The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

Publisert 18. feb.. 2021
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
3D Animator: Eli (social handle: TwisterEli)
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:


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  • The response to this video has been huge. One of our biggest videos ever. We worked our ass off on these animations. Big shout out to Mike and Eli, our stellar animators. Also big thanks to Curiosity Stream, without them we simple would not have the budget to make something this ambitious. If you liked this video, you will love that Armstrong documentary on CS. It gives me some serious goals to work towards. Packed with information and beautiful story telling.

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  • It's amazing what people are capable of. And to think, while all this is going on, we are recklessly and thoughtlessly destroying our biosphere fast as we can. (Read, our life support system) Are we nuts or what?

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  • To make some sense of NASA's narration substitute "Iceland" for "Mars."

  • Open your mind, think critically. Examine the evidence. When has NASA ever been cross examined about its claims? News reporters accept what they say without any skepticism.

  • Thank you for the video RE !

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  • Two things happened to me that day, both triumphs of science. The Mars landing and my final COVID vaccination.

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  • As a retired machine designer and old enough to remember Project Mercury launching the chimpanzees into space before Alan Shepard and John Glenn, this is really fascinatingly Insane Engineering. Would've been great to be a part of if. Just glad I've been able to see it thru the last 60 years. Would love to be able to see the next 60 years.

  • It's pretty cool to think that while ur reading this little insignificant reply, perseverance is roaming mars.

  • Such a nice video!

  • The cameraman has tremendous courage 👍

  • What if Mars was obliterated millions of years ago! When i say that I mean the outside of the planet! The beings on the planet had burrowed into the planet millions of years ago! You won't bother them until you start digging! You get water on Mars for 3 months of the year on the North Pole as we'd call it! They could collect that and live within the planet! Musk has started to burrow into the earth for fast vehicle travel! I wonder if it's starting for us just like what happened to Mars!

  • Well, so basically soil samples will be lost because storms or covered by dust and become trash. Too many years until the next rover can take those.

  • I'm excited for Perserverance's and Ingenuity's finds. And I hope I can see the day when humans have a permanent base in Mars. And rovers possibly preparing a place for humans to stay.

  • I hope it goes wells :) but all the moving parts has me worried

  • today, MOXIE. tomorrow, terraforming Mars.

  • Enjoyed the show and may pay for more! But my Irish-sounding friend I am a retired ( 8 years ) USAF Crash Rescue Fire fighter and (14 ) Years US. Navy Air Crew Survival Equipmentman ( Aviation Life Support Systems ) and working at NASA on the Spacesuits would be the mecca of my job expertise. ..! But I am also a UFO BUFF and Air Craft Buff since I was 14 Years old watching Project UFO based off The Air Forces Project Blue Book !...I have seen just about every show that covered this subject matter before my military life and well after I have retired! Seen the SR-71 in 1970 when It landed with an emergency at my base Mealstrome AFB, MT! After retiring in 93 I took a contractor job working tor McDonnell Douglas / Boeing at NSAWC/ TOPGUN at Fallon Nevada, 130 miles from Area -51! I have talk to many F-4, F-5, F-16, F-14, F-15 Pilots long before VF-41 Pilots saw the Tic Tack UFO and other sightings! During all of my Data collections, I know of every UFO sighting around the world, and three years before I got station at Maelstrom AFB, MT there was a UFO that shut down all the Missile in the area and I have even been down inside a launch capsule out in the Montana boondocks and through co-workers, I know this to be true and factual as I later was a member of the Air Forces REDHORSE Crash recovery Deployment team ! I have to ask you, Are you aware of the Two Different NASA's? For years we have heard the reports of a flying Triangle Craft that has been seen all around this world for many years, Even the Tic Tack has been seen years before the Nimitz VF-41 F-18s spotted it! Now I hear it took 7 months to reach MARS! I hear we have a SpaceCraft the can go to mars and be bach before Noon! Maybe the TR3B ?.... Why are we paying for NASA and the Black Projects and get lied to about all this old space Travel BS and keep pumping $$$$$$ into NASA, Are we this stupid????? Phoenix, AZ 1997, thousands saw it, Brent Warters UK saw the same stuff as Maelstrom AFB saw ??? I think we can handle the truth and stop farting around with this landing on MARS when we have the so-called SPACE FORCE now SOLOR WARDEN as it was called! Bob Lazar's story and the many many people who have seen with their own eyes as I have! Don't panic the people, because truth is we are the low hanging fruit and if " They " wanted us gone they would have done so! It's time the truth came out and stop all this slow boat to China BS ! ( Excuse the Spelling and Bad grammar I had to speak my peace ! ) We are being Lied to! .....Man in Black !

