Is It Too Late To Stop Climate Change? Well, it's Complicated.

Publisert 29. sep.. 2020
A special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!
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This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.

Climate Change is just too much. There is never any good news. Only graphs that get more and more red and angry. Almost every year breaks some horrible record, from the harshest heat waves to the most rapid Glacier melt. It’s endless and relentless.
We have known for decades that rapid Climate Change is being caused by the release of Greenhouse Gases. But instead of reducing them, in 2019 the world was emitting 50% more CO2 than in the year 2000. And emissions are still rising. Why is that? Why is it so hard to just stop emitting these gases?
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  • We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why! You can get it here: Appstore: Google Playstore:

    • use ecosia, it is a search engine like google, the diference is that, not only it uses renewable energy and fight for preservation of forests, it also uses the money gained from 45 seaches made by it´s users to plant 1 tree on places with necessity! lf you´re unsure, see their channel on youtube, where they show the work and even speak with natives who they work with!

    • use ecosia, it is a search engine like google, the diference is that, not only it uses renewable energy and fight for preservation of forests, it also uses the money gained from 45 seaches made by it´s users to plant 1 tree on places with necessity! lf you´re unsure, see their channel on youtube, where they show the work and even speak with natives who they work with!

    • Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Missing Conventional Agriculture: in addition to poisoning the soil the water and our food, plowing the soil releases CO2 and moisture (H2O) from the soil to the atmosphere(Animal confinement also is bad).... Even if we stop emitting CO2 into the atmosphere with clean energy what was released from CO2 during all this time would still be there. The solution would be to capture CO2 for the soil, this technology has been around for a long time, the system of a forest ... ragriculture regeneration and forest gardening are revolutionary proposals. Source: Watch the Netflix documentary - KISS THE GROUND

    • Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Can you to a video about why is difficult to replace patrol cars and diesel cars?

    • Read between the lines, dummy's. That means you reading this comment. Read between the lines.

  • We learned more in this channel than in class and I feel like making something that well change the world to a more healthy world for us🗺

  • Me the whole time: why we do that do

  • TO MANY PEOPLE ON EARTH. The climate is directly affected by human population . More people more polution .

  • If Ice continued to melt LA will end up like antlantis. I hope earth doesn't end up like mars...

  • How about depopulating half of Europe, China, and India and planting trees? But they wouldn't do it and only blame Brazil.

  • raise awareness

  • What I don't understand is that everyone agrees that something desperately needs to be done but yet still nothing has been. Surely an entire country setting on fire is enough encouragement for the world's governments?

  • Amazing research!

  • use ecosia, it is a search engine like google, the diference is that, not only it uses renewable energy and fight for preservation of forests, it also uses the money gained from 45 seaches made by it´s users to plant 1 tree on places with necessity! lf you´re unsure, see their channel on youtube, where they show the work and even speak with natives who they work with!

  • When you looked at the energy to carbon output of coal and oil vs solar panels, did you remember to include the carbon (and other harmful by-products) produced by Making the solar panels and batteries? Mining the rare earth metals they require? The coal/oil burned to power the mining operations? Did you include the coal and oil that will be burned when it is not sunny?

  • we ruin this world, because we think it's not our home. We think God will come and reverse everything. We will be sent somewhere else, and the earth can perish. But think about a hotel. If you mess it up, then the next costomer will have a bad time. Be more considerate. Stop kicking the can.

  • Kurzgesagt... why don't you just say we need socialism? All of the political problems with climate charge can be solved by getting rid of the commodity form and the lobbyists and the ruling class.

  • Since you asked, could you do a video on speculative evolution regarding our own planet’s far future, or on exobiology?

