The Sea Peoples & The Late Bronze Age Collapse // Ancient History Documentary (1200-1150 BC)

Publisert 27. sep.. 2020
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1:14:05 SIX - THE LUKKA
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- The British Museum
- National Archaeological Museum of Athens
- National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari
Some of the sources used in this production:-
- N.K. Sandars - The Sea Peoples
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& many more
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  • Alright then guys. Months of effort on this one. Nearly broke me. Glad to have it finally out there. Who do you think the Sea Peoples were? Let me know what you think in the comments! Don't forget to like, subscribe, comment etc and why not share with a like minded friend. Where would you like to see me go and film next once it's a bit easier to travel? Thanks for watching and see you next time

    • @Cro Magnon Fire-amid = Shem landing pad and blast deflectors

    • What i find interesting is that during this same time period suddenly there is pyramid building and tales of quatzalcatl on the other side of the whirld

    • @Kathyrin Kate York I am from NZ and know their culture. Austronesians only ever sailed in the Tropics, crossing against the Trade-winds to search for islands and sailing back with the Trade-winds if they did not find any. Then 2300 years ago a Great Navigator rediscovered the South Island of NZ, coming from the West, much like Abel Tasman did 1900 years later. The great navigator (Phoenecian - Descendent of Atlanteans) sailed across the Pacific, did not pass Cape Horn and headed back towards Polynesian Tonga, where he left his Star charts. All Polynesians from throughout the Polyn. Triangle know of this encounter and the South ISland of NZ is called after him, "te waka a Maui" => the boat of the great navigator. When Maori settled NZ much later, they recall encountering a tall and a smaller race of white people, fishing with nets and living in the forest. Polynesians fished with hooks....

    • Atlantean sailors stranded asea

    • O

  • I think they come from that whom today is called the North sea

  • So a kingdom that is also a trading hub.. I see what Oda had in mind now

  • 1:03 strangely enough I was already watching this bc of One Piece

  • Kinda crazy, Egyptians were around for so damn long probably saw many languages die and probably warned us through picture in the event that their language was ever lost so that we may learn from the many things that had went wrong in the world

  • Dude I would not watch this many commercials for Jesus. Maybe if you had actual film footage of Dinosaurs. Or if you were doing a live interview with sea people.

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  • This is the worst documentary about seamen I've ever seen

  • Nicely Done. Clearly it was a World at War and Clash of Civilizations driven by rapid Climate Change, Earthquakes and Famine. This was a HUGELY important time for the Mediterranean Civilization and a very complicated story to tell. You provide a great deal of information context and color that complements other commentaries on the subject. It also explains why and how later Empires and States evolved in the face of constant internal and external threats. Ironically, the “sea peoples” sound like proto- Viking cultures - same ships, weapons, tactics, cultures, etc. Is it possible the Sea Peoples came from N. Europe - e.g., the migrating Beaker people? We know that regular (approx every 400 yrs), radical climate changes drove mass migrations from the northern region between Denmark, Holland and Germany toward ancient Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. I would like to have seen more on how the sea faring Phoenician City States survived and thrived in the chaos constant wars bw Empires and “Viking” Sea Peoples. Perhaps they were the original Arms Dealers.... Perhaps you could show time lapse of growth and decline of each regional empire? Thanks again!

  • They were from Ireland Scotland Wales and England

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  • A one man crew, my god my man this is ten times better than anything one would find on the history channel bravo my man.

  • You Sir are one of those ppl who push the world forward. a giver,a teacher and a rebel. You deserve all the praise you receive.

  • This is better quality than just about everything the History channel produces these days, AND IS ACTUAL HISTORY AND NOT REALITY TV. You good sir just got another subscriber.

  • Sea men are actually responsible for all human history.

