Building a Marsbase is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it!

Publisert 3. feb.. 2019
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Humans love to explore. Strangely enough even horrible places - like Mars. Let’s see how building a Mars base could work and how insanely nerve-wracking exactly it would be.
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  • I see three doom reference meaning power won’t be a problem when we get argent energy

  • So, remember manifest destiny? I love how back then we thought it was inevitable the USA would reach the Pacific. And others think now how crazy that is. And that it was pretty terrible too. It takes a lot of entitlement to imagine this. Yet, here we are now, attempting to manifest Destiny Mars. Honestly, we should start calling it like it is. It will help people draw parallels in history, which is always fun.

  • 4:39 I have seen that alien somewhere I think uhh marsaninst attack

  • How do you say the name of your channel?

  • If mars becomes a second earth and isn't known as the purple planet I will be disappointed

  • Imagine that Elon Musk finds this channel. We will be colonising beyond our soler system.

  • I downloaded brilliant and I realised that I was 10

  • And if there is an emergency that we can't fix, I will bring a pistol and kill myself so I can't suffer from hunger or something like that, and if there really is an impostor, BRING OUT THE PISTOL BOYS.

  • I want to go to mars as a crewmate someday, goodbye impostors! >:D

  • Mars people would be 100% introverts

  • At this point its better to live in space station

  • video is not as great as the video about moon. I found 10 mistakes. Uhm...... and i writen them in comments. yeah, i know that you spent a lot of time making this but.... it is not okay. I am really sorry but... 10 MISTAKES NOOOOOOO GOD PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY THIS CHANNEL

  • It's one thing for an adult to choose this life on Mars, but absolutely unethical, impractical, and totally outrageous to think this is a good place to raise children! Think how much they will miss out on that we on earth take for granted, like walking outside without a space suit, swimming at the beach, climbing a tree, having a pet, walking through a forest, playing in the snow, the list goes on and on as does the list of safety procedures that will dominate their lives.

  • 6:55 we will have asteroid mining so we don't need to actually grab a lot of resources

  • 6:50 "a few decades" actually more

  • 6:13 "without windows" did you forget about real-time cameras?

  • 6:01 did you know that we already have the gym in international space station?

  • 5:28 energy generators maybe?

  • 5:11 3d printed food maybe?

  • 4:20 "dust is problem for robots" curiosity, Opportunity,Sojourner , were there for a retty long time.

  • 3:43 "no windows" did you forget about real-time cameras?

  • 2:35, "energy does not make any sense" Nice, but at the base, that humanity will build on mars, probably will be some oxygen generators, just like in international space station. So you will be able to breathe inside of those stations (bases) didn't you think of it?

  • 2:21 i think that he forgot about the electical generators, that are on earth. probably, he just did this video without serious preparation.

  • how dare you

  • 6:10 I feel like they're just describing 2020

  • wow i like mars base

  • Meet Kim Jong Mars, Mars Putin and Joe Mars.

  • I honestly don't get the point of colonizing other planets, its a huge amount of resources spent for comparatively little practical or scientific information that we couldn't just get by sending drones. Propagating the species maybe? But even that seems rather pointless, it's just expansion for expansion's sake, since no matter what we do to Earth we aren't capable of making it as uninhabitable as Mars. Not to mention that the average person won't be able to visit those colonies due to the insane cost and travel time, so even something like tourism isn't viable either. I don't know, just seems like a fruitless venture to me

  • While prefab habitat modules sent from Earth would need to be cylinders and spheres because they have to be strong but light, made with minimum material for the sake of fuel economy for the rockets, that is not true of structures built on Mars, from Marscrete. The pressure difference between the interior and exterior, if our buildings maintained Earth normal sea level pressure inside, would be a maximum of about 14.7 psi, or about the pressure inside a bicycle tire. This is why the ISS cupola can have flat windows and it's not a structural risk. This is also why buildings made from marscrete could, if we desired it, closely resemble normal rectilinear buildings on Earth, big flat windows included (provided they're an inch or so thick). This is one of the factors that makes engineering a 1atm shirtsleeves environment for space, the Moon or Mars so much more forgiving than trying to engineer a 1atm habitat space for use deep underwater, where the pressure differential can be many times more severe.

  • Elon musk's dream is to live on Mars. The dude is either of his rocker or wants to die slowly.

  • Well I guess I'm gonna redownload Surviving Mars now

  • ok so how are you going to solve the radiation issue long term? it's not thinkable to keep an entire colony burried underground permanently.

    • Probably just cure cancer. Considering how fast medical technology is going we seriously might be able to cure cancer or at least find cancer very quickly, like when it's only a couple cells. The long long term solution is also terraforming. Just slap a giant magnet in L1 orbit and the radiation is no more

  • 4:12 We need to stay inside to survive. So it's just like the pandemic, therefore, humanity won't survive for long in Mars.

  • Lol It's going to happen now

  • Like the DOOM references...

  • I think I saw the thing where the suits connect to the outside thing on a spacex vehicle video for Mars exploration

  • "Cool", Thanks, Merci. Something Different.

  • Recap: There are about 9 gazillion ways to get Mark Watney’d. Avoid all these long enough for Mars to be deemed safe enough and ready, and then you’ll probably be ok.