  • Aside from all this (which btw was very useful and informative for school tysm), the first thing we as citizens can do is *plant more trees..!* Trees would take in all the carbon dioxide that factories and such are producing and release oxygen through photosynthesis (and thus cleaner air) which would really benefit the environment. I know it seems simple enough...... so then do it!! Most people who watch are probably not the owner of a business in an industry that has a lot of factories, or a high enough role in the government to pose these ideas, so the best way is to help is o start small, and to keep going. Just try to plant even a small plant. In the end, it does help.. everything helps because we as humans just don't realize that climate change is not a thing of tomorrow, but today. so go out in your backyard and grow a plant :)

  • Why not make compaies to use re-used packages? (even plastic, it is cheap to produce). But good quality plastic, and make standard sizes/shapes so we can easy collect them and instead of expensive recycling, we can just clean them and use again and again. Since we created standards, any company can use any package. Put big tax on "custom packages" and low tax on standard. Add fees for client for this package, and then refund it when customer bring it back, similar like in many EU countries with glass bottles. Bum no wasted plastic, no expensive recycling cycles, dumping trash into countries where is no law for recycling some materials (I'm looking at you Germany!)


  • this video is not a good look trump

  • Lower carbon emissions, using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Tell that to our Australian prime minister who brought a lump of coal into parliament. Coal and gas mining are Australia's largest exports. Middle aged white men looking only at $$$ signs in their head. Pacific islands disappearing in the next 100 years due to climate change. Well we'll leave that problem to future generations to worry about

  • Why not using solar power instead glass on building, and yes it Will be have more pros and cons but i think its better to upgrade the solar panel heat absorber tech and make the voltage bigger so the bigger the building the bigger absorb tech panel have

  • I think that COVID-19 has a good thing-coronavirus closes most factories, right? So that means less CO2, which means less climate change-I think.

  • The amount of energy saved from a "energy saving" fridge may be very good, but look at the fact of how much energy it took to make that fridge. In most situations, we will have "energy saving" products that actually took much more energy to produce than an old fridge could use up in its life time (duration).

  • irony: we just become a North Korea. (We really have to help them). I think that we should reduce taxes on solar panels and have awareness

  • Many of the problems we’re facing are solvable if for no other reason than we created them. Either solve the problem or eliminate the cause of the problem (us).

  • Teachers should use this to learn children that carbon is bad

    • @YusufKaanPVO Adventures! Yes I agree that it is a good video. The human stupidity is in the fact that in a period of 150 years we bring into the atmosphere all carbon that used to be materialized and stored energy of the sun, produced in 50 million years or more. It is not about carbon good or bad, it is about balance, or better: the total absence of balance

    • @Ferdi Timmermans makes sense but at least this a good video for teachers to learn their students

    • carbon is bad??? you're made of that stuff, dude.

  • Only people who liked this video are willing to Change there lives for the better that's a💯 percent fact

  • 2:19 wow proud to be a Ugandan 🇺🇬

  • Because capitalism

  • More ppl more demand, more pollution= wrong; More ppl, more demand; cut luxury= right

  • It's more like watching Angry Birds 2 gameplay while someone is talking behind.

  • It all reduces to population and capitalism

  • Because of greedy people they brainwashed us too live like this and take advantage of mother nature

  • How are we meant to do it if relying on other people is such a liability but impossible to do on our own?

  • Like Coronavirus Cases...

  • It's not going to matter since your all going to be brainwashed anyway. If anything were to happen no one would expect it. It’s going to be an absolute freak show.

    • sorry if this comes off as rude but what exactly are you talking about?

  • It could be the funniest thing to happen to humans. Looking at them on their knees thinking that a messiah will save them. Serves them right.

  • Can anybody tell me is climate change due to greenhouse gases or it's something we have no control on Because in Wikipedia it's written that some believe it's because of the technology and some believe we have no control on it. It's all due to nature.

    • @Indian Blink you're welcome c:

    • @lokasz Ohh.. So it's because the continous emission of CO2 right Thank u

    • Global temperature changes in houndreds of thousands of years, not in like 150. It's our fault.

  • Humans are slobs, can’t be or good or evil to them to initiate any change.

  • Pay people to get fixed idk

  • I love your videos they're so true a lot of people don't understand it's that kids try to tell them that it's bad and if we could stop like doing something but they never listen to kiss and lick you doing at that one problem that we need to fix

  • Eu vendo as legendas e o video 👁 👄 👁

  • The solution is Nuclear Energy, the problem is politicians and peoples, with some exceptions such as France

  • Wow!!

  • Thanks for your hard work. Can you talk about the potential of reducing energy demand due to luxury lifestyle, circular economy and steady-state economy? Thanks.

