Publisert 25. jan.. 2021
Does the hole in this cows foot burst out the top of her hoof?
Join me on my journey to farms in South West Scotland, working not as a veterinarian, but as a professional hoof trimmer in agriculture.
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  • Auld Lang Syne!!! I like what you did there. Happy Burns Night!!

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    • I grew up on dairy goat farm. That kind of difference is due to needing to be milked. I’ve noticed a difference in milker size on all mammals I’ve taken care of if they are allowed to breed. Dunno why primates are the only ones that develope regardless of breeding.

    • As per usual class vlog

    • @Ronwyn Damora the cow with the smaller bag might have been milked recently or might even be dry.

    • @Gunilla Woiski it's been answered before. Washing adds too much water, which can be dangerous with electric tools.

  • How come all the dirt on the hoves are never fully removed?? It really gets under my skin to see mud and s**t still left behind when the rest is all cleaned off. Grrrrrrr

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  • Awwww!! That poor little cow!😢

  • i bet you do not even get paid

  • Данкишон

  • All this would stop if the farmers were made to have proper pens for the cows. Like have them in fields not in barns where its always damp and walking in shit all day and not on concrete. The farming industry is shit and they just dont give a crap about the animals. Now i love my steaks but theres no need to treet the animals like crap because your a piece of shit of a human.... its good your trying to help out its the farmers that need a slap

  • I do not think I've seen you before. I thought you would leave the hole in the outer hoof as it was and said loudly to myself at. two at night, you can at least flush clean so you see what it looks like, typically me impatient. Do you stun before going deep the cow stood still while you cut clean? Carsten Sweden

  • Do you use painkiller when you do this??

    • @Pepper Harlet that’s a relief to know. So the procedure doesn’t hurt? It looks like it does!!

    • @Sara Brothern he can't administer or supply pain killers or antibiotics himself, but the farmers can keep them in stock and administer them. More often than not, the farmers give the cows that need it painkillers for these more intense treatments. And often just the treatment itself provides the most relief anyway.

    • @Sharona Maynard that’s fucked up

    • He doesn't. He legally can't.

  • The hoof GP is sexy and smart!

  • 05:20 sends kisses :D

  • How long does the hoof plates generally stay on the hooves?

  • Anyone knows the update video on this?

  • How long does it take for the cows foot to get that bad and also repair?

    • For repair, to fully grow back out it will take a few months

  • It bothers me that he calls it horn. im sure its made from the same stuff but horns are on the head in my book

  • THANK YOU for helping that poor cow !!!

  • I need one of those Sanders for my feet!

  • Poor little Bossy Cow.

  • Dang these videos are so nice I want him to fix my hooves and I don't even have any

  • Poor baby she was so good while you worked thanks for making her feel better

  • I'm not surprised so many cows have rotting hooves with all the wet, muddy ground they're constantly walking on. It's like trench foot in soldiers.

  • why not hosing off all that poop before you start working on it?

  • You guys are so skilled, kind and professional. I thank you!!!!!!

  • God Bless !!!

  • Why must the cows be forced to walk and stay in such wet, filthy muck? It seems this constant muddy ground might be contributing to the hoof injuries and infections. My mother's parents were farmers and had a small dairy herd that ended up growing into a fairly large enterprise. As the dairy grew larger, my uncles rebuilt the original barn to allow the cows to walk up a slight incline and then onto a concrete floor that had an automatic washing and drainage system built in that would come on at regular intervals, washing the cows hooves and the floor down, keeping the area clean and relatively dry. The rinse water went down drains and into a holding pond where they made fertilizer from the cow's manure that they used for their crops. Between the clean milking area and the lush grassy acres, the cows were healthy and happy with rarely a hoof problem.

  • I always want to wash the hoofs first. I suppose you don’t have water everywhere.

    • No, he doesn't, but he also wants to keep the area as dry as possible, water and electricity don't mix, and even a small shock (which he's had before), at the wrong time, can be very dangerous.

  • hey, wath kind of disc do you use on te disch machine ? looks efficient!

  • 0:35 Ok, I'm quite new here... I had not seen the hoof-grabbing machinery before, doing its thing right from the beginning. It almost looked like an industrial robot at first glance! Is that the farm's machine, or is it the Hoof GP's kit?

  • Why don’t you wash the hoof before working on it? Will that help prevent infection?

  • Do you treat with any antibiotics

    • Only if the farmer gives it to him to use. He can't choose on his own to use it on the cows

  • Red bottoms. We not the same 💅

  • You did hurt the cow's hoof!

  • Why did you cutaway the hoof by hand, couldn't you of used the angel grinder to cut it away

    • @Sharona Maynard thankyou

    • The knife is more precise and you can be more careful with it

  • Red hoof, no knickers.

  • Oh poor girl, that looks so painful

  • 🇨🇦 God bless you and all you do to help these beautiful animals! Your amazing!

  • ❤️ I love this vet! He's the best and kindest ever with the animals!

  • Why are these videos so relaxing to watch? Lol. I’ve tried other hoof trimming videos and they are not the same.

  • Can't wait to see the follow up.

  • When I’m feeling down or sad, I watch you and your so happy and caring makes me feel so much better! Thank you for all your videos!

  • I think I saw a maggot at 2:22. Eewww!

  • Excellent

  • These poor cows have horrible lives...

  • I see you repair all of these cow feet but I don't understand how they get all of these problems?

  • That was impressive and touching, as well!

  • Well, interesting. You learn something new every day. I do now believe I can do it too! thanks lol, I am wondering what is interesting the mechanical contraption that holds the cow and secures the hoof. I wonder who designed that and who made it and how much of course? That had to be a big investment. It is amazing the things you have to do to have milk.

