Pelé's childish reaction when Cristiano Ronaldo beat his goal record | Oh My Goal

Publisert 4. jan.. 2021
Cristiano Ronaldo has just beaten the record for number of goals scored by King Pelé over the course of his career.
But Pelé isn’t the kind of person to accept being dethroned. So, he decided to act to show that he was still the king of football!
A reaction that naturally got people talking…
#CristianoRonaldo #Pelé #Messi
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  • Then ronaldo should count his goals on fifa,training and in the garden lol

  • There ware no offside and a goal keeper can catch the ball when a teammate pass the ball to the gk

  • Pele just has to play FIFA and keep including his goals there. I don’t see what’s the problem here

  • His bio is like this since 2018

  • Pelé: and I took it personal

  • Fake news. Didn’t see any actual childness from Pele himself.

  • Lol Pele should already go back to the museum like Maradona once said :D

  • Messi needs 45 goals to pass it

  • Wtf this doesn't make any sense gramatically

  • All those pes mobile players Hit the like button 👽

  • One of my friends hates Pele SO MUCH he says if Pele played today he would be Daniel Sturridge xDD

  • Pele sucks...he is a legend but his behaviour shows..he is a cheater...if he plays today then he didn't even score that much goals because of offside rule and var...he should be thankful

  • What makes a soccer player the GOAT is world cups champions League or league titles or ballandors or is goals everyone has their own opinion of who is the GOAT it will differ they all the GOAT in my opinion

  • Pele counting The kindergarden, pre-school, and matches in the favelas goals too

  • Stupid Video achieved nothing apart from having a tantrum about pele

  • Today Ronaldo has exceeded Pele's as he became the leading all-time OFFICIAL goal scorer of 760 Goals!!! CR7 the GOAT 💥💥

  • He just became no 1

  • Not so fast Pele

  • Winning the World Cup is a lot more difficult now than Pelé’s time. Back in those days you would never see insane upsets like South Korea beating Germany 2:0, for example. Football has evolved so much that every match is unpredictable nowadays.

  • Pelé scored his goals against very low league teams, against people who had regular jobs on the side. Different levels

  • ”But where does this number come from?” from his backyard smh

  • i did 30000 goals. i goals on fifa

  • Exactly 1,000,000 views

  • I scored 12000 goals in my dreams 😄

  • !!!!!! Pelé 834 match/ 767 goals ! Puskás F 754 m/ 746 g ! Romarió 994 m/772 g ! C. Ronaldo 1050 match / 760 goals Cr7 more +300g match playing never copetitor !

  • Salty poor man

  • Wow ... What a way to insult a legend ... Great 'Oh my Goal' ... People just saw this video and thought it's true ... But whoever follow Pele on Twitter knows that the bio of Pele are same before and after Messi and Ronaldo breaks his record ....

  • Pele should congrats him not say he is better or anything like that he is a role model it doesn’t suit pele

  • Messi is the ppls champ. Cr7 is way better

  • its not easy to recognized someone greater than you.... then he can try to compete again.... make it the goal as official..

  • Get over it you've been passed

  • Michael Schumacher once said records are they to be broken

  • *Pele kicks a can in the street and it goes through 2 cars* *Pele* : Did you get that?

  • Pelé always saw himself as a higher authority in football. Remember when FIFA asked him to make a list of the 100 best living players? Let others who are actually playing the game shine and be under the limelight. Pelé should have packed his stuff a long time ago.

  • Pele even count the goal he had scored in fifa 20 ps4 and xbox... Damn childish oldman..

  • Bro Pele played in the Brazilian league with farmers bro not footballers in this day and age if he played at rondaldos level he would get thrashed

  • My PES Become a Legend player: laughs

    • I think Pele included that too ;)

  • Hahaha! Everyone gangsta until Kadyrov pulls up with +10k goals

  • Half of his pele goals are offside

  • He is a 70 year old men, give him a break

  • Delete this vid

  • Fuck Pele.

  • Me in PES 6: Pffft amateur numbers!

  • Next Pele will count the goals he scored in fifa

  • Pele is so talented, he even owns the record for being the most egoistic and jealous bastard to ever live.🙏

  • I used to play in goal in my back yard and score 10+ a game

  • Pele is just mad that cr7 beat him xD

    • Bro I’m not even Indian and this video popped up

  • Messi: reaches pele's record Pele: im brazillian

  • Me who scored atleast 1000 goals in the streets: Im four parallel universes ahead of you

  • Pelé don’t get mad or jealous it’s ok bro you had better skills but they have a lot of goals then u

  • he would rather play with Messi because Ronaldo would take all his goals lmao.

