Publisert 28. sep.. 2020
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People in this vid:
@Bryce Hall

Outro song by
Simon Rex
Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva
Nathan Speiser
Christian Guiton
@Christian Guiton


  • 😂😂 5:30 fucking hell this guy

  • that is not jeff ...

  • When Jonah (nick) Said fat people are more likely to die it made me scared Cause I’m a fat ass

  • He’s a tool

  • You can hate him all you want but we know you're lowkey/highkey jealous of the life he's living.

  • God he’s so arrogant it hurts

  • “ Bryce has a huge forehead, gets hit by a gust of wind and his whole career is over”

  • dudes on roids

  • These were made to watch when you’re drunk

  • This guy has a five head lmao

  • 😂 waiiiiiiitttt Why did he bit his lip like that tho ahhhhhhh!!! 9:07

  • This Bryce kid is so annoying

  • "is that a rock in your throat?" gotta love Jonah 🤣

  • Am I the only one who was surprised that he watches Danny Duncan

  • Why was he like rude lol

  • Jeff’s Botox is not the move

  • This channel is like the new day Jerry Springer show

  • Jake can’t even be Jake. So Bryce Hall as Jake is just a joke

  • “is there a rock in your throat” LMAOOOOO

  • “he’s lying about it” lmaooo

  • The front of his hair is a mess

  • Is it just me or is Bryce Hall the most average guy out there?

  • Bro Jonah literally ruins the show I actually dont watch your videos because of him

  • He came out positive with everything except COVID-19 LMFAO 🤣 🤣🤣🤣

  • this guy is a joke

  • did you get fat

  • I like bryce idk why ppl hate him

  • Shoutout to the guy tryna eat cup noodle through a mask

  • No ones gonna talk about they all almost just died

  • How can he see when his hair always hangs right before his eyes ?

  • Jonah ripping on people is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Your a liar masks aren’t free it’s 12.99

  • Yo Jeff Ur shop link isn’t working. Where do I get one of those free Jeff’s barber shop masks.

  • Didn’t this dude get made fun of by nelk🤣

  • man that shit had me dying when he made him take that fake ass test 😭😭

  • Y’all sleepin on Jonah, definitely getting some Andy Kaufman vibes, dudes gonna go places with that comedic timing. Imo.

  • Bryce is the kinda of person who gets off on pissing people off. I feel like the best thing to do is ignore him completely. So....Jeff’s great.

  • Jonah is would smoke Bryce

  • Who is this

  • Jeff.. ya found a bigger douche bag then you. Well done.

  • hes just another kid with success trying to figure shit out. instead of bitching about "the next jake paul" go make your own life better...

  • jeff got fat

  • Wow. Bryce is wayyyyy to into himself

  • Why is everybody crying about Addison Rae and how great she is when she's dating this wasteman

  • Jonah said he look like a pelican 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • how does he hate thomas when hes like jake paul like him

  • bryce ugly af bro lmao. keeping those bangs over his eyes so u can see less of his ugly mug.

  • idk why it took me so long but i just started watching jeffs indivdual vids and i lovveeee the style of editing and the humor

  • ddg

  • Do Jeff knows how to do a fucking fade ?

  • “I don’t get physical” I’m watching this a month after it was uploaded... after he beat up that waiter... yeah this didn’t age well Bryce

  • "i will sit on you and eat you" this is why i will always love jonah

  • when he said i'm a controversial little shit bro i wanted to fucking jump out my window that shit was so cringe i fucking love jeff and jonah but now every body elses comedy just mids cause they cant compete

  • A fellow guy with noooooo talent🤣. Bryce hall, you deserve this sir. Jeff,You are doing a good thing 👍.

  • Not me watching BRYCE and JEFF both together after watching " Jeff Wittek taking like a criminal for 7 minutes " o-o

  • yooo at 9:06 the way Bryce bit his lip when jonah too off his shirt that's mad weirddd

  • He’s so full of himself.

  • Bro that cut was ugly as hell this is 2 star barber

  • Addison : I like guys with personality Also Addison : dates Bryce hall

  • Wtf Bryce saying people wasting time talking shit about him but he did that on rice gum to get clout stfu

  • He thinks he’s so bad ass like lmaooo

  • Bryce just really ain’t pullin any views lmao

  • That one dude called him Bruce lmao

  • His hair pisses me tf off

  • 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I s no one gonna talk bout how fucking funny it was when his atom's apple was brought up Holy shit I was dying laughing 😂

  • il dottor Harding prova acustici rapporti su uomo, una mano e la casella di pizza l'altra ❤️ れまでとそこでの無関心を知っていた私たちが振る舞うべきでデフォルトとして、 診療していた手術の医療をし、私がいることを、むしろよりもダイうに同意し、ラ

  • Ye u can be a sway boy

  • If you could buy a "basic TikTok fuckboy starter pack" for 5$ it'd just be Bryce Hall

  • I’m a minute and 30 seconds in and I alr hate this guy even more

  • That barbers hair goes crazy.

  • I’m not gonna lie he has a really punchable face! 😂

  • I full on can’t explain how much I hate that Bruce guy

  • Bruce Hall is probably the most narcissistic person I've ever seen on social media. Like damn he thinks he's fucking amazing 😂

  • Wow. Bryce hall is really really obnoxious huh?

  • I’d rather have someone with coronavirus spit in my mouth than ever be affiliated with this kid

  • I wanna see a boxing match b/w Jeff Wittek and Jake Paul. That would be epic.

  • I just realised this guy has a reverse mullet.

  • I can't believe this pos Bryce still has a fanbase.

  • banana dude banana

  • “ i don’t get physical” lol

  • 2:40 look at his hairline lolll

  • I choked when he said “do you not care about others” 🐥😂🤣

  • what happened to Jeff's face

  • That lil kid is a freakin punk ! Ewww

  • 0:52 hey dont forget david

  • 0:02 IS THAT BORAT

  • bryce hall has a big ass forehead

  • this kid is a can tell he really sucks in real life. totally believe he doesnt care about ANYONE other than himself, hence throwing parties during covid,.

  • Wow, Bryce has a melon for a forehead

  • Ngl apart from his mistakes like fighting I like bryce

  • These TikTokers saying they trying to do better but I’m 12 1/2 and don’t make mistakes like saying the N word even though I’m black.

  • where the 360? before and after :((((

  • this is so so so so bad

  • Jeff keeps getting better and better... like fine wine

  • My bird is 4 inches

  • me watching this after he assaulted a server

  • Imo Bryce should be cancelled, I hope he loses all his money and fame cuz he’s a loser period. He abuses and uses the minds of minors to make his money and he influences them to do terrible things. This dude is a gigantic role model that poisons younger generations. What an utter piece of shit that definitely thinks he’s the main character of “his” story....

  • I thought you career was made by David

  • 5:30-6:10 had me dying in laughter hahaha "everyone do the helicopter effect"