Making transparent wood

Publisert 30. april. 2021
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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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  • I get the coolness factor of using transparent wood for windows. But once you're at the point where you're simply stabilizing bare cellulose with acrylic, why not just go with acrylic and skip the wood part?

  • oh nice, i also have an eighth of an inch of wood!

  • he has a smart voice

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  • wow, so much effort! if a process like this is someday industrialised (and there are clippings you can get relatively cheap) it would be a pretty nice feature for architecture models.

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  • Hey! I have an idea for the next video. So my idea is that you could get a slab of glass and turn it into something incredible or use it to make some sort of crazy reaction with chemicals.

  • So, when is the NileRed KiwiCo transparent ukelele kit coming out?

  • smert guy go brrrr

  • Yea let's replace your windows with wood thats been treated with ungodly chemicals and let the sun hit that all day... hope the vapors at lest get you stoned before they slowly off ya

  • just sand the wood and polish it, then you'll get a transparent wood

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  • Next up. Make a transparent wood house.

  • 4:27 Gemstone collectors: *First time?*

  • People in the 1900's: "Were gonna have flying cars in the 2000's" Now: Clear wood go bonk

  • I’m surprised nobody has made a Yugioh reference

  • Imagine setting sail across the ocean on a big pirate ship made of this stuff. You look down, see sharks swimming beneath you. Yikes.

  • amazing vid as always

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  • I was literally fighting omega flowey while I watched this lol

  • You're extremely intelligent. When you going to make video with Cody's Lab?

  • See through wood part 2 electric boogaloo

  • Next video title: Making a house out of transparent wood

  • Mma makes good glue and resin.

  • "and I carefully smashed it to pieces" "I carefully hit it with a hammer" LMAO

  • At 33:35, the separation sound, I listened to it like twelve times.

  • I love his magic stirring rod.

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  • Hi! How to make seeds (beans, okra etc) into fine white powder? Thanks in advance.

  • That would also be a really nice shower door

  • You made wooden glass lol

  • What if you sand the wood beforehand so that it's very smooth when you start

  • Do you need a gasmask or be outside when handling acids?, is it dangerous to do it at home because of the vapors acids leave?. Someone answer ASAP

  • Well, I'm not a scientist, I'm a technician, so perhaps it's just me missing the point here, but... what's the whole point of this transparent wood? Why go all the length to infuse your wood with pmma and get something transparent-ish when you can just pour or extrude the the pmma, get a crystal clear transparent product and be done with it? I mean, it's not like the industry wouldn't have acrylic glass production under control since the 1930's. This is still a nice experiment, though and I salute your resilience in making it work.

  • Craft stores have wood, cheap. I must go.

  • i know this is a bit irrelevant for this video but the good thing is, is that when you buy something on a video, (although it costs a lot) is that you will need buy less equipment on the further videos since you might already have the equipment for that video so you dont need to spend as much, and it will be faster to make the videos because you dont have to wait for shipping as much.

  • "and if you do manage to buy it, you might end up on a list" If you aren't already on a list, you will never be on a list

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  • Hey Nile you should read the paper from Nikolay Cherkasov and his colleagues from Warwick University about their "Smar Stirrer", you need that device for future polymerizations :D Awesome video btw!

  • u can just edit the video and remove the ads

  • A thought about wrapping the last stage in the oven with foil; if your piece of wood is only a bit smaller than the glass plates (or the glass plates only slightly bigger than the wood) the foil could be used to prevent the acrylic from leaking out and also stop it separating from the top piece of glass by filling the space between the glass plates completely. Admittedly, this would make separating the glass plates harder later, so maybe place some thinner wooden pieces (or something) in the edges that can be easily removed so you have somewhere to put a screwdriver tip. Effectively this would be a "bath" arrangement inside the foil. EDIT, later thought, possibly use the foil tape like double sided tape between the glass plates to make the "bath" so there's more chance of being able to take them apart.

  • My brain exploded

  • NileRed backwards is Derelin which is also Propanolol which is used to relax someone and that’s exactly what happens to me when watching NileRed

  • Would you ever consider making synthetic ultramarine which replaced the ridiculously expensive lapis lazuli?