  • can we please have a video that doesnt make me uncomfortable to live? please🥺🙏

  • Topic proposal : Is an electricity gris powered by renewables really sustainable? How much would it emit to extract the raw materials to build the solar panels, batteries and wind turbines we need? Which of these materials would be limited, hard to get to or in short supply? What can and can't be recycled?

  • 6:58 France isn't the best example because most of thier power comes form atom

  • Look at Kurzgesagt playlists "The Existential Crisis Playlist"

  • why many disliked this video

    • probably because the video proposed eugenics

    • In US lot of peoples are educated on NOlong from 16% fake videos about climate change and this is not one of them..

  • Let’s go nuclear baby

  • Some scientis of the world say in 2050 we need to drop Co2 by zero. It’s a little complicated to get CO2 down to zero unless with ultimate kill of all population. People breathe CO2 out and the trees and the plants turn it into oxygen for us.

    • Our breathing is carbon neutral because plants you eat once captured CO2 from air and plants that will you eat tomorrow are already capturing CO2 from air. Problems are animals and especially cows and sheeps that emit CH4 gas when they burp because CH4 is 28 times stronger greenhouse gas than CO2..

    • Don't forget big oil corporations and companies.

  • For the innovation solution, there's also Fusion.

  • Let's look if WW3 comes, if so there is no turning back

  • What temperature is the earth supposed to be?

    • The one not rising 9 times faster than ice age recovery time..

    • It is more about change in temperature than absolute values.

  • Not going to happen. People won’t even upgrade their light bulbs from incandescent to led. People are still going to travel by plane. It’s a necessity. By raising ticket prices you’re targeting the poor. Planes travel can be more efficient with larger plane capacity and with less flights. New ICE vehicle sales should be banned by 2025. Absolutely no excuse not to. The technology is there. Issue with that is the legacy auto manufacturers failed to keep up. This would put them out of business. Home solar panels should be subsidized. People should stop buying McMansion homes. But the instagram ladies love that. High speed rail should connect all major cities in the US. China does it. Why can’t we?

    • I changed all lights with led, do not travel by plane also. I do not drive my fossil car anymore, saving for electric one. I'm happy on bicycle right now

  • 8:12 cat gave middle finger

  • Human beings thrive in warmer weather. Most of the top civilizations in the past were around during times the planet was much warmer.

    • What humans don't thrive in warm weather. It truly depends where you are.

    • @notanidiotasd51 They don't worry about you.

    • Human beings, sure. Unfortunately, there are these vile things called "other organisms" that kinda live on the planet and we kinda need them to live.

  • I'd like to know the arguments of the +7K f@&¤ers that downvoted this video. 🤬

  • 😘

  • Walk to work or school use a bike

  • Can you make a video on how money is created, distributed and the overall how it works

  • Do these newest smartphones do anything different other than give 5g capability? My phone is about 4 or 5 years old and the microphone has only just gone. Keeping up with the jones' on both smartphones and cars is a major problem psychologically and for human survival on this planet. The more towards leftiest left you go, the more you find perfect solution fallacy and hypocrisy

    • @I may be gay, but Sorry I was overtired and showing off, beddy-boes for me

    • @Michael Child calm down michael

    • @notanidiotasd51 one zero one zero one zero zero. enjoy declaring I'm a bot because I said something you didn't like, embarassment to the cause of climate change, with a foul attitude? It's political because XR embarass the cause and alienate people away from it. Also I hope your shoes aren't made out of oil if you think you get to talk down to me when you don't even know me

    • @Michael Child What's the chance you're a real human? Anyway, meat industry is hell on the environment. If you get your vegan stuff locally then it's fine, bonus points if you did it yourself. Judging by how political everything is, we're doomed as a species

    • Is there any value to putting wind turbines as well as solar panels on the largest freight ships? Thorium reactors maybe?

  • Theres a fith MONEY, the polotitions dont want to make less money from lobbyists and the consumer dosent want to change the way they shop and the things we buy "There are 3 ways to motivate a man, money, hunger, and fear. In this society we choose money. And as they say money is the route of all people.

  • 3:58 churrasquinho hoje à tarde família.

