Publisert 24. des.. 2019
It's the last barbershop of the year. Molly is blind and is debuting her barber skills for the first time.
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People in this vid:
Molly Burke
Josh Peck

camera man


  • hahah wtf is up with Josh? He loooks like he hasn't slept in 2 months and took drugs. Still love him.

  • How do her eyes go everywhere perfectly to where people would be standing or at jonah or at Jeff’s hand etc.. she ain’t fucken blind

  • She's acting as if it's her first time being blind

  • damn wen nick wasnt huge

  • jeff is clearly having a hard time grasping she’s blind 😂

  • NGL its easy to crush on her, what a sweet gal

  • Jeff is way more attractive than Todd 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Pause at 9:33. Josh looks like a wax figure of himself haha Must be the lighting or something XD

  • *Pretty Girl* and _Jonah_ *PG* - I hate facial hair ( _i can fix that_ ) *PG* - u've quite small hands ( _damn_ )

  • these vids are so addictive

  • blind person: I think it looks good! wait

  • where is he snow boarding in LA ?

  • I got a Botox commercial at the beginning of the vid , coincidence, I think not

  • Should have josh peck more often bro 🤣🤣🤙🤙🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • 9:28 man i was scared...she looked straight into my soul

  • Shes cute

  • Really a closet

  • Why does josh peck look wasted

  • just saying, jeff is way better looking than todd HAHAHA (also personality wise because jeff is fucking awesome)

  • December 2020 little did we know that mask became a reality in couple of months

  • 1:51 Jonah...lol

  • Josh looks so good with his hair like that!

  • 1:00 Jeff’s most liked video

  • Rude

  • I feel so bad for laughing when Jeff said I can’t see it and molly said me tow

  • molly kinda look like demi lovato here👀

  • get rid of Johon

  • I hate that this girl is blind but she’s peaky I hate it

  • 6:55 I love how Jeff immediately took the blame to make Molly not feel bad

  • How is she blind

  • Jonah is Naruto?

  • I got the same hairline as Jeff

  • Mean while jonahs fighting the chair😂😂

  • why’s josh peck chilling on the side lolol

  • jeff can pull off bad hair

  • is it just me or does josh look like drakes distant cousin

  • Bruh molly looked at the camera she can see

  • Jeff is for sure baeeeee

  • Pointing at something is the worst thing you can do to a blind person. Jeff: Have you seen the show before?

  • She didn’t look blind


  • dude is it just me, or is she an asshole. Like she's not even funny. If she's trynna be funny she should stop. She's just an asshole. And she's so picky for being a freaking blind person. Just shut the hell up

  • Poor Jeff 🥺🥺🥺🥺 you making me cry

  • How is she making perfect eye contact and looking at the camara? Is she actually even blind?

  • jeffs humour is incredible! heart eyes

  • I don’t know why but he does not seem like the type of person who should have a channel. He seems like the kind of guy who hangs with cool people and never jokes around.

  • Man she is one lucky woman😂

  • My names Jeff

  • Josh Peck looks 😬

  • She has an awesome personality

  • molly is the only human to make Jeff slightly nice in his videos

  • Someone tell Molly that Jeff is way hotter than Todd don’t let Jeff lie to you, love his personality more as well‼️

  • Jonah's high af

  • This is interesting but photos for the blind is cool: @BnPo

  • why the fuck is josh there?

  • When Jeff said it’s almost the end of the year Me- I wished that year never ended

  • I like ya cut g

  • Jeff was being sarcastic when he said he thinks Todd is better looking lol in the lie detector test on Jason's channel when asked if he thinks he's the best looking he said no but got caught as a lie and said he was just trying to be humble 🤣😂

  • i have a feeling that she aint blind

  • It funny how the camera turns to Jonah and he’s like 👁👄👁

  • She is not blind

  • Where tf did josh come from😂😂

  • 1:40 Jeff: Have you seen any of these episodes Me: she’s fucking blind of course she hasn’t seen them.

  • Looks like the chicken shop dates girl

  • Jeff how do I look Molly I am blind Jeff shit 😂

  • she said i hope i win a car like bro i knew she wasnt blind

  • I never even thought about it but who cuts Jeff's hair?

  • jonahs so skinny in dis

  • Jeff:points at fat friend Molly: pointing to a blind person is the best thing you can do (enter sarcasm) Jeff: so.. have you seen any of these episodes Me: . . . .

  • She can see man!

  • 2019: uh wtf why wear a mask 2020: hes goimg to kill jonah with covid get him out now

  • I only liked because of how much I dislike Jonah

  • She did an amazing job 😦🤧 I want one 🥺

  • Uncle Josh Peck LOL

  • My anxiety was going through the roof when she was holding the clippers

  • Nice as a blind person myself I really like seeing this kind of content

    • the amen doubt you’ll read this...

  • You and molly would be cute together go for it

  • Jeff: i can't see anything Girl: me neither

  • I ship them so much!

  • 8:02 CUUUUTE I’m sobbing

  • This is the best xx

  • 5:28 josh is stoned

  • I see now, shes into nazis

  • 5:27 josh peck looks backed out of his mind

  • Mans hurt his neck I 🚫🧢 broke my neck at the age of 10

  • He is so nice and respectful he didn't even make a blind joke this dude has changed a little

  • Have u seen these videos 😂

  • 5:35 i thought hoovie was popping in

  • How does she know he was pointing at Jonah

  • Todd is ugly

  • is no one gonna talk about how she looked directly into the camera at 9:28

  • Idk if it was a coincidence but she looked directly into the camera at 2:07

  • I ship it

  • Why does josh peck look like that

  • How does a blind person talk to someone with more eye contact than me

  • He is the modern micheal scott

  • Molly seems racist

  • She has incredible eye contact👌🏻

  • Lol! Jonah the Man on the moon bro! Cool guy

  • Molly is such a good sport she was perfect for the show 🥴