  • Your insane.

  • Should've flipped the glass 2 hours in .. maybe

  • Is mma and pmma the same? I knew that pmma can be used to make antibiotic infused beads for implantation into living tisdue

  • Let's give appreciation to how much time he spends to entertain and teach us

  • Y'all should make Aluminium Oxynitride (also known as Transparent Aluminium)

  • I love the Bobby duke arts shirt🤍

  • whats happening in that picture in the book???

  • Brilliant and very well presented.

  • You damn bratty genius! Start making rejuvenation potions for us old folks already >;O!!!!

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  • You polarized that large piece that was top treated!

  • make stained glass out of it

  • you can coat your epoxy with polyurethane to prevent it from going yellow

  • Using a uv proof clear coat would eliminate the yellowing of the epoxy.

  • But can you tell me how to dissolve Ligma?

  • This guy is just trying to impress Don Eladios

  • as a wise man once said Wewd

  • Good old trusty cube

  • I have an idea for a video. Can you try making a "Goo Gone". Canola oil can get sticker residue off but it doesn't work like magic compared to the actual goo gone stuff

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  • Dont get me wroong.. i love your channel. but i can hear homer in the background

  • Can you make Crystal Meth? Or a McDonalds Burger if Meth is too easy

    • @timmy Ok, but not for MCDonalds right? Guess it takes like years to get all the ingredients. The whole periodic table.

    • He would get taken off NOlong if he made crystal meth

  • Does it still behave like wood? i.e. drilling through it, nails, etc.

  • Man, this guy really must love scien- Amazon.

  • I'm curious what benefits this material has over just plain plexiglass windows.

  • “You might end up on a list” This guy made cancer, I’d be shocked if he wasn’t on a list

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  • Because I don't know where else I could ask this: What are some chemicals you considered working with, but decided against due to safety concerns?

  • You chat with Willim Osman

  • He always has a struggle with a project in the beginning, but always pulls through to make some of the coolest reactions!

  • At this point, I don't see any particular use in making this instead of... You know... Regular transparent plastic. The stuff is 87% plastic. Is it even fair to call it "wood" anymore? Anyway, congrats on your infinite amounts of patience, it's mesmerizing to see how much you've got!

  • I didn't think I would watch the whole video but I did and enjoyed every minute of it! It even made me miss highschool chemistry classes 😂

  • This is what I thought science would be in 4th grade

  • Me: I'm stopping. I'm totally gonna sleep now. It's 4 AM! I have to wake up in 3 hours. I can't keep watching NOlong videos NOlong: wanna see a video about "transparent wood" Me: Stop looking at me like that

  • i have no idea whats ur talking abt but i like it :)

  • Could you.. make that ukulele transparent..?

  • First time seeing niles face

  • Isn't sodium chlorite just tablesalt with O2? Is there no way to make this youself?

  • Pls post on nile blue i been waiting for five months ㋛

  • Can you make glasses out of this clear wood?

  • what is the difference between nile red and nile blue can someone explain thank you for replying

  • Idea: you should create your own chocolate from scratch

  • Wait, you have personalized beakers? Flex

  • You’re being very negative, I’ve been there before and didn’t realize I was doing it I love your work but know THAT YOU ROCK , YOU ARE AWSOME DONT STRESS ON NEGATIVITY

  • You’re being very negative, I’ve been there before and didn’t realize I was doing it I love your work but know THAT YOU ROCK , YOU ARE AWSOME DONT STRESS ON NEGATIVITY

  • Awesome video but the complaining is annoying, lighten up

  • 0:05 Rocking the Bobby Duke merch!

  • Oh my glob Bobby Duke’s WEWD shirts are everything lol

  • Found an article describing another method that doesn't require to remove the lignine. It might be worth the try for another video;

  • 20:27 *insert Eren Jäger here*

  • Ngl but i was worried that you smacking the owen door might have to do something with the failures.

  • why tho ?

  • You should sand the wood first to mirror finish

    • @hen ko I think cellulose is flammable

    • does this transparent wood still burn?

  • Make transperent metal =)