  • Excellent production, great video. Whenever I see these 'Sea people', nobody describes them adequately. I mean the ancients don't describe them adequately. However the Egyptians were excellent in depicting different peoples. They are easily recognizable for who they are. With the 'Sea People', they don't seem to resemble any but one group. If they had come from the East I might hazard a guess they were from the area of India, but we know they were from the West. They are slender and lithe, if they resembled anybody they resembled the Egyptians, or might I venture, American Indians. In the Bronze Age a staggeringly huge amount of pure copper was mined from the Great Lakes, N. America. I'd have to look it up, but I think they said like billions of tons. It was very pure copper. History Channel 'Wolter' has suggested Minoans (who by the way seem to have been practically Egyptian, cousins of an earlier history) were mining this copper, because it was worth more than gold back then. Those head coverings they are depicted wearing look unique also. Are those feathers, arranged in a crown type headdress? Then there is the name Minoan (mine - oan) , maybe this sounds stupid, but I've seen these word associations all my life and many of them turn out to be real. Why they would be staging military operations is a different topic, but I've seen others suggesting they were looking for something. If they needed tin, they could have gotten that in the British Isles. Perhaps with the global drought conditions (the Americas had this also) they tried to extract the wealth they thought they should have received through trade, except for the civ crushing life conditions.

  • Just came across your channel it’s the 1st video of yours I’ve seen and I’m quite impressed by the professional voice overs and a1 production quality. Informative professional and well researched. I had to like n subscribe keep up the great work.

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  • The narrator doesn't even mention the Dorian invasion of Greece, which all Historians of ancient Greece led to the conquest of Mycenean Greece and the destruction of Mycenean civilization. This obviously set in motion mass migrations both of Mycenean (more accurately, Ionian) Greeks in search of new lands to settle and booty to sell, now that they could no longer work the land. The Ionian migration eastward must then have displaced the non-Greek populations of the Anatolian coast, who were also forced to seek lands and booty elsewhere to survive. Edypt and the Levantine coast were obvious targets. The narrator's theory that many of the raiders came from Sardinia is improbable, since the Sardianians were workers in bronze, while the Sea Peoples possessed iron weapons. That is what gave them superiority over the Edyptian forces, which were still using bronze weapons.

  • I have a slight theory about the reason for the confusion among sea peoples and where they came from and the names given them . It is possible that in the Late bronze age there were two things defining people that were more spread , Geography and religion . It is possible that the names for a "people" were either connected to the region they came from and their ethnicity , or alternatively the Gods they devoted themselves to , much like today ,someone can be American and Jewish or Muslim , French , and of African descent . This could have been just as prevalent in the late bronze Mediterranean age as today . So names for "sea peoples" may have been more about their religion than their specific geographical provenance , and also about their geographical / cultural provenance . If there was a religious component to the upheaval at the end of the late bronze age it might explain some of the inconsistencies and confusion around why different ethnicities ended up shuffled around the region . This occurs to me because of the similarities and differences in the naming you mention for different sea peoples . Weshesh Teresh Ekwesh all refer to Esh ( I believe these might be their devotion to a particular god/goddess ) and the geographical provenance could be included . As if today I was distinguishing American baptist Christians from Greek orthodox and Spanish Roman Catholic Christians . If there were religious tensions around the Mediterranean at a time of great cataclysm that could have rallied different religious groups. For (fictitious ) example an elite class of Danu worshipping Greeks fleeing the mainland insurgency of Esh worshipping middle class and peasants, might attempt to rally in one strong area , thus concentrating for a time in a geographical location and becoming associated with that area , while the Esh worshippers try to grow their influence allying with other regions to form invasion forces . This would lead to some devotees becoming more aligned with a geographic or ethnic group and fighting against those of the same religion from other geographic or ethnic areas during wars . Catholic and Protestant English people fought against catholic and protestant Germans in WW2 . At other times in history , Catholics from multiple ethnicities have fought against Muslims in the levant . This period is certainly one with great questions and very deserving of study . Many thanks for this video . It is very balanced , comprehensive and thought provoking , and very well put together . I enjoyed it .

  • "Peoples"

  • Am I the only one who is thinking Vikings the whole time not actual Norsemen but Bronze Age equivalents I mean the parallels are striking

  • didn't expect that it's a premiere episode :D

  • I think it's worth saying that this is the superior documentary on the Sea Peoples. No overly dramatic chaotic retellings of an already apocalyptic series of events, no siding with this or that side, a fair shake to every potential theory, and a literal breakdown of every single tribe/group possibly involved.