  • Do these cows ever get to go outside?

  • As someone who grew up on a dairy farm, its sad to see what a terrible state the industry has become. Most cows these days never actually set foot in a field anymore and spend their entire lives wallowing in manure covered cement.

  • do you get used to the smell of burning poop

  • God Bless you keep up the good work

  • I never knew that cows could have that many hoof problems. I enjoy watching you work and have already learned a lot Thank you. 👍

  • Its odd that I get a little squeamish about the blood coming out of the foot of the cow. Then I realize I'm watching this while eating a medium rare hamburger.

  • Why do I watch these? How did I get here? What is keeping me from stopping?

  • Bless you for caring so much for these beautiful gentle ladies that willingly give us their milk that their calves don’t need. You are a star ⭐️ Sir !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aaaand so the algorythm brings me here again, now I have another 3 months of watching cows getting pedicures until 5am every morning

  • why do you burn the hoof?...god bless

    • To get rid of any moisture on the hoof so the glue can dry properly.

  • 4:16 don't you hate when you see them bleed? But then I remember: their with the hoof gp, they'll be fine.

  • 3:50 I predicted it XD, I knew he was going to cut closer to the crack

  • I watch so much of this I could probably do it myself XD

  • Am I the only one who it? No sound?

  • ❤️from Gretna green 🤠

  • I have no idea why this is in my feed and why i'm watching it at 4am, but I'm glad I did.

  • mind i ask what is considered loose horn? cause i hear it everytime but yes indeed i see sometimes horn that easily comes off but then i see also stuff that is not so easy to cut off.

    • Loose horn is horn that is no longer connected to the corium. The horn might be connected to horn around it, which is why it might be difficult to get off, but its not connected to the foot directly under it

  • ...get well brother & remember...that which does not kill us makes us stronger...

  • Nice to see someone caring so well for animals.

  • Well spotted!! And a neat fix!! Farmer needs to keep his passages free from all that muck!!

  • nice

  • cow clogs, i never knew this was possible

  • The conditions these cows live in are absolute shit rubbish mate.

  • Why dont you wash hoof with water pressure first?

  • Great video as always! I was looking online (US) and the salicylic acid powder looks quite cheap online. Any special strength or type you prefer? (if you can say). So does it act as an anti-infective and anti inflammatory agent? When do you use it more versus the green (copper right?) spray? You're the greatest! ❤

  • How did you get burned?

    • He light a fire in his backyard with Petrol and it exploded.

  • Greetings from southern B.C. Canada. I absolutely love your work and the scenery where you live. God bless.

  • At 5:20 the cow in the background was very curious, so funny it looks like it’s smiling at him

  • 👍

  • Yuotube

  • I would love to know how to get a grinder like yours but a little smaller to use on my hurd o goats. Also how did you make the blocks? One of my goat has a birth defect that would benefit from one.

    • He buys the blocks from companies that make them commercially. You should be able to find them in the description of this video

  • Тут есть русскоговорящих?

  • I'm curious - the amount of matted dung(?) - doesn't that create the problem? Moisture and feces?

  • Why did you change from paste to powdered salicylic acid?

    • I think Embryonics discontinued the Magical Paste

  • Man, Im betting that smells like straight up shit

  • I never thought I'd say this but, cows can be so adorable lol, they remind me of my fat dachshund lol

  • Graeme, how is Gracie?

  • So sorry about your hand. Very glad you are healing.

  • Awesome ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸

  • Bessy at 5:21 throwing some shade. The black body girl.

  • I sure wish these cows weren't walking in such filth...

    • Well cows do shit a lot so if you film just before cleaning is done, there is poo. I hope that is the case. Because if it's like that most of the time, wet shite... No wonder cows have these problems in this barn. Get it drier and cleaner and hoofs will not have these problems. My cows have never had this problem, trimmer visits three times a year and each cow is treated at least once a year.

  • Is it more uncomfortable for the cow to walk with blocks on one leg?

  • The poor cows are walking on poop constantly. More hydergine is needed. This is sad.

  • One more thing. I promise I'll leave you alone but you don't treat your job like I guess the best way I can describe it is you do not treat your job like a secret you share information and you tell people how to do it probably because of how much you care about these animals. You sir are the man.

  • You sir are awesome. I think in a couple of weeks when I get my next check I'm going to become a patriot patreon well whatever you call it. The main thing I want to do is maybe just get your attention hi my name is Jonathan Thornton and I love your videos and I will send you some money here shortly. You're one of the most caring men I've ever met in my life. Well actually have met you but you know what I mean. My daughter loves your videos as well. I'll send you some money and then maybe we can say hi

  • WOW it is very interesrting to watch!!

  • If you were walking around in mud and shit all day you'd have foot problems too

  • I've watched you for a while and not once have I seen you wash and clean the hoofs before working on them. Seems you could pressure wash them in abt 10-15 seconds??

    • He usually just gives them a quick spray before he starts the video

  • why dont you wash the feet surly all that mess will help lead to infection

  • Я фигею,в каком-же дерьме ваши коровы стоят,оттуда и эти болезни у животных.В Беларуси коровы в лучших условиях живут чем люди...

  • What does the cows make, if they are injured and there is no one to peel the hoof?. I apologize for my english.

    • The injury would get worse and worse and evemtually the cow wouldnt be able to walk

  • man i am really liking some of the music in your videos. gj man

  • Why don’t the use a hose first and clean all that shit off??

  • Is there a reason why your not clean the cow whole leg before doing this??