Publisert 11. okt.. 2020
The Sidemen race to eat a food for every letter of the Alphabet. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • Fam Polish dumplings are the best🔥🔥

  • 46:13

  • whats the song at 30.40

  • They think the rain is bad there they should come to Ireland

  • Ethan: We're sidemen, we're rich. Harry: Save the pennies.

  • ''diii diii.. dinosaurs'' ive never laughed so hard before

  • F=figrolls

  • I Ate 2 Slushies and 2 Ice Cream cones and surprisingly didn't get a brainfreeze HOW DO U GET A BRAINFREEZE?!?!

  • Where was tommyinnit

  • Why did they all look green🤣 Did the happen for anyone else ?? Love the Sidemen videos though❤️

  • 12:32

  • How did it even cost 20k????

  • josh is weird man

  • Pause the video at 0:00

  • We just gonna act like the boys weren’t being gentlemen and allowed the lady to enter the store , I see u gents , we ain’t simps out here 🤝

  • Who’s the qt camera girl!

  • Wait hold up team cringe didn’t finish their apple

  • Vikk continusaly rubbing his forehead until someone notices and gives him attention

  • I like how vikk is having a serious brain freeze and no one cares😂 27:18

  • Love watching millionaires not wearing face masks and making a point about not giving money to charity

  • 23:10 one of the funniest moments in sidemen history I don’t know why

  • I just subscribed all to the sidemen channels

  • 12:59 didn’t have to do him like that

  • Harry why no money for charity 😢

  • No one gonna mention the fact that Ethan threw his McDonald’s fries packet on the floor ?

  • I swear the team with jj were just going to the same place just 20 mins behind

  • I swear they have telepathy always choosing the same things

  • 9:36 ksi to the pigeon "ay youre nuts" the woman next to him to ksi-"ay youre nuts"

  • Simon: feeds JJ some ice cream JJ deep inside: “please, stop I swear, it’s Reddit man..”

  • Abcdefh 😂

  • When they say edimarma I have no clue what they’re talking about ITS A PEA BRO

  • did they rlly eat ice when there was ice cream on the table

  • WHERE ARE YALL MASKSSS 🤧🤭 it’s giving me very much Corona

  • man's said rabbit lmao

  • Your team name is double oreo

  • do an anouthor amoung us vid

  • 31:18 lol wtf

  • Anyone else notice that Behz chucked his fries packet in the floor 20:24

  • Is it me or does tho fries look better than the fries in America from McDonald's

  • 21:21 what’s the background song? I’ve heard it in multiple sidemen videos.

  • 6:48 i can confirm

  • Ba ba babybell

  • I love Josh, Ethan and Vic. such a good trio

    • both teams worked good together tbh

  • 20:50 vik missed his chance to say im berry full

    • That would’ve been cringe

  • Plus he doesn’t Want to eat a banana 🍌 because he has a small 🤏🏻one

  • They are the bast clan but tied with faze

  • Same

  • 55:26

  • “We’re wronguns” I felt that 😂

  • Why is ethan smaller than vik now?

  • I love how jj is so worry about eating banana.

  • 40:40 is this a jschlatt quote

  • We only like eating vids just to see ksi bulking

  • respect for Ethan for wearing his mask most of the time

  • They are trying to make Ethan fat again lol

  • Ethan just throw the Macdonald paper on the ground. Perfect example

  • “I eat this long time” 😂

  • JJ: donuts!! Simon: he just said that Toby: he isn't kiddin lmao

  • i just started recently looking at these guys and everything about ethan, harry, and tobi i’m in love with!

  • 19

  • Are we just gonna overlook 24:52 how perfectly time the fries were with the music

  • They should do tiktok dances

  • I’m surprised they didn’t get fined

  • Anyone notice how terrified that woman in the yellow jacket was of JJ. (9:36)🤣🤣

  • hi

  • 31:56 So wheres the guy in the suit going then?

  • imagine harry jj and ethan as a team lmao

  • There's nothing better than 4 grown men standing outside an Italian, shouting "there's no doughballs" in a very concerned manner.

  • "Mans out in the rain" "Mans gonna do pain" Don't give a f about all your smash mains

  • Rabbit lmfaooo

  • They're called hamburgers because they originated from Hamburg, Germany same with frankfurters, except they came from Frankfurt, Germany.

  • I wish I had friends Like the sidemen.. I get so upsetti spaghetti😞

  • 48:48 fake taxi

  • 4:40 team: lets go get an apple Harry: what r we getting ice cream. 😂😂

    • “let’s do K at urs” is probs my fave quote of the century

  • nice

  • 10:27 baguette begins with b right

  • This had so much potential but I feel they weren't taking it seriously. Still fun though.

  • Any one clock tobi saying pineapple and then smiling because he didnt get caught?😂😂54:32

  • they literally drank juice w the ice cream

  • “I mean u wanna be on d clearly”-KSI

  • Hold on. Did Josh , Ethan and Vik skip R?

  • What u had for R Harry: We had rabbit

  • One of the best sidemen Sunday

  • I swear they just called a strawberry a grape...

  • 14:10 "stop with ksimon memes" what jj? WHATTT?

  • Was anyone shouting there's a Macdonald's next to itsu there's fries there then they walk about for like 10 mins and then realised "oh Macdonald's" 😂🙄

  • I’ve never seen Josh so hyper lmao

  • It’s called a hamburger because they were invented in a place called Hamburg

  • “let’s do K at urs” is probs my fave quote of the century

  • We all know why JJ didn't want to eat the banana.

  • bandok will be ashamed of u harry?

  • They never saw New York sparrows pigeon or crows

  • is it just me or quavers was the first thing that came to my mind when the said Q

  • But viks team cheated they didn’t eat all the kale

  • Talking about jam and jelly when Joe and the juice is right there 🤦‍♀️

  • Tobi woi woi woi woi woi Me jump up rise this toy

  • Vikk can't even finish an apple ffs

  • so we aren't gonna talk about how they said only 24 letters when there's 26 in the alphabet

  • One word: "Rabbits"🥴😂

  • jj: i dont like bannanas his reddit: sToP tHe CaaAAP