  • Was hoping this would be about the austro-polynesian peoples, although may not be enough evidence around for that

  • Thanks for this nice documentary. As an historian, I have to correct some points : Ulysse never went to Aegyptus (read Homeros again if you have any doubt), but Menelas did. The first French Empire didnt last from 1804 to 1805, but till 1815 (Waterloo defeat against Wellington), with a few month pause in 1814. Sharing knowledge to everyone is a beautiful mission, but giving false/incomplete informations isnt helping much... Anyway, I'll gladly watch your nicely done videos. Good luck and stay safe :)

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  • I really appreciate the factual, in-depth info & pacing of the narrative, as well as the story-telling tone used to keep it from becoming boring. Thank you for avoiding the mistakes that other history vids make such as time wasted on unproven theories and excessive use of stock footage/unrelated images, or repetitive & overly dramatic commentary. This is a fascinating journey into the past led by a knowledgeable host with a soothing voice. Thank you so much for this, this is a gem.

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  • History time I'm not holding back I'm just going to release my work over 10 years I've kept this. Humanity need this...

  • Brilliant work. Very informative and well presented. This is the best documentary I have seen on The Late Bronze Age Collapse. Even more informative than most of the books I have read on the subject. Congratulations and thank you.

  • Land of the Nile lol sure it’s known more famously than that ....

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  • The Atlantic Bronze-age came to an end 3200 years ago, after it had evolved for a period of almost 5000 years, during the Holocene Climatic optimum, when the mouths of the Rhine and Elbe rivers offered food to sustain the highest population density in central and northern Europe. After the Storegga Tsunami, we find its first evidence, the Solar and Moon observatory near Gosek (7500 years ago) at the Saale river, contributary of the Elbe river (Stonehenge built at the exact same latitude 3000 years later!). The observatory itself built after the Storegga Tsunami 8150 years ago, when survivors followed the Elbe river upstream to the nearest high ground level site south of the Harz mountains and upstream the Saale river. A new Atlantis capital was built near Helgoland. They used stars signs as maps to navigate the Atlantic coast and ocean and into the Western Mediterranean, where in later years, with the mining of copper and tin at the harz mountain and tin in Cornwall and Copper and tin in South western Iberia, trading settlements were established in what later should become Carthago, where Atlantean Seapeople descendants, the Phoenecians re-established Carthago. The Atlantic Bronzeage collapsed 3200 years ago, when a celestial object destroyed their capital Atlantis near Helgoland (see evidence Spanuth) and their homeland. The object came in from the the South-west (monotheistic Egypt) (as described by Plato 9000 moons ago = 800 yrs before Plato = 3200 years before present). The Urnfield culture you mention represents the adaptation of the survivors of the catastrophe to migrating south and south-west to survive outside of their destroyed homeland but also to escape the severe cold that gripped central and northern Europe and ended the Holocene Climatic optimum with this impact. At the same time other regions further south (Hittites, Minoans) experienced extended periods of droughts and associated cultural decline. The reason the Atlantean survivors (The Seapeople) attacked Egypt with such resolve may have its origin in the uncompromising monotheism of Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV, 1364-1347 B.C.) and the revengeful god of the chosen people. The seapeople may have associated the impact that destroyed their homeland with the works of a vengeful desert demon (monotheism). This also is likely to be the reason why this second Atlantean culture (The Seapeople) is shrouded in Fiction and Misinformation by todays' monotheistic powers.

  • Excellent Documentary.

  • Love this stuff! It's great but it's kind of difficult to put it all together if you don't have a strong educational background in this area.

  • Unbelievably great video. Thank you!

  • I discovered this channel a week ago and this the third time I'm watching this video

  • I just love how amazing these documentaries of yours are. It’s crazy to think a NOlong channel is 10x better than the history channel.

    • I just love how amazing these documentaries of yours are. It’s crazy to think a NOlong channel is 10x better than the history channel.

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  • Sicily may have been the sea ppl. There is no information at all of the earliest ppl that lived there.

  • It appears that Every single Presentation of Ancient History, regardless of who produces it, has the same hokey , overly dramatic Sound Design and corny music that is a staple of the History Channel ...It so undermines the integrity of the content...Try finding a single presentation of Gnostic Gospels (aside from a poorly recorded Academic lecture) that isn’t degraded by these utterly lame production values. Thankfully, there are Closed Captions on many of these presentations.

  • This is so in depth. Absolutely excellent work.