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  • So plutonium dioxide is kind of an arc reactor For the perseverance 🤔 Coooooooooollll...

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  • I'm so excited to see the first human on Mars, I cant wait

  • Petition for Perseverance to find Oppy and give them a proper send off

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  • Sorry but this is completely fake like the moon landing. They can send back crystal clear images yet NASA admits all pictures of earth are CGI... And NASA says they can't go back to the moon because they lost the technology.

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  • Imagine Someday Earth Will Have It's Rovers From Mars

  • Amazing. Mankind's newest frontier.

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  • This is really incredible, but I had a thought/question... If the system is able to collect samples of Mars and move it through a system like that, why not create a highly capable compact spectrometer to run tests on the samples onboard and send the data back? This way there is no need to pickup what was grabbed, nor ship home.. just all the scientific review done automatically and all on system

  • Great, what’s on MARS that earth needs so badly?.

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  • I couldn't help thinking that this video was narrated by Ardon O'Hanlon.

  • Great explanations of the different systems and processes. I am not sure why we need to send humans there in the future, however.

  • This is amazing....Thanks for the Video looks real with real pictures I guess. My eye Spot it in minutes 13:44 that some object Moves or fly From right to left seems like comes up stop and moves faster to the left. Please someone explain that thank you.

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  • If you don't know "jezero" literally means "a lake" in some Slavic languages. Like in Czech, Slovak, Bosnian or Serbian (though Serbs write it as "језеро").

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  • "Mars used to be pronounced in one syllable. "MARZ." The pronunciation "May-ress" is a new one to me.

  • Anyone see the UFO, on the horizon, Fly away at 13:46 ???? Great vid.

  • Lies...also why not have solar powered drone capabilities and 360 cameras

  • So tell me how they actually communicate with it? If your just a few hundred miles from a tower no connection. How and what is carrying the signal all that distance?

  • Wow that definitely is amazing engineering. It's made me think humans getting there is a lot more closer to happening than I thought it was :)

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  • This was such a treat to watch and get a better idea of what is being used for this mission. Thank you so much for the great video and to all the people involved in this project. To all the Engineers and teams of specialists on this mission, you are amazing.

  • But how does it deal with the sand worms?

  • My God, i have goosebumps hearing these very deep scientific explanation of things included in this expedition...Imagine we are at year 2021 and we have already reached so much in terms of technology. Now imagine how much more it would be in years 2050 or 2100. We will all long be dead, but just imagine how much advancement man kind would be able to reach by then...Life is indeed so beautiful beautiful but such a very mysterious one. Enjoy everything guys, don't hesitate on things that you would want to do or achieve, don't let society dictate what should or you could be, start by confessing to your crush hahahaha DO it now!!!

  • It's amazing to think we might have soil from another planet within the next 5-7 years. I really hope I get to see it.....what a time to be alive.

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  • I feel so dumb listening to this, but it all makes more sense when youve studied physics

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  • This video is narrated. In a way Which seems like every breath is a new sentence Of its own.

  • 10:18 how do they generate 800°C with that tiny power source? Are they relying on the heat generated by compressing the Martian air?

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  • Defn: "Mares" - Female horses. Anyone else notice that @ 16:24, the top rotor blade is shown spinning in reverse?

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