  • So i have an idea to keep fossil fueling AND have barley any carbon in the air or smoke So in order to do this we will need about 500k per sector barrel things To do this we will need to have a filter that small enough that it traps the carbon and smoke transmitting it into air# HOW TO CHANGE THE CARBON AND SMOKE INTO AIR. To do this we will need another filter

  • How would universal healthcare make the population grow slower I’d figure it would be the other way around

  • use ecosia & oceanhero as your alternative search engine, atleast we can help just a little bit.

  • Everyone stop making babies

  • Great video! Really inspiring for future engineers. I would... EVERYBODY would love and needs more videos about climate change and energy renewables.

  • Maybe the corona virus has slowed our society down for more options and more time

  • About 50% of us are watching this and making change, 50% are watching this and carrying on doing what they usually do. Do the right thing and make change, comment what you have don’t to make your community eco friendly!

  • or we could profect gene drive .

  • Your Kurz birds gotten very cute!

  • Either way, people only want to know if it is possible to stop climate changes to get a sense of safety... Not to actually take any attitude. We are indeed walking towards the end and no, things are not getting better.

  • degrowth now! change your definition of being rich. distribute the wealth, food. stop corrupting government. collect taxes from multibillionaires and their megacorporations. stop tearing up the world. stop pushing off your externalities onto the world's poor. you don't need to emit millions of tonnes of CO2 to have healthy educated employed peaceful safe societies

  • Climate change is a hoax to squeeze more tax money out of you and to remove your freedoms and eventually enslave you. Do your research or get ready for a life on your knees.

    • @Potato Warrior Same

    • I understand you. If my brain was too small to understand facts I wouldn't believe in global warming as well

  • I am not scared of anything, nothign at all, except 1 thing and 1 thing only; humans.

    • @Pekka Viitala - Well, Ill take losing my peace and comfort in return for getting rid of fossil fuels considering that if we don’t we’re eventually going to fucking die. Where do I check out?

    • @BookDamage From what and how you write I can tell you never had any real problems in your life, and seem quite childish, so I'll make assumption that you are fairly young. There are things in the world that you can never change no matter how much you worry about them or pretend to worry. We live in the most comfortable and peaceful time in human history and it's 100% thanks to fossil fuels and nuclear power, and when they go, so does "overpopulation" and our peace and comfort around the world. Be thankful and grateful for what you have while you have them. The world isn't going to end. Humanity will not go extinct. All animals will not die. Socialism and giant technocratic governments controlling everyone worries me the most, apart from having food on my table.

    • @Pekka Viitala Take for example murderers. They kill other humans just for fun/cash, wich is truly a disgusting thing. There's no animal, alien or any species that posses a threat to oru existence besides... ourselves.

    • @Pekka Viitala Because we humans, are the cause of our problems, there's smart people out there, but the sad truth is that there's also idiots who cause most of our problems, like donald trump, kim jong un and most politicians out there. There's also karens, terrorists and that kinda retards, if we want to survive we've got to fix ourselves.

    • Why would you say that? I would be scared of my children going hungry, not people who help them not doing so.

  • Highlander II: The Quackening!! XD

  • Nothing about the meat egg and milk indrustry

  • And as usual I’m met with terror and excitement at the end of a Kurzgesagt video

  • 7:21 I found a piranha plant from mario

  • Like si quieres un panel solar en tu casa

  • Ay alguien aquí que hable español

  • Someone make this guy president.

  • WE NEED MORE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS! S. Korea Government : Dont build more nuke plants!

  • Finally an space to know I'm not the only one who thinks like this

  • Hopium. Climate change is irreversible and society will collapse well before this.

  • علم لازم ينهار

  • Everything has a cost. within reason we protect the environment. the Earth is not our God. Climate change has been happening for a long time already and naturally the smaller an Ice Cube gets the faster it melts but once Yellowstone blows it ain't going to freaking matter anyway. we're all just going to be dead and we're going to have a lot cooler temperatures on Earth

    • @Potato Warrior shut off your electric, shut off your phone. Quit driveing your car. you got to decrease your carbon footprint. I'm going to keep feeding the world and the only thing I ask is the same thing all Farmers ask. when you complain about us please don't talk with your mouth full

    • We added an external source of CO2, nature cannot keep up.