  • pele, my dear friend, its better to play nba 2k21. you will score more than in fifa ( take durant , he is great scorer)

  • Pelé is a false man do you want be treated like a god ?...and Ronaldo don't care about your haters !.

  • lmao

  • Cristiano ❤️

  • Pele is a old man can u leave him be, hes losin his head due to his age


  • Cristiano Ronaldo should add Brazil Ronaldo’s goal to his too then 😂

  • If I was allowed to count every goal I’ve scored everywhere then I’d be the leading goal scorer in history at 13

  • Next Pele will count the goals he scored in fifa

  • Top 5 ever. 1. Lionel Messi 2. Diego Maradona 3. Cristiano Ronaldo 4. Pelé 5. Frans Beckenbauer Out of this world to be someone of those.

    • I always get excited when I see a video from you when I'm scrolling ???

  • Bro I’m not even Indian and this video popped up

  • My respect for Oh My Goal 📉📉📉

  • Cristiano: *Beats Pelé's record* Pelé's Marketing manager: ...and I took that personally

    • How so? Pelé had the tally in his bio way before CR7 got near it.

  • My respect for pelé📉📉📉

    • Your blind trust in OhMyGoal (football’s equivalent to “Source: Trust me, bro!”) 📈📈📈

    • He had that bio since he joined social media...

  • Hilarious 😂

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pele needs to move on man , he’s getting a bit boring. Maradona was the OG but you didn’t see him always attack the new generation

  • Pele is a rat.

  • Fake

  • pele is a fraud more than a legend

  • Pele even counts the goals he has scored in his next 7 cycles of reincarnation ! 😭😭😭😭😭🤮

  • Gott diese legenden haben so wenig sozial kompetenz...sind die neidisch ? können das nicht mal alles anerkennen. Messi playing from behind was redet der da 😂

  • in my opinion it's you who are childish, let him claim he scored over 1000, he very well could've. it's a fucking instagram bio get over it

  • Lol so the 3 world cups are also his imagination? Come on, give the guy some credit. Ballon de Oro was only for players born in europe and after 95 it was available to only players that played in europe. If they didn't have that limit in those times who knows what he could have achieved.

  • STOP SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION! Pelé had the goal tally in his bio way before that.

    • Coz he already knows that they are going to break that record 😁😁

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player ever.

  • For once Messi and Ronaldo Fans are joining forces to thrash out the Uncrowned King.

  • how old is pele 15 ?

  • Pele: jack of all languages. Master of none 😂

  • CR7 Blasts past the best. He’s better then the best.

  • the internet generation , and the champion league mob have been trying to wipe Pele and all is achievements out of history for a very long time now, there are many things that can be updated or upgraded now days but Pele is still the king and no one before him or since him have come anywhere close to that mantle, apart from Maradona. yes he may sound like a belligerent old man these days but he still holds relevance and he knows it. also i dont think he wants the same to happen to him with the likes of Cruyff, Neeskens Sivori Meazza, Facchetti, Kempes, Passarella, Platini, Zico, Gento, Gullit, Pfaff, Dzajic and many others, lost to time Regeneration and then disposed of.

  • 👍 nice spreading fake news it was always like that

  • Pele doesn't act like legend he was he completely lost my respect he more like child that want to win shame of him.

  • I thought that free kick was real life but its acc FIFA the graphics r mad

  • The army and the coastguard lol

  • What a loser

  • The hint is Pele has PE in it so he also counted PE goals as well as primary school secondary school and nursery goals

  • In short Pele is sore loser

  • Probably meant it to be as a joke, but his gesture is a normal for people who used to be in a competitive sports where numbers are a big part of the whole ecosystem.

  • Dont mess with Pele, he is the real GOAT

  • Doesnt Romario have the most goals in history or am I wrong?

  • What a shame

  • Pele even counts the goals he scored in Rocket League.

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  • I wanted to name my son Go'el after a video game character but I don't want Pele trying to claim him.

  • ok this wasn't a reaction to ronaldo beating him. he's been had that as his bio. BUT HE MOST DEFINETLY DID NOT SCORE ALL THOSE GOALS

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  • Additionally pele played some absolute trash cans back in the day. The avg pro footballer of today would have probably been dominant back then.

  • Dear little Kiddo Pele. this record is out-dated. Nowadays it‘s 5 times harder to score an actual goal, because of video evidence. If anything, you need to reduce the number of goals. Get well soon