Game Theory: The Minecraft Warden... SOLVED! w/ Dream

Publisert 31. okt.. 2020
Special thanks to Dream & the Dream Team for being in this episode!
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Whenever something new pops up in the world of Minecraft, you know I have to talk about it! So, what are the Minecraft Wardens? The recent announcement of the Minecraft cave update adds a new mob of big, horned monsters. Design wise, they are pretty scary but how do they change the lore? Well the rest of the update gives us a LOT of clues. From the cave itself to the SOULS we can see in its chest, I think we are in for some SCARY answers!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • This is literally the collab of the century and I cannot be convinced otherwise

  • Oohhhhhh drrreaaaaammmmm!!

  • Maybe a iron golem stumbled on some scolc and soul sand

  • ORRR the souls in the warden are the ancient builders souls 👀

  • 8:37 what kind of portal is this

  • *everyone just talking about he collab with dream*

  • I have a theory that since the Warden was supposedly made to guard the strongholds, the reason they are blind is because the endermen who are the ancient builders took their eyes, the ender pearls (because of the shade of green) and that's why they're blind

  • Matt: Enderman Dream: Ranboo.

  • sculk /coke Im pretty sure its the coke. coke hmmm 🤔

  • some

  • also notice when you shuffle the last three letters in warden it spells "war end"

  • to many soul talk now i want to play undertale

  • It was painful to watch the opening when dream came in.

  • Fun fact: This is one of the first videos that introduced me to the MCYT community. I'm honestly grateful.

  • Hold on...what if creative mode is you who actually used the power of life and death to become a god..?

  • I mean... put the golem next to the warden again, and look at the colors of its arms where the skulk isn't covering it....

  • Your 100% right because if you take out war you den if you put the d in the end of them word it will be "end"

  • Theory: When Dream said the warden was made to protect the portal in the strong hold maybe the Warden took out the eyes of the portal so it will close the portal. When the ancient humans went into the portal maybe the Warden was made to trap them in there by removing the eyes and when the humans got trapped by the Warden they turned into Endermen by eating the ender fruits like you said in the enderman theory

  • Where is coming

  • Then why does the warden attack

  • Honestly love the vid but I have a question does this matter ?

  • Honestly love the vid but I have a question does this matter ?

  • Theory: we know ancient race are endermans and there are endermans in the world in video u said there must be a time travel. So What if some of the endermans time traveled after player beated the ender dragon. So endermas could go to normal world. İf they can time travel can they go before ancient race become enderman? Maybe some of those enderman triyed to protect stronghold so their race woudny do the same mistake again. But they failed. As we know ancient reace existed as humans long time ago. That means endermans had a long time and in that time enderman lived in caves because of that they started evolving and became warden. Note: There could be some grammer or vocabulary mistakes because english is not my main language.

  • My question for dream: Why you didn't push vote the Chilliger

  • meanwhile, my thought about this warden creature: soul soil, skulk block, ender pearl and that one more thing that's probably in that display room or in the stronghold. I also wonder how they'd react with the enderman if the statement above is the case. the lore might say that "due to depth, the warden became sensitive to sounds" since most of activities are done at the surface and the stronghold is deep af... so any long-time sounds may become foreign to the warden and so my thought stops right there =.=

  • Coming back to this video: It's been discovered that Strongholds will now spawn EXCLUSIVELY in the Deep Dark, a.k.a., exactly where the Warden spawns.

  • Hear me out, what if the sculk is a type of growth that contains souls and when it comes in contact with a golem it corrupts then and that’s what creates the warden

  • I want a theory of the bastion cuz when you wisit one you get the achivment those there ays an thats is interesting

  • Dream!?

  • Warden will probably be a mini boss. It looks like fighting it will be likely be like fighting a super iron golem made if skulk

  • that intro scared me i almost broke my laptop

  • this video brought me so much serotonin, i literally screamed (quietly) and audibly went i loved it, i love dream + everything to do with him and i love you and your videos. thank u for this collab :)))

  • best crossover of the century

  • dude the cringe with dream XD

  • You put a 4 by 4 end frame. Was that some mistake or something else

  • Can minecraft confirm this or deny it please?

  • what about a failed experiment to make a iron golem with soul sand that the sculk took over and then made it's way to the stronghold and the tunnels that it spawns in are the tunnels it dug to get there :>

  • btw u build the portal wrong :/

  • Dream is smart and pro

  • I’m rewatching this now that I know who tf dream is

  • Sculk means hide and to do something evil, what could that mean?

  • Is it weird that the villagers can summon iron golems and the wardens head looks like the skulk and the horns

  • This video is so good I watched it twice

  • Ahhhhh. MatPat. You just convinced me to nuke every single of the warden caves after you revealed the lore behind it as to end the creature's suffering.