    • @Dan Theisen - Cool story.

    • @Bean that's to say nothing of the methane digesters coming online now.

    • @Dan Theisen - Buddy, they have to _show their work._ Part of basic science is doing an experiment that other people _can repeat_ and get similar results. What you’re proposing is that hundreds upon thousands upon millions of scientists from the past century are all joined together in a massive conspiracy, which is incredibly infeasible. Also, the unfortunate implication IF we can take you at your word is that scientists are untrustworthy and unreliable narrators. At that point the earth becomes flat, vaccines suddenly do cause autism, and the moon is a hologram. Also, on the animal stuff: First I think that our efforts should be focused on things that cause higher emissions like energy production and transportation, since agriculture only makes up 10-11%. However, growing meat WOULD cause less emissions. Just look at a cow-it’s a living creature, and like most living creatures it converts oxygen to co2. Cows are generally kept for six years before being slaughtered, and cows on average release 30 to 50 gallons of CO2 a day. Now multiply that cow by several million and add in all the other kinds of livestock, and you see that those carbon emissions are _really_ starting to build up. Lab grown meat absolutely _would_ mean fewer emissions. That being said, I really don’t think we should be focusing on stopping meat production until we’ve got the big offenders squared away.

  • honestly just stop eating animals they emit 50 % of the world CO2 emissions

    • @Use This Card To Cleanse Your Soul my actual comment was on animals only and eating them causes a large number of CO2 emissions so, I think at this point you just want to prove I’m wrong and not actually try to understand what I’m saying

    • @aspet_A Did i even talked about animals kiddo?

    • @Use This Card To Cleanse Your Soul well in any case eating animals is not sustainable there isn’t enough space for that

    • @aspet_A Its a documentary but it says that Its a conspirancy THEORY and if you see a THEORY on some documentary means they dont know if its real or not, Not all documentaries are real, And some of them is for fooling peoples.

    • @Use This Card To Cleanse Your Soul its not a theory do you know the meaning of a documentary

  • This makes me wonder why the pandemic started just to stop global warming. what there to grasp if humanity is facing extinction

  • What about chemical factories? Chemical factories are at their peak producing different products to make different products we use in our daily lives. But the byproducts are extremely toxic and burning them using flare towers release CO2. And these factories are producing about 6 to 25 gigatons of CO2 (estimated) per year.

  • Peep the Iron Man armour at 4:18 - futurist Tony Stark would be pleased

  • I just finished watching The Blob. The end of the film dialogue by Steve McQueen is so 'chilling' in relation to climate change. A warming Arctic will release The Blob and it will have mutated to survive anything humans can throw at. it.....☠👾

  • I am 8 but i also try to be eco friendly i Have replacements for ever day things like toilet paper just use rags!!Any way Dont buy plastic cups use glass cups ok i have to end this comment its way to long bye!

  • How does access to contraception lower CO2 emissions...

    • @TimPlaysGames YT China would love you. Also, nobody seems to care about the hungry kids in Africa when it comes to CO2 emissions. Birth rates have lowered in western countries as opposed to non-western ones, by the way.

    • @deepstrasz less humans less co2

    • @TimPlaysGames YT less humans, less plants for vegetarians as well? I mean, cows are just one sort of animal out there.

    • Less humans less cow

  • The planet has always been changing even before humans. Have we accelerated climate change yes but it doesn’t matter what we do the earth and the universe are going to die we’re just ants in a room nothing we do have impact once the universes explodes taking everything with it nothing humans have done or accomplish will remain nothing u do in life matter the only thing that will remain in this universe are black holes but even after a trillion years black holes dies there will be nothing left only god and lady death will remain so to all the climate activists and climate deniers it really doesn’t matter who’s right in the end this planet will die and there’s nothing you can do 🤷‍♂️ Edit: unless you can bend reality to your will

  • You can plant a tree without even paying. Use Ecosia. Every 45 Searches you do there,a tree is planted.

  • Please make a video about civil car electrification nonsense.

  • will be nice instead of selling t-shirts, notebooks and other stuff ..just for climate, sell plants or books on how to grow food on small spaces.!! We can reduce the dependency on industries.!! Just an idea😋