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  • Tell the discovery of America it was east to Asia for silk an goods. From the ice age to the 1400s. But when u look at the ice age there was the land bridge between present day Alaska an Russia and its roll on migration 100 thousand years ago. Following mammoth migration. Into Russia. And Europe an north America the islands that make up Alaska. Would of been a single land mass above water. Tell something such as a mega quake to break it up and ice cap along it and how trade could of been possible between the years 200 bce to 700 bce then people build the silk road. An agriculture takes hold at the end of the last ice age an can be seen in history an the use of different metals an where they got it from and how much

  • Takes a French republican to crack the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics because he didn't want to be controlled by the catholic church to determine historical accuracies

  • If sea levels where lower during the last ice age. Then crete would of been a single chain of islands that would of cut off the north Aegean from the Mediterranean making them islands larger. Then in comes Santorini an the eruption of the volcano an series of tsunami an break up of the island. That is now crete

  • 335 bc Atlantis zip to the late bronze age

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  • See:"the philistine inscription 4,5 from Ashkelon(Israel) Balkan tribes could be responsible for bronze age collapse because large number of people. On serbian lenguage luka(lukka)mean port!😀

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  • 55:05 - Of course tin was mined in Sardinia, how else do you think we have tinned sardines?

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  • Small nimble ships powered by ores with animals heads at the front who attack from the water. Vikings? Look i am not saying they are Vikings but come on, this sounds allot like Vikings. Vikings are Goths, Goths are said to have come from the North Western lands of the Black Sea.

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  • I just wanted to say thank you for this documentary. It's a very insightful video about a little know part of history that people don't read about except for historians such as myself. You make better stuff than what they have on TV. Keep in mind everyone this was all done by ONE individual with no TV crew to help. 1177 B.C by Eric Cline is a good book about the collapse of the bronze age. This is an amazing documentary. Thank you!!!!!!

  • Leather armor did NOT exist... Until hollywood...

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  • Pyramids are not, NOT monuments to any Pharaoh.

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  • this is an incredible video... even more incredible when you said you do this by yourself!! i have subscribed! this so informative and entertaining, thank you for all you do! love from korea!~ i’m wondering if you’ve done any episodes on my country’s ancient histories. have to go look now >->

  • I just wanted to say thank you for this documentary. It's a very insightful video about a little know part of history that people don't read about except for historians such as myself. You make better stuff than what they have on TV. Keep in mind everyone this was all done by ONE individual with no TV crew to help. 1177 B.C by Eric Cline is a good book about the collapse of the bronze age. This is an amazing documentary. Thank you!!!!!!

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  • Man, despite your somewhat too-spooky narrative style, I really enjoyed this video - particularly the great depth you got into and the way you used evidence to support your argument for the Greeks and their multinational confederation. I truly feel like I just learned a lot and gained a whole new perspective on history. You have earned a fan and a sub. Keep up the good work!

  • Alright then guys. Months of effort on this one. Nearly broke me. Glad to have it finally out there. Who do you think the Sea Peoples were? Let me know what you think in the comments! Don't forget to like, subscribe, comment etc and why not share with a like minded friend. Where would you like to see me go and film next once it's a bit easier to travel? Thanks for watching and see you next time

  • I'd love to watch more than a couple minutes, but sadly the constant change in music is putting me really off. Can't focus on the topic for a longer time in this presenting style.

  • There are some problems: the battle of Kadesh wasn't won by anyone, it was a complete disaster for both sides and secondly the war of Troy was after the Bronze Age Collapse.

  • Thank you for presenting your theory. As you stated, it is conclusive, yet encouraging. I this encouraged many people to do their own research. I also hope that there will be more information as we get into the science of how they used different scientific processes in the study of the Dead Sea scrolls and in DNA. I'm going to add this to my Google alerts so that when new information comes up I'll be able to see it. I also read a book about this and it is pretty compelling. Thank you for your effort.

  • Could it be at all possible, that a genius who wished to go unnamed had the following idea: "Living among those empires, he found their weaknesses and exploited them, by raiding everyone in sight. Since anyone of the ruling kings of those days would have most likely retailiated, conquered and/or destroyed their base of operations, the masterplan was to disguise themselfs in such shape or form that noone would recognize them. The "Sea people" are born.

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  • The Hittite tribe of Luvite became the Brahmin tribe of the Hiburus; ‘africanizing’ the jews

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  • With all that fighting it is hard to believe their weapons remained so primitively for so long. Basically they were either businessmen or soldier.