautifull

  • In 2021

  • im not crying you are crying

  • I am the taxi driver and im okay with that.

  • Só eu que me confundi com Justin Bieber? 👀

  • 0:01 : "Ophelia" 4:16 : "Cleopatra" 8:11 "Sleep On The Floor" 13:15 "Angela" 18:06 "My Eyes" 22:23 "Patience" (Piano Solo)

  • Oh my gosh I had no idea that all of my favourite songs were telling a whole story until this video

  • i know i made the wrong decisions, i'm sorry for what you've been through

  • I was Cleopatra, I was young and an actress When you knelt by my mattress, and asked for my hand But I was sad you asked it, as I laid in a black dress With my father in a casket, I had no plans, yeah And I left the footprints, the mud stain on the carpet And it hardened like my heart did when you left town But I must admit it, that I would marry you in an instant Damn your wife, I'd be your mistress just to have you around But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life And when I die alone, when I die alone, die I'll be on time, ah, yeah While the church discouraged, any lust that burned within me Yes my flesh, it was my currency, but I held true So I drive a taxi, and the traffic distracts me From the strangers in my backseat, they remind me of you But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I'll be on time And the only gifts from my Lord were a birth and a divorce But I've read this script and the costume fits, so I'll play my part I was Cleopatra, I was taller than the rafters But that's all in the past love, gone with the wind Now a nurse in white shoes leads me back to my guestroom It's a bed and a bathroom And a place for the end I won't be late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life And when I die alone, when I die alone, die I'll be on time, ah

  • i love this ballad, but i've realized that is about wusses. be a man! there is few of them left. Bjorn Ironside! this will never get you laid@

  • The one thing about sleep on the floor is like look: you can buy food, gas, and clothing, and the occasional hotel room... BUT YOU CANT GET A TOOTHBRUSH???

    • Don't tell me when you switch to a new tooth brush it just doesn't ever feel right

  • song 2:45 - 4:20 ??

  • No me canso de ver este vídeo, siempre lloro por diversas emociones cuando lo veo. Es terapéutico en cierto modo.

    • Ves ala entidad que aparece en el vídeo da miedo

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  • Ommmm it’s so cute and very sad 🥰😭

  • the Lumineers and underrated... too good to be treated the way they are -.-

  • Life sucks. Only because I’m the author of my own story. And I’m a crap author so far. If I knew then what I know now.

  • why you kick the ground!! !!! ! ! ! !!

  • i feel gulty to enjoy this music without being sad i feel alone lol

  • Ballad of Mona Lisa: Finally! a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

  • i'm not crying you're crying

  • Pantalones cuadrados

  • This is Sad :(

  • Never has a music video made me think so much in my life and rethink what I am doing in my life. Thank you for this.

  • this is a complete shit

  • Is It a film ?


  • Masterpiece😢🖤🖤

  • My favourite is ophilia

  • This video re-sparks my interest in Quantam Reality.

  • It’s like a commercial for the 850 turbo. I’m not crying, you’re crying

  • Todo empieza en sleeping on the floor un viaje que ella siempre recuerda con su eterno amor, que ella (cleo ) jamás pudo olvidar el tatuaje el carro siempre le hacen recordar siempre le vienen ala mente y se arrepiente de la muerte de su amado se casa pero vive infeliz aun cuando está embarazada lo extraña tanto se divorcia por eso no ve asu hijo trabaja como taxista y cada viaje le recuerdan un poco a su juventud la hacen volver a vivir todos esos momentos que Anela al final solo nos quedará eso los recuerdos si no somos suficiente mente valientes para luchar por amor sin

  • 40% of describer answers " there is super" in research ,

  • This is the first time I've watched this.. I'm crying so hard right now.

  • this is a masterpiece , you know i wonder why the lumineers aren't popular........well i guess people don't really like good music. great music guys i wish more people listened to your stuff its so refreshing lots of love from nigeria

  • This hits me right in the feels. I get a similar feeling of choices, could have beens and regrets when I watch the video for Palisade Park by Counting Crows

  • Meu coração nunca vai se cansar dessa música

  • Everyone here is you in a past or future life 🗝

  • It is a film?

  • Love that old timey piano. Beautiful portrait of a fractured dreamer, prison pent to solitude, as am I.

  • Epic !

  • I just come here to cry everyday.

  • Fantastic!

  • Hermoso video Cleopatra 😍😍😍. Cómo me hizo recordar a mi mamá 😭😭😭

  • Okay so now I know who The Lumineers are

  • Magistral

  • *Hozier* *Tom Odell* *The Lumineers* *Cigarettes after sex* *Sleeping At Last* *Tom Rosenthal* *Lord Huron* *Keaton Henson* *Kodaline* *Vance Joy* *Kaleo* *SYML* *Leone Bridge* *Sufjan Stevens* *Ane Brune*

  • OMG! Almost cry watching this.. Amazing. Congrats