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I test all sorts of things, from tools to automotive products, to help viewers make informed purchasing decisions and to avoid getting ripped off. Also, I have awesome Patreon supporters, which allows me to decline all sponsorships and promotional items from manufacturers and to offer the most unbiased reviews you'll find anywhere. Please watch a couple of videos and consider subscribing.

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13:35Best Star (Torx) Bit Brand? Lets find out!
17:46Which Epoxy Putty Brand is Best? Let's find out!
12:03Top 10 Tools in 2020? Let's find out!
Top 10 Tools in 2020? Let's find out!Ganger 1,4 mill3 måneder siden
16:28Best Battery Grease Gun Brand? Let's find out!
13:58Which Socket Adapter is Best? Let's find out!


  • the best one I have used is a hell fire and I have killed thousands of them being a welder for 20 plus years

  • Wow you don't always get what you pay for. I'll take 2 Kobalts for the price of 1 of the "top" brands. Thanks PF.

  • Wow, this is the most thorough review of a tape measure I’ve ever seen. Interesting mg results. Thanks! For doing these, it’s very helpful!

  • at my local hardware store in the Philippines, the store demonstrator showed me the difference between a Korean and a Japanese grinder. Identical model, same spec, made in different country. The Japanese one was steady in the hand - the Korean one had significant vibration which would have lead to increased user fatigue.

  • Great work! You're answering questions I didn't even know I wanted answered. I rely on your findings more than on internet searches of "best whatever." Good testing protocols too!

  • I am sure he's ex military lol. He's straight to the point articulate and doesn't stuff around.

  • do not use this stuff if you have hydraulic cam followers i made that mistake once no damage was caused but the oil was to thick to get into the followers

  • Impressive with Amazon basics

  • i want a kutir, just becuase. . . .its a kutir

  • Anyone know how much dexterity the Milwaukee gloves provide? They seem fantastic at protection but am worried they would be difficult to use

  • amazing video

  • Where is is coming from? I go to a weekly auction and they sold over 40 of them full.

  • Thank you for taking the time to make this video

  • Moral of this story: just because it looks like motor oil, doesn’t mean that it performs like motor oil.

  • I bought some Panasonic made cells which tested 3300-3600mah using the same charger tested you have. And they don't cost that much. It's the whole supply chain profit margins driving us to create more garbage. The cells themselves cost $7 each before shipping. So $70 if you were to replace all 10. And you'll get an 33% INCREASE in power tool run time! But here we are. Sending more to the land fill

  • Another car that’s the best jump starter hands down

  • Can HHO gas can run the engine

  • Brilliant

  • Q1: Does it have a metric scale? No? **bzzzzt** fail.

  • Seems like NOlong's algorithm is feeding me a lot of knowledge to learn rn

  • Rigid blew the competition away

  • MY best tape is made for left handed peps. both metric and imperial. noname brand but it saves me a lot of upside down math.

  • Drop it in the tile saw pan for 30 seconds. If the tape dosent fuq off of the spool and end up in the fuq it bucket... U have a winner.

  • My twin year old boys broke my Bauer in about two minutes. They pulled it all the way out, and it never retracted again.

  • Such good content, although I always feel out of breath watching due to the non-stop delivery!

  • Lesson learned, Stanley is the Mercedes Benz of tape measures, always performs extremely well in all environments, even if it's not the best in any.

  • Best magnet? Rent a 40ft scissor lift and proceed to drop and recover 3/4" connectors and compression couplings. Or dropped pair of lineman pliers.

  • I wonder if some of the 12v ones can use the 12v DC out on some of the nicer car jump starters, the flat shape makes them less bulky and awkward and they can hold more power than the 24-36 Wh you get with the power tool batteries. My personal jump starter is 96.2 Wh and would probably last three times as long if they could use it.

  • One test that I'd like to see from you is how well a lawnmower gas engine runs on 110 octane racing fuel.

  • Do you think you could do a comparison with cordless skill saws?

  • Where's the KOBALT link?

  • Great testing. I use a tape constantly in a shop. I bought the cheap $5 Baur 16' and love it for shop use. I hate magnets as they accumulate crap on them. I love the easy auto lock on the Baur. it doesn't let go and you don't have to work to use it. The release is perfectly located to release the blade without fidgeting. Some blades are hard to read with all the demarcations too similar. This blade is great. I don't need one with metric on one side and I have no need for marks on the back. The price is perfect to buy a bunch for the truck and shop. I have not used their 25' or 30' (wider blades) which is what I'd use on a building site ...but I no longer work at that. The Baur has become my new shop favorite.

  • I've got three spare lawn mowers, I'm going to try 75% oil 25% bacon grease in one of them.

  • Great comparison. I go through 2 to 3 tapes a year. The longest lasting tape I've found is a green komelon. I've tried several other brands and they dont last as long. Dirt is what destroys the tapes i use. I never had good luck with the Stanley tapes.

  • Hi fellows. I think you need to take some time and take a fast tour on Woodglut website.

  • My man out here EXPOSING Ingersol Rand

  • Hi PF, Video suggestion: Exterior paint I know this one would need much longer testing but would be worth the value for us consumers. I would like to see testing for weather durability and mold/mildew resistