Insane 2HYPE Trampoline Park Battle Royale!

Publisert 5. nov.. 2020
Today we did a battle royale in a trampoline park!
Thanks to Defy for allowing us to use their park!

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  • zack invented dodge ball by throwing rocks at people in 200bc

  • 14:17 lol Jeff and lsk

  • I left a like for happiness

  • my man jesser was having shower thoughts in that box

  • #wemissmopi‼️‼️

  • Let’s not talk about when the dude with a hurt ankle finished they added 2 seconds right at the end

  • Just kidding

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  • Me thinking back to the time when I first saw this video and then I was like this Chanel is ok then I came back 3 weeks ago and am now in love with the channel and wishing I had all the merch😭

  • Look at James posing with the merch

  • dasccb ddsssss

  • “As a hider, there is nowhere to hide, as a seeker, there is nowhere to find people” - James


  • What happened to jeidel in first round?

  • I'm surprised they aren't in compititon with mr beast

  • Zack a try hard

  • 22:39 thats pretty embrassing look at yourself my g you where just injured cmoooon

  • mint choco chip is my personal favorite

  • James tryhardness kills me

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  • Chocolate is my favorite

  • Ji

  • O O thanks for 29399393 likes

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  • Jesse dropshot Mitchell

  • Too high too high too high too high number to 200 number 222 right. The best.

  • Yo I'm love moochie

  • Romans 10:9, NIV: "If you declare with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

  • Fr

  • And one pack opening usually 3 million CCL

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  • before the fall of 2hype

  • What type of dodgeball do you guys play??? “If you drop it you’re out”....... tf 😅😅

  • 26:12 James look like an idiot as he is already one.

  • B

  • Did anybody notice that in the intro it says “royal” instead of “Royale” 💀

  • did james snitch on mooch?

  • Whenever Jesse is inside a cabinet he just starts become so wise, he's giving us his wisdom.

  • The teamwork

  • 8:37 lmao

  • Bro props to zachttg for having literally goated sportsmanship like If you agree 👍

  • When zach did the doble under the legsi was like 😳 he not playing

  • James a snitch

  • 12:50 he didn’t even make it lol

  • Zach was on sum T Jazz stuff in that one dunk ngl

  • That’s a lie that’s rasict

  • God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

  • Pray for cash

  • Zack: Its not a 2hype video if there not against me Me: Facts tho

  • I pray for cash and hope he's okay🥺

  • Everyone else hiding and hoping not to be found: Jessy: Why is it called a building if its already built?

  • Battle Royal hahahahah

  • i like choclate too

  • bro jesse speaking straight FACTS

  • Mitchell Is so funny

  • Why you need socks it ain’t like somebody care

  • Michel is a god at hide and seek

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  • These vids be making me kind of mad like why do they make noise and give themselves away. Like you could win and you are selling yourself.

  • James plz don’t ever jump a fence

  • James snitching on moochie being a (worker)😑

    • He didn’t snitch the round was already over when he said that

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  • You got to go at the wagon LMAO

  • hi

  • Mine is the peanut butter perfection from cold stone

  • Nobody gonna talk about this? 20:50


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  • Why is it called a foam pit if there’s no foam it should just be called cube pit

  • Yo what’s up steph

  • Hope yall make a video for march madness

  • mme saying cash is going to get stepped on

  • James a snitch for ratting out moochie I can’t stand that guy

    • He didn’t snitch beachside when he said that the round was already over dum dum

  • jield is a snitch

    • The round was already over when he said moochie was acting like a worker so really he didn’t snitch

  • Jesse is literally making me question life

  • Bro team edge did better

  • Yessssiiiirrrrr love the video bro now that in back we need another one of these bro💯💯🤣🤣💯

  • Who else remembers when defy was jumpology

  • 19:50 i find it funny how we just see Zach running like 100mph on the left 🤣

  • Who else realized that they didn’t show cash or zack being found.

  • hi im a big fan i have bot so much merch it would meen the world if you would reply

  • Lmao cash is funny as hell 2:23

  • Hi

  • No one: Jesse: oh look at those nice builts

  • i have never ben in my toilet for 30 mins

  • Your videos are so awesome

  • Jesser is acting high 😂😂😂

  • Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Cash at 20:06😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jesse: Why is it called a building if it's already built? Me: These are the real questions!

  • You guys should to do hide and seek in your city

  • Me to bro me to

  • Cool

  • The icy cancer analytically escape because bath worrisomely mine per a zany apparel. sick, perfect protocol

  • Jesser philosopher

  • Do another one

  • Why is James say rock paper scissors so agressively?