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2:36Grey Reads The 25th Amendment
Grey Reads The 25th AmendmentGanger 459 k19 dager siden
12:02Supreme Court Shenanigans!
Supreme Court Shenanigans!Ganger 2,2 millMåned siden
TOP SNEAKY STAMP!!!Ganger 654 kMåned siden
13:22Q&A With Grey: Thinking About Lockdowns Edition
2:45Weekend Wednesday
Weekend WednesdayGanger 1,7 mill2 måneder siden
18:10CGP Grey was WRONG
CGP Grey was WRONGGanger 2,2 mill2 måneder siden
1:13:43TEKOI -- Grey's Commentary
TEKOI -- Grey's CommentaryGanger 248 k2 måneder siden
6:58What was TEKOI?
What was TEKOI?Ganger 391 k2 måneder siden
1:05Tesla vs Tumbles, Reloaded
Tesla vs Tumbles, ReloadedGanger 587 k8 måneder siden
7:21How to be a Pirate: Quartermaster Edition 📙📈
17:38Exploring TEKOI
Exploring TEKOIGanger 1,2 mill8 måneder siden
10:59Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You
Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship YouGanger 2,6 mill6 måneder siden
9:48Going to the Weed Research Lab in Colorado
Going to the Weed Research Lab in ColoradoGanger 1,1 mill6 måneder siden
6:42The Trouble With Tumbleweed
The Trouble With TumbleweedGanger 3,7 mill8 måneder siden
1:20Behind the Scenes of Supreme Court Shenanigans!
6:24Your Theme
Your ThemeGanger 1,9 mill9 måneder siden
2:24YouTube vs Grey: A Ballad of Accidental Suspension
6:47'Indian' or 'Native American'?  [Reservations, Part 0]
42:56Electoral College & Apportionment Spreadsheet!
3:15🌍 Which Planet is the Closest?
🌍 Which Planet is the Closest?Ganger 3,3 millÅr siden
3:30Re: Which Planet is the Closest?
11:07The Race to Win Staten Island
The Race to Win Staten IslandGanger 3,3 millÅr siden
0:47Ask Grey a Question
Ask Grey a QuestionGanger 222 kÅr siden
4:49No Flag Northern Ireland
No Flag Northern IrelandGanger 2,7 millÅr siden
7:37:59Road Trip Part 2: The Long Dark
3:35:03Road Trip Part 3: Red Desert
Road Trip Part 3: Red DesertGanger 56 kÅr siden
7:48:52Road Trip Part 4: Moab to Las Vegas
5:19:35Road Trip Part 5: Destination LA
7:01Q&A With Grey: Favorites Edition
Q&A With Grey: Favorites EditionGanger 1,7 millÅr siden
20:32Airline Boarding Methods
Airline Boarding MethodsGanger 1,2 millÅr siden
0:26Footnote * from How to Become Pope
Footnote * from How to Become PopeGanger 827 k7 år siden
0:32Footnote † from How to Become Pope
0:22Footnote ‡ from How to Become Pope
8:55What is Federal Land?
What is Federal Land?Ganger 6 millÅr siden
7:29Who Owns The Statue of Liberty?
Who Owns The Statue of Liberty?Ganger 6 mill2 år siden
6:55Q&A With Grey: Just Because Edition
Q&A With Grey: Just Because EditionGanger 2 mill2 år siden
20:17Summer of Grey: Parts 1 & 3
Summer of Grey: Parts 1 & 3Ganger 922 k2 år siden
13:01The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
The Fable of the Dragon-TyrantGanger 7 mill2 år siden