  • what if the dream's theory is correct because because the iron golem is kinda like a warden because it keep mobs out from the village and what if the souls in the center of the warden is because since the skulk might have corrupted the iron golem but in doing so needed multiple souls


  • I think I know how Lawrence out here now in Minecraft game theory I believe that school in Walden all potential Lee sentient life maybe they will build as a defence mechanism I really don’t know but it’s just a theory piece of a feeling but it’s coming from this and yes it’s true then them make sure to make a few youngest and I will tell you what you feelI want you to make a Philly on ancient debris what is

  • Everything has the same block in the end I don’t know do you mean

  • Weirdog

  • That means there’s gonna be different

  • 6:30 The man behind the mystery

  • The amount of which I want dream to shut up...

  • Why would you ruin you channel by featuring dream?

  • why does the ender portal have four by fours instead of 3 by 3s :/ 8:36

  • The title said the Warden is solved but the ending, he said it wasn't solved

  • I love how the title is "Warden is SOLVED!! With Dream (I guess)"

  • Doesn't the Stronghold spawn on the same layer as the skulk?

  • soooo... the warden is the stitchwraith basically.

  • and it has a rib cage I think it was connected but was shattered and broken and skin toured making its defense way weaker and less health but what made the rib cage shatter and made its sculk flesh toured that's a theory maybe the warden went up to the surface meeting hostile mobs attacked but the warden was too powerful till it meets the wither the warden probably has won because of his immense damage but the shoot from the wither broke its rib cage and when going back accidentally got stabbed with a very sharp spikey rock in the chest and toured the flesh and skin revealing the souls and if it had an eye also got arrowed in the eye from the skeleton and was made of sculk censor so it had a plan b if its eye was stabbed making it that way

  • The warden is like clickers from the last of us

  • Theory: Warden is a hostile but blind.

  • It's hilarious how they keep going to eachother when its not on topic and just changes the mood so quickly😂😂😂

  • If you think about it you can actually back the theory that the people that built the structures abandoned it this would mean that there is history that was another main focus in the 1.17 update video there a new abandoned structure the archeological dig sights and copper that ages this show that there was a past

  • I wish that Dream would say"So that's why Ranboo is human" when Matpat said something bout ty e Endermans were humanz

    • @a weird word approved yea thanks for telling tho ✌️👁️👄👁️

    • @gxcha._.amberシ︎ just saying like he didnt know ranboo existed which is pretty funny on his own as he now has connetcyion with him since they probably work toghter on ranboos lore

    • @a weird word approved I know but I wish he was lol

    • Ranboo wasnt on the smp at the time the dawn of the 1 hasnt happened yet which means that lmanburg wasnt blown up

  • Wait this summer wow

  • What if the ender eyes were the wardens eyes and that’s why its blind and when they were messing around with portals to escape the overworld they realised they were powerful and added them to the portal but then have a new way of making them

  • But if endermen were souls that never came back from a trip to the end, then how did they get to the nether?

  • Lol dreams tweet he mentioned hit me because I've done it to what I was a kid


  • The summer just got here now

  • if only strongholds spawns near skulk biome it would've make more sense

  • im still thinking where do skeleton came from or maybe they are just dried up zombie idk i have been thinking about this for months. is skeleton came from movies or the story line

  • In 8:34 why is there 16 end portal frames when there’s supposed to be 12

  • Baguettte

  • 1.17 update havent been released *game theory already makes lores about the new update coming up* Mojang: oh fack dis sit

  • 8:30 4x4 portal frame *minecraft cursed images.mp4*

  • Why do illagers hurt the player if they try to repeat its actions

  • What if the warden was HIS bodyguard

  • I think I have a theory you know how DREAM said mabye the sculk evolved well game theory guy you said ender man were human and evolved well maybe it's the same for the warden and sculk now about the souls maybe the warden steals souls as a power supply so when you get beat by the warden it takes your soul I know this is a long comment

  • Has anyone noticed that the Warden sorta sounds like a mix of a Enderman and a Witch? Pretty odd.

  • I thought the “souls” were a heart that had been kinda Frankensteined together

  • Just to think of it, u know eyes of ender, made out of ender,en and blaze rods. Well.... what if they weren’t the only eyes out there. As you see, the warden has no eyes, so can that possibly mean that, the endermen are just good after all? We do see that they’re blind, but how. Like I said, the eyes must’ve been stolen from the warden long ago, with the ancient civilisation, so they, I guess, did exist all these years without us knowing it.

  • Video suggestion who is herobrine

  • If Minecraft found this video they might be confused 🧐🤨

  • This feels like a school project with Matpat being the smart kid and Dream being the kid with a youtube channel

  • who else noticed they used 16 end portal frame instead of 12 8:35

  • What If the warden are the creators of the end and was overund bye the ender dragon and was seal bye bedrock so it couldn't get out but when we open the end portal the bedrock seal was broken and the warden was realst

  • WAIT I HAVE A THEROY: the ancient builders had to stay the dragon because maby he was spawning the mobs anyway so they go in and leave one strong person left behide and when the person got hungry and ran out of food he ate skulk and that's why he's there it's a acient builder who was strong and was suppose to hold down the stronghold while the rest never returned...

  • This is good and funny

  • What if the warden is immune to wither's attacks?

  • no matter what video or stream he is in, he still has a kettle laugh

  • What’s funny is I watched this when it first came out and I was dang a year from now and looking at it now wow time flew

  • Maybe the name warden doesn't mean protection of the portal but rather the sculk itself, it seems completely defenseless without said warden so it may be a symbiotic relationship, the warden being the brawn and the sculk being the brains since it allows the warden to hear further distances by sending messages along, like a brain

  • My theory is that wardens were of the Ancient Builders' design. As their civilization advanced, they were able to charge advanced iron golems with the power of souls to guard their strongholds. When the builder left and were stuck in The End, the Wardens, as MatPat was saying, thought their masters had abandoned them, the began to wander, as Iron Golems do. Then, they stumbled upon the skulk, which started to slowly take over their bodies until they could no longer see and became part of the skulk hive-mind, like what Dream was talking about.

  • A minecraft developer named kingbdogz confirmed the warden like a "natural disaster" so that ruin all this theorie of the warden created by ancient builders

  • My own theory about the *Warden* : They were built by the ancient civilization that traveled the world looking for the next step to the Iron golem. And if you don't know the definition to 'golem', Golems are stories told to be built by clay, stone, iron, or even wood. A golems purpose was to complete an assigned task, like protecting a village from harms way. The iron golems in Minecraft were intended to defend and protect the civilization kept in the dark from the civilization that once roamed the earth with high technology. As said from the beginning, the ancient civilization made the iron golem as intended to guard riches from thieves. but as the civilization made the monuments of riches with all sorts of protectors, had made the great discovery of skulks. Which were found by the mineshaft later explored by scholars looking for a way to improve the generations way of life. After the scholars had harvested a piece of the unknown block, they had done much research in the blocks history. And after they had had no luck in time of the blocks release to the world, they found something. A thief had stolen the eyes of the statues that had powered the generations technology, attempting to sell the item for a hefty price on the market. Had later been sold to an individual in the research of the skulk. Had been infused with the skulk creating a reaction like no other, had created a block non-movable. This research was done by the scholars deep below the surface for security purposes. They had dedicated a room to their discovery. After weeks of collecting more skulks and and separating the eyes to pieces considering their limited amount. Had created none other- than the end portal, releasing their discovery's to the world. More and more had donated to the progress of the research, and eventually they had become equipped enough to explore the depths of the new dimension. Hoping it to be like the nether, they had brought resources that after the discovery were no longer needed.. With no way back, they had created a life style with blocks they had access to. Including purper blocks and endstone. Had created the *End City* Hiding away from the ender dragon, had given enderman access to the overworld and later turning into enderman themselves had shut down the research and after escaping the realm as enderman kept their intelligence and broke the portal. The civilization had used the scholars research to create the Warden intended to defend and hide their research in the libraries of the stronghold, and in the crates of the halls. But after so long of the warden waiting for its intended creators to return. And after years of no luck, had abandoned the stronghold. And convinced the enderman to come along for its quest home, had in the process giving an end to the civilization. Leaving only the clerics in the villages to thrive after they had used their skills of potion creating to hide and defend themselves. After the warden had given an end to the civilization had settled in the dark depths of the overworld reminding it of home, had adapted to its environment and became blind. The warden and the enderman had a mutual relationship. the enderman brought the skulks to the warden and the warden defended the enderman in the process. But after the enderman had brought the last of the skulks, they parted and went on their own ways. forgetting the creature deep within the world. The clerics that were left had traveled and found more villagers to the land, creating villages around the globe. Not knowing the secrets of the past, the clerics had sworn to keep the scholars past a secret. But only the few did so. Only one villages cleric had still used secrets of the past, they had tried to keep the ancient civilizations ways. Had attempted to cure the villagers that had been zombiefied and done research in the iglues and had made an underground lab for their research. and after finding a cure, had released the information to the public but was accused of having the villager held captive and like the pillagers was banished, and changing their appearance. Later becoming what is known as, *The Witch.* Thank you so much for reading the if you got to the end!


  • The beginning when they where roasting one another 😂 Dream big brain tho

  • man said wait are we in game theorists lol

  • why am I finding this just now