GOOGLING MYSELF (W2S Net Worth Reveal)

Publisert 2. april. 2021
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  • What yeezys? That's a seashell

  • Harry has so much self-confidence. He looks at really close-up pictures of himself on Google and says they look good. If it were me, I'd cringe at every photo of myself. Big ups

  • I’m a Muslim

  • Did someone notice his parents name in google?

  • Why is it so true that at the start was so funny!

  • 5:01 i’m not autistic but fair play if you are 🤷‍♂️😂

  • He is on drugs there is a clip


  • Harry the reason people ask if you are autistic is bc you shouted that in a sidemen video

  • BANGladesh

  • "I wouldn't class myself as autistic but fair play if you are" - Harry 2021

  • brooo i am romanian and your romanian is soo good u speak better then some people that are born here

  • 8:38 There is nothing wrong with that You are still a good guy♥️ (I am a Muslim)

  • Harry you said you don't believe in God but please consider accepting Jesus into your life I would love to see you and your family in heaven if you need any help there are many youtube tutorials on how to be saved

    • Please don't try to push your belief into others. I personally am not religious, and it really is annoying when people try to force there religion onto me.

  • Wait why doesn't he post on just main channel?

  • 10:39 pause it and read top to bottom

  • I did not know Harry was this clever. A* in maths a year Early. Tutor me pls


  • that yeezy looks like an egg sandwich as a shoe

  • are u a chelsea fan

  • Harry is probly thr one that's adopted so he's probly allowed to link his sister like he's always wanted to

  • His google searches for w2s was 100k back then now its over 2mil

  • wow

  • I am going to unsubscribe your channel coz of not putting a good video

  • Yes, there is a God. Infact there is only one, and true God, and he is Allah.

    • @The Micro Nation League He asked us for our opinion on God, and I shared mine. Now go watch Jake Paul.

    • Dont try to push your beliefs into other people

  • Harry is literally like a young Boris Johnson, the way he speaks and acts 😂😭

  • 8:30 ... What?

  • I love how bitch lasagna is playing in the background

  • i am from bangladesh but you have fun with bangladesh i am not still your subsriber😡😡😡

  • My man pulled out an onion and called them Yeezys

  • Can someone please tell me what kind of accent Harry has ?

  • Gimme the fukin money

  • sidemenshort is says u getting kicked from sidemen :(

  • I literally woke up my next door siblings after Leah gong so hard from “gimme your fucking money”

  • 4:56 AOT fans are like wtf

  • Wroetoshaw reading smut fanfiction LMAOAO

  • Banging as usual

  • why is harry so unsure about everything lol😂

  • Is Harry just wearing pants

  • i love u harry, but those yeezies are crap plz throw them away

  • so bad jk not jk

  • I’m watching you for 7 years 👌🏽🤟🏽

  • Cambodia is My country

  • I love the btch lasagna track in the back of the video

  • Let’s get W2S a Wikipedia:)

  • Mans just called Muslim a language

  • Well Harry I'm glad you didn't cheat on your girlfriend

  • google: is harry from the sidemen single harry: no wait, is there something we don't know???

  • I can become the reason your not single pleaseeeeee

  • As a Bangladeshi, I'd love you to visit my country!!!

  • We need to make one is Harry from the sidemen a nazi

  • Looks like pewdiepie is following Harry. First pewds copy Harry and tries singing “dragostea din tei”, and now pewds google himself after seeing this

  • then yeezys are maximum clapped

    • them*

  • I defo think they’re clapped shoes😂😂

  • Your a millionaire

  • The shoes are disgusting

  • The mammoth female undesirably return because taxi briefly release an a industrious advice. first, rhetorical tuba

  • Why does Harry remind me of Boris sometimes 😂


  • google: is harry from the sidemen single harry: no wait, is there something we don't know???

  • Those Yeezys looks like Lil Nas X got to heaven. Those shoes were not meant to be...

  • W2S always finds new ways to get free money. Old video ideas = free money

    • okay??? why bitch lasagne on the background?

  • Those shoes are fucking grim

  • this looked soooo weird

  • I feel bad how he kept most of the relationship questions

  • Voice crack🤣 6:50

  • 5:00 "does levi and eren die"


  • Hmm seems spammy

  • google: is harry from the sidemen single harry: no wait, is there something we don't know???

  • Oh wow a single millionaire.... hi 👀

  • 1:50 “gimme the fkn money”

    • Is harry fro the sidemen on drugs? 'Not currently'👀

  • people think ur autistic because u always scream im autistic

  • There is a god

  • Harry discovering Wattpad has made my day😂

  • every other youtuber: this wouldn't be possible without you Harry: Gimme dat fuckin money

  • harry

  • okay??? why bitch lasagne on the background?

  • Why are they do we’re D o nside but there fine

  • 'fair play if you are' autistic I am DEAD hahahahaah

  • 1:52 hahaha

  • big up vik

  • I remember back in the day when youtubers would deny being millionaires or avoid the question. They don’t care anymore lmao

  • Can confirm. The shoes are clapped.

  • in the least offensive way possible harry you speak like boris johnson hahaahha

  • This is the chicken army!!

  • The flagrant congo rarely mix because spring ontogenically spoil with a straight mass. miniature, perpetual income

  • Is harry fro the sidemen on drugs? 'Not currently'👀

  • “Gimme the facking money” had me 😭😭😭

  • 32-0

  • the bitch lasagna bg music tho

  • Why u saying "Bangladesh" like that

    • this one of the funniest guys "geeve me de money"

  • Harry's Fun Facts are back and so is he!

  • hes not addicted to drugs he just luvs them lol

  • “I look young here” “I need a trim here” “And my brother looks fat here” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Why does harry give me boris johnson vibes

  • ‘does deji have kids’ ‘does the dog die’ 🙃

    • is w2s channel still a thing cant find it

  • He's not autistic, but he has Dissociative identity disorder as W2S dosent have a girlfriend, but Harry from Sidemen does have one...

  • 8:50 so Allah is God he is one when we say there is no god but Allah we are saying no one is God except for Allah Eg. The bible says Jesus is the son of God We are saying that Allah has no son no daughter no parents nothing he is just God

    • When Jesus proclaimed He was the Son of God, He isn’t claiming to be some kind of separate offspring from the Father, but is instead claiming to be of the same essence of God. During the time of Christ’s ministry the Jewish leaders knew exactly what He was saying. They didn’t think He was claiming God had a wife and then produced a child with her, but instead they recognised that when Jesus claimed to be the Divine “Son of God” He was claiming to be equal with God, for example read John 5:18. When you read the New Testament you must read it from the viewpoint of a person living in the time of Jesus. Btw, Christian’s don’t believe in 3 gods, but instead believe that God is One in Being but exists eternally as Three Persons, which is clearly found in scripture.

  • I love how he is uncertain about everything he said even things he should be sure about