8:55How Machines Learn
How Machines LearnGanger 5 mill2 år siden
2:23How Machines *Really* Learn.  [Footnote]
How Machines *Really* Learn. [Footnote]Ganger 1,3 mill2 år siden
12:00:0824 Hours of Death, Part 1
24 Hours of Death, Part 1Ganger 1,1 mill3 år siden
12:00:0124 Hours of Death Part 2
24 Hours of Death Part 2Ganger 715 k3 år siden
4:36Why Die?
Why Die?Ganger 6 mill3 år siden
7:32Q&A With Grey: Meme Edition
Q&A With Grey: Meme EditionGanger 2,6 mill3 år siden
15:34SURPRISE VLOG: 72 Hours in Las Vegas
SURPRISE VLOG: 72 Hours in Las VegasGanger 1,3 mill3 år siden
7:177 Ways to Maximize Misery 😞
7 Ways to Maximize Misery 😞Ganger 6 mill3 år siden
0:49FOOTNOTE † : 7 Ways to Maximize Misery
1:12Footnote †: Dollars Per Monetized View
0:58Footnote ‡: YouTube Red
Footnote ‡: YouTube RedGanger 970 k3 år siden
7:49Social Security Cards Explained
Social Security Cards ExplainedGanger 6 mill3 år siden
5:39Death & Dynasties
Death & DynastiesGanger 3,8 mill4 år siden
19:33The Rules for Rulers
The Rules for RulersGanger 12 mill4 år siden
4:30The Simple Solution to Traffic
The Simple Solution to TrafficGanger 20 mill4 år siden
6:20Brexit, Briefly
Brexit, BrieflyGanger 5 mill4 år siden
4:58You Are Two
You Are TwoGanger 8 mill4 år siden
2:52I, Phone
I, PhoneGanger 1,9 mill4 år siden
5:44The Trouble with Transporters
The Trouble with TransportersGanger 4,2 mill4 år siden
5:35Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication
4:02Who Owns Antarctica? (Bizarre Borders Part 3)
11:12Americapox: The Missing Plague
Americapox: The Missing PlagueGanger 8 mill5 år siden
9:00Brief History of the Royal Family
Brief History of the Royal FamilyGanger 12 mill5 år siden
2:20Not the Confederate Flag
Not the Confederate FlagGanger 4,5 mill5 år siden
3:34Las Vegas isn't Las Vegas
Las Vegas isn't Las VegasGanger 4,4 mill5 år siden
3:48Where is Scandinavia?
Where is Scandinavia?Ganger 4,6 mill5 år siden
6:38This Video Will Make You Angry
This Video Will Make You AngryGanger 8 mill5 år siden
2:37How to Never Miss A CGP Grey Video
How to Never Miss A CGP Grey VideoGanger 610 k5 år siden
1:36Quick and Easy Voting for Normal People
Quick and Easy Voting for Normal PeopleGanger 2,7 mill6 år siden
4:44Extra: STV Election Walkthrough
Extra: STV Election WalkthroughGanger 1,1 mill6 år siden
3:40Footnote † from STV: Switch To STV
3:02Footnote ‡ from STV: Hare Vs Droop
15:01Humans Need Not Apply
Humans Need Not ApplyGanger 13 mill6 år siden
6:24American Empire
American EmpireGanger 10 mill6 år siden
0:33* Parallel and Cross Cousins Explained
* Parallel and Cross Cousins ExplainedGanger 1,1 mill6 år siden
4:00Your Family Tree Explained
Your Family Tree ExplainedGanger 4,4 mill6 år siden
3:34Internet Citizens: Defend Net Neutrality
4:53Are Hong Kong & Macau Countries?
Are Hong Kong & Macau Countries?Ganger 5 mill6 år siden


  • I've flown dozens of times and my flights have NEVER filled back to front or window to aisle. It has always been front to back with tons of seat shuffles.

  • I've said it for years now: If everyone accelerated together when a light turned green, we could all get through. I always move with the car in front of me, but nearly everyone else waits for the car in front of them to move a couple car-lengths before they even start. Why??

  • oh god i do all this by accident wtf

  • Biden 2020

  • I literally checked my playback speed twice.

  • I think that its worth clarifying that like many things about the founding of the USA, it was done through compromise. The least populous states would have never joined the union if the president was elected on a popular vote alone, after all that would be giving up power. Judging the electoral college on the premise that it protects small states is only half the story, the most populous states also were not going to allow their major population not accounting for a kind of advantage. It would then be more accurate to portray the electoral college as empowering the smaller states, something that is necessary or the union starts to seem like more of a tyranny of bigger states over smaller ones.

  • Cgp should do a video on the gender pay gap. His audience might believe him and we can hopefully stop hearing all the bitching and moaning.

  • The sheer amount of redundancy in the agencies is... well, depressing, but not surprising

  • Solution: Reject humanity Return to monke

  • Don't sacrifice good for perfect. I wish I had a grasp of that, I almost never finish projects because of it.

  • with everyone once can play the hero that he will live long enough to see them selves as the villan

  • You need to hire _Animators Inc._ Ask for Anita Blake; she'd find it a nice change from her usual work, if she or her employer existed.

  • 0:23 this is also why your viewership only lasts the first 10 seconds of a video unless everyone is yelling and screaming

  • The beginning sounds like a trailer for a dystopian movie

  • Interesting facts about the Lord Mayor of the City of London is that they are given no salary for their services and serve only one-year terms but by tradition, they do not run for consecutive terms until this past year when the current Lord Mayor, William Russel, was elected to a consecutive term this past September because the City of London felt that changing governments in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic would have just added more chaos to an already chaotic situation This is the first time that's happened since the 1860's. Also, due to the one-year term limits, Russel is the 692nd Lord Mayor of London which I'm fairly certain means the City of London has had more Mayors than another city in the World.

  • The city in a city in a country in a country in a continent in a continent. Get it? Because Europe and Asia are "totally" separate continents despite the fact both landmasses are conjoined

  • Really appreciate all that you do to educate people grey. : ) I’ll take your advice and finish school and myself but the channel really helps me learn a lot. Plus I just love watching the videos lol, super cool, keep going!✔️ (and btw I think you and oversimplified would make an awesome history video together. (Ideas for future videos here)

  • jimmyfallon samcooke funnycats

  • Do California

  • Why are all the comments “wOw Is ThIs ReLeVaNt oR wHaT 🤔😔🙄😳😣🙃💀” what’s going on


  • That’s fitting that it’s named mercury

  • This is....... terrifying

  • Subscribe to jacknjellify

  • @36:54 Highways are supposed to have lights?? Apparently someone forgot to tell Maine; it'd be nice not to be dodging deer in the dark on my way back home from work!

  • All this video teaches me is that I should dislike senators even more than I already do.

  • Ive been on this schedual for about a year

  • Love this vid. Definitely engaged. Tekoi is interesting. I watch ads on silent.

  • Radiator Springs

  • Sooooo Nami and Chopper are really the real captains LOL.

  • anyone know what 47973 at the end of the vid is?

  • 4:45 congress alone but you forget that it's predicated by the word Thereafter. It doesn't fit the theme of your narrative but I never thought I'd have to fact check CGP Grey... sad times. The confusing part of that passage is whether the president is president during that 4 day limit. I had to stop after your mishap in your video. Sad times

  • Fucking bull shit go fuck ur self mate how gives a shit that our flag and it’s a flag how gives a shit

  • YES!

  • 3:58 Wait...holy crap, you uploaded it prematurely on purpose didn't you?? You sly bastard... Damn, you're smart. You're frighteningly smart.

  • I tell my kids Don't borrow to eat rather borrow to invest in bitcoin, Mrs Mclean is the best broker ever

    • When I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was all made up stories till I was convinced and gave it a try and honestly I don't regret the move I made because I invested in a big way I've not stopped thanking my friend who introduced me

    • I am willing to invest with her platform, I've also heard nice things about her down here in South Carolina 🇺🇲

    • @Anderson Cherry Awwnn

    • I never believed people would talk about her this much, she needs to see this I probably guess she would go down in tears 😢❤️

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  • Easiest solution for traffic:Tank

  • Near certain defeat? you're saying there's a chance.

  • Daylight Saving Time? More like Clock Raping Time.

  • sawp video. its been awhile

  • And here I was thinking WestWorld would never exist.

  • Btw if you didn't realise, the number on the title of this video changes. It doesn't show how much money this video generated but changes according to view count while estimating the revenue by using the formula in this video.

  • Here we are in 2020 and we still have a bad voting system :(

  • This video still messes me up, i think about it every so often and left brain just cannot comprehend how this is remotely possible.

