Publisert 7. mars. 2021
Yes guys!!!!
We decided to take on The Volley Shot Challenge! This is a recent challenge we saw Liverpools Takumi Minamino take on on a Japanese gameshow!
It is much tougher than it looks!!!
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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch


  • Where’s billy

  • I would like to see Mbappe

  • where is billy wingrove

  • You need a new editor

  • try calling pogba to vs u and see who can win to give u a harder challenge

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  • Takumi is a car in Rocket League.

  • You beat him even more cause you hadn't done it since lockdown

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  • Where is Billy???

  • 放地上也能这么准吗

  • Where’s billy

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  • 日本人として南野選手が取り上げられて嬉しいです😃 I'm glad that Minamino was taken up as a Japanese player.😃

  • ... Eyy did this guy really give himself 2 hits for 1 shot in his second go ?

  • Yeah it’s alright... but it’s not quite Messi

  • I think you are better than Minamino

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  • Hey hi I'm from Italy but I don't know English very well so you could put the subtitles in Italian thanks I love you

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