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18:09Ranking EVERY Barcelona squad player!
16:58What I would do if my team got RELEGATED!!!
PREDICTING THE 20/21 FOOTBALL SEASON!Ganger 63 k23 dager siden
11:20Clubs that WON the transfer window!
Clubs that WON the transfer window!Ganger 38 k29 dager siden


  • who is here after the real madrid lost to shakhtar and drew magabalch

  • angelina is really beautiful

  • Pleasee, we want Matt Back, when i hear a girl talk about football, it's like i seen a guy talk about make-up

  • I miss matt😢

  • Imagine being so rich that you instead of buying a PlayStation or something to play like Football manager, you buy a club for fun and start buying stars They don't really know what to do with their money but I don't judge them lmao

  • Bayern of Liverpool FC

  • Bayern😂

  • Bro this is why women dont play football, they cant even understand the game

  • Ynwa forever 🔥

  • You look great today😍 keep up with good videos 👍

  • matt we mis you please come back

  • I think you all can make a video about teams that won the trebles and who was the most successful 2. U all can also make a video about which year of barca or real madrid team is the best team of the decade in la liga. 3. Best team that won the champion league

  • Where is Matt frohlich?