  • so ami two? or one? am i two and one? i'm confused but i like it a lot

  • "people don't have ideologies, ideologies have people" ~Jreg 2020

  • I won't lie: I need this for all ammendments.

  • This is why I'm a center extremist, promote moderate beliefs through radical means.

  • *It's Wednesday My Dudes*

  • i have an idea. window middle top front to back.

  • I want to become a senator just to mess with the recess stuff.

  • My wife works "flex time", which allows her to work longer days Tue-Fri and have Sat-Mon off. That gives her Saturday to mostly sleep late, nap, recover. Sunday is family chores, and Monday is for doing all the things that would normally require a vacation day for such as doctor appointments, visits to the DMV or other government places closed weekends, and more relaxed and less crowded shopping.

  • Yeah, you say "I already read it on reddit" alot, the problem being, most of the time you say it while looking through reddit itself.

  • i'm confused, 4 countries form a country? Does'nt make sense.

  • "Fund public transport" would be even simpler. And you wouldn't need AI technology that's always 10 years away.

  • Since it doesn't seem to be common knowledge, I'm just gonna say it myself. Venus has an atmosphere, and it's denser than earth's, despite its slightly lower mass. It is because of this that it is the hottest planet, being even hotter than mercury, despite its greater distance from the sun.

  • 00:00:35

  • So that is why ur good bye is like that always.

  • If all it takes is one senator to ask for a roll call and we can presume that there is always at least one senator who actually sides with the president and doesn't want the senate to go on recess, wouldn't they just show up and ask for a roll call? I don't follow how there's actually a problem here.

  • Here's something ironic. If I'm watching a video "with purpose" I tend to skip ads cuz the video is my goal. But if I'm putting on videos as background noise while I'm doing something else I tend to let it run. More ad revenue the less interest I am in the video. Capitalism!

  • I live in Oklahoma sooooooo that most of the land is not federal land 😎 (that emoji was cringe)

  • "New Netherland(s?)"? I sense a story here, what is it?

  • 6:21 "Hey, hey, We're the MONKEES!"

  • Can someone explain the reason he was in Las Vegas?

  • I say Indian cause Native American is way too long

  • So... what you actually discovered was the HISTORY of an old story and had a modern-day epic quest. Cool!

  • Why the fuck is this entire thing phrased the way it is? Of course it’s the senators who decide if the person is clear, and yes of course it’s two thirds, if it was three thirds then we wouldn’t get anything done. ACB is a strong woman fit for the job who has many many years of being a proffesor and three years of being a judge. Had the roles been reversed and she was a far left leaning person then we wouldn’t have all these people all of a sudden saying we live in a tyrannical country

  • But what about Murmansk and the Kola peninsula? Shouldn't that also be Scandinavia geographically?

  • Native American sounds better, because where I live there's actually a lot of Indian descendants

  • I know this is an old video, but I don't think rulling out native american for its percieved overinclusivity and ambiguity is quite right. Indian is not only used in the USA to refer to their first nations; "Indio" is used all throughout latin american (sometimes being percieved as a slur) to refer to indiginous people too, so in that matter, native american and indian are both overinclusive. Both Indian and native american could be used for people as different as a Mapuche in south america, a Maya in central america, or an Apache in north america. However, "Indian", unlike native american, has a different problem regarding ambiguity; that it is also used to refer to, you know, people from India. So I think native american still wins on the ambiguity department.

  • Yeah, let’s be honest, boarding a plane will not effect anyone anytime soon...

  • “Because zebra are bastards” was not expecting that lmao

  • hay this does sound like a certain series

  • “You married a divorcee commoner? How dare you” Also William I, the start of the royal line, being a bastard conceived between the Duke of Normandy and a commoner.

  • “No intersections” Me: bee movie

  • And if you are from England it's not called tree it's called cyclic graph :p

  • Drama llama..... I'm gonna say that for ever now. Lol

  • If the simple solution is to change human behavior, I wonder what the complex solution is like.

  • Wow, that is an unfortunate acronym

  • Thanks CGPG- welcome clarity