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  • “Exercise a lot” NASA: *sends John Cena to mars*

  • Why on the moon colony video you didnt put details?

  • remember to bring a 3D printer, it can be very useful

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  • Mars colony is still like 100-150 years far.

  • All dislikes are from elon musk

  • This video made being a Mars colonist, something I used to dream of, sound absolutely awful. Thanks God birds will do all the hard work.

  • 1:42 thanks artemis

  • Just thinking, that a Mars Space Station, would solve many of the problems you mentioned. It could harvest solar power from the Light side of Mars, while enjoying a radiation shielded orbit itself. It would not be surrounded by the CO2 of Mars, nor would it deal with the dust issues . If the plan is to utilize remote or automated robots for many functions, they should be relatively easily manipulated from orbit. Atmosphere inside the station could be roughly the same challenge as on the planet. Something to think about in the mix.

  • Elon is so fantastically GREAT that he could overcome all these problems with his CGI.

  • In 2521: Building a Black Hole bomb in the center of our galaxy is a horrible idea: Let’s do it!

  • I can already see more than a million people volunteering to go to the Mars even if the risk is high and survival chances are 50-50 for 2-3 years of stay and that too without getting hefty salaries involved because i can certainly volunteer to something like that even without getting paid for all the risks. And if the risk is even higher say only 30% survival chances i'll still do that but with money for my family but if the risk is 99% death i think i'll still go but after getting old like 65+😃

  • Kurzgesagt makes so goos videos! The animation is SOOO smooth i could watch it all day! And he always goes straight to the point!

  • Title: a Mars base is horrible IDEA: LETS D O IT Me: why are you arguing with yourself

  • Elon musk: hold my beer, i got this

    • Musk fanboy a mars colony is like 150-200years away.

  • We should build an EARTHBASE in the desert. If we could terraform some of the wastelands we made here on earth. Then we could think of going to mars, after we rebuild the rainforests we continue to destroy then and only then should we attempt to go there.

  • What if, theres a space station so they can supply alot of food and resources there and crew. then they can travel from that.

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  • I know it sounds dump, but could we could just protect the mars colonies keeping them under a layer of mirrors?

  • Elon musk wya

  • Check out the Angry Astronaut. The radiation problem is vastly exaggerated.

  • If nobody understood why there was a dead face during the: “2 year rescue scene” it was reference to DOOM’s backstory. (If u don’t know it, they are colonising Mars and they make portals. One malfunctions and they portal opens to hell. And demons come out and blah, blah that’s when you come in, save people... yeah)

  • Wouldn't a base on the moon be a much better idea?

  • "But we're stubborn and we like extreme challenges" Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

  • 7:10 i think a more efficient way of travel to mars is to wait until the earth is infront of mars like in 7:12 then exit the earth if u know what i mean (im not native english i cannot explain and its frustrating!!)

  • Well that just sounds like quarantine with extra steps

  • Me who's stuck in home, who keeps seeing the same faces and do the same routine: I think ill survive mars

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  • Brilliant link

  • Sure someone will travel. Maybe paper ka arian edomits turkis will travel and live there.

  • “Why don’t we go to 3299m(#(#)--- humans live the exact same but it’s very cold just like it gets in mars.”

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  • 7:00 How 'bout a space station that stores the wares until mars collects them, and if you see something that dosent work, please comment!

  • Doomguy helmet 7:21 cool easteregg

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  • just sustain the home we have. dont go finding a new one.

  • "Mars is a horrible idea" Elon Musk: "Hey now"

  • I wonder if Elon Musk is considering all of these problems or is he just obsessed with bringing people to Mars?

    • Well no shit hes a engineer he knows the problems

  • if they do return to a bunch of corpses, just make sure to burry them all together, to increase the odds of incubating an organism that could terraform the planet. :D

  • Elon Musk: Write that down!

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  • What a stupid idea. Can we just dedicate 1/100th of the resources we would use for Mars on Earth?

    • So like 10 bucks? There's only one company/ space program planning to do a mars mission and that's Spacex. NASA is focused on the moon and other space agencies are focusing on LEO. Spacex only makes like 3 billion and year and also are a private company, they have zero obligations to do something that isn't their company goal

  • Ingin Tinggal Di mars Tapi kondisinya tidak memungkinkan 😔

  • Born too late to explore the world Born too late to explore the universe Born just in time to play KSP instead

  • Competent people? On this planet? Nahh Kurzgesagt u trippin

  • Idk why everyone wants to colonize mars Sure, i mean if you like to live in red shit for the rest of your life, go ahead

  • I think during 2020 we were already going to Mars

  • A tip for Bordom, Bring a ps5 with ya, and alot of games.

  • I love this title.

  • He really put Alien into the animated video 😂😂😂 go find it ;)

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  • Excellent DoomGuy reference at 7:07

  • Kurzgesagt: Trying to live on mars: full of misery, Not as interesting as you think sir, but worth it for the future of human civilization

  • Asteroid mining + Dyson sphere = SPEED

  • I’m Unthankful and thankful that I’m not going to be old enough to go to Mars first

  • Plz reply

  • How do u do this animations

  • stupid question but is it possible to turn solar radiation to electricity

  • 0:59 "A day is longer than Earth" School:Good...good...

  • **Doom slayer intensifies**