The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

Publisert 22. april. 2018
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The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations


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    • @almondpotato omg that is an awesome question

    • Same

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    • @Vsauce69 lkkkkkkk

  • Your videos look really interesting in the inverted colors from the magnifier in windows 10 you might want to figure or check it out or consider posting it in both color settings or suggesting others watch it with the magnifier to alter the experience.

  • Wait how they know what’s inside the black hole 😳

  • I love the fact that they draw the birds, instead of using humans in these small documentry :) keep it up bro we love them

  • My 🧠

  • but the thing is that we dont even know if they exist yet so how can we scientifically beleive this??

  • Do a video about what would happen if we set off a nuclear bomb in the middle of Jupiter and our sun

  • “Him talking” Me:goosebumpsssss🥴

  • Kurzgesagt is like a Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, honestly, the more I think about this, the more references I see. Did you see the mice?



  • I wouldn't mind getting sucked into a blackholes

  • lol

  • i love how you show like schooling and stuff im not a nerd but i like and dislike school but the reason i like it is because of this super cool chanell kerzgesaagt.

  • Kurzgesagt - Beyond Light

  • black holes are like a spinin' pikachu so am i right?

  • It's the protoss base for me

  • I love the detail in the Simpsons reference

  • Amazing. But also terrifying.

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  • I have a very important question: Why is that black hole so CUTE??????

  • Star craft

  • use the bomb for good. or using it for a bomb? oh who am i kidding were blowing it up

  • Don't trust the Halo rings!

  • hay vãi cả cứt

  • I believe this is the only way to survive Homer Simpson and Among us players and Reactor Sabotage:Am I a joke to you?

  • wait does that mean that the super massive black holes are made of very very very colossal stars?

  • 👎

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  • 5:19 ah yes pinky and the brain

  • 5:20 Pinky & The Brain!!!

  • I love these videos to relax

  • 7:00 - Do it for her

  • if a black hole collapses into a singularity, shouldn't the spinning be infinitely fast by result?

  • Great explanation

  • and my mom says its bad to steal lol

  • isnt the sun a star wouldn't it one day collapse in on its self

  • Thats Laser on a big scale

  • I bet by that time, we would know how to make our own stars or something and create hydrogen or something. Humanity could be the last hope for the universe

  • Black holes are just, one of those things that hurt your brain to thing about. Like how the universe is infinitely large. Actually anything that's infinite hurts my brain. Our brains just can't contemplate infinity. The singularity is infinitely small and that makes black holes even more confusing. 😕

    • Not being a jerk, but the universe MAY be infinitely large. It is not set to stone yet.

  • Nice Starcraft reference at 0:18

  • “Black holes are spinning” *nervous sweating*

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  • Could you give us a simpler example of angular momentum like a guy spinning in his chair but when he wants to go faster he pulls back his arms and when he wants to slow down he extends his arms.

    • I mean, it is a pretty simple explaination they gave. That idea is cool doe.

  • 5:19 Their Pinky and The Brain. yes Pinky and The Brain. One is a genius, the other's insane. Their laboratory mice. Their genes have exploit. Their Dinky, their Pinky and The Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain

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  • Me: *watches this video about nuclear death* Kurzgesagt: *Shows the Protoss race of Starcraft*

  • Why black hole is not the same thing like wormhole? Because we have not prove - that's why.

    • Dude, we literally took a picture of a black hole in 2018, how can you claim we have not proven their existence? Also, unlike a black hole which should reasonably form every now and then because there are many stars in the universe, wormholes are purely theoretical phenomena that we speculate about. They might or might not exist, but we have not found or observed any so far.

    • wormhole do not exist

    • Use google

  • We have so much information on the universe but we cant f ing decide if the earth is round or flat

    • it is round tho

    • It is round though. If you meant it more like "people still believe the earth is flat smh" then sorry.

    • lol

  • INmagine in the future making a universe in his science project

  • 3:56 no homo but he sounds kinda hot

  • Im giving you the option to see before I fuck you up.. Ranking out why an what I did..

  • I think 'Kurzgesagt' would be more a way more popular channel if it had a name that people can google up.

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    • Are you a necromancer? Because you just revived a dead ass meme.

  • So like a demon core in space

  • Me too

  • Super radiant scattering... Sounds like a possible explanation to fast radio bursts. I would think this could happen in nature...but also possible an advanced intelligence could use this for power as the video states or to communicate.

  • so there are black holes with the power of spinjutsu huh

  • 0:00-0:05 like pacman game

  • *Stares at the Black hole's face* *Face intensifies*


  • I watch your videos everyday even when I wake up I can't even sleep

  • Got chills with starcraft reference *.* Been playing that since 4grade

  • how came the blak hole big

    • the black hole is not that big

  • I love the starcraft reference :-D

  • There are soo many joke to be made here.

  • I wish the subtitles were optional. They're very annoying when not needed.

  • They're Pinky and the Brain Yes Pinky and the Brain One wants to build the biggest bomb ever from a black hole The other's insane

  • NINJA-GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • duck tales + science = kurzgesagt

  • Me: What is the first ever word said Kurzgesagt: your mind is about to be blown black hole.... are spining 🤯

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  • Nice use of pinky and the brain

  • Actually, black holes are stationary.. space moves around them. :-p

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  • 0:18 Not Enough Minerals 0:27 You must construct additional pylons!

  • This video in a nutshell; infinite spin energy.

  • 0:15 you guys must have played Starcraft

  • So if we don’t bomb our self and we manage to to life in space, there is no way für the humanity to life for infinity? This thinking is kinda sad 😶

    • Yeah, it kind of is. Thankfully that is trillions and trillions of years away though. so much time.

  • 3:27 wtf

  • 7:01 I just realized there is a Simpson reference

  • 8:00 did you hear that

  • Intro: Pokhole 0:57 : you spin right round

  • War begins in trillion years. president of country A: we need to expand our territory so if anyone resist i'm going to close all of the mirrors.

  • Scientists in 2020: "We barely know anything about black holes" Scientists in 9020: "How to make a supermassive black hole at home"

  • 4:20 *Fair-trade has entered the chat*

  • Well I guess I have a new goal to achieve after my immortality goal

  • I predicted the future will be... 1. Humanity will capture black hole and make it energy source 2. Humanity will make a vehicle that can travel more than speed of light 3. Humanity will make their own iron, glass, food etc

    • 4. Humanity will die out from a combination of global warming, nuclear warfare and lack of memes.

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  • I am the only one who noticed the mouse in this video

  • E

  • '...and there is a lot of energy to steal.' 'ONE IN SEVEN CHILDREN DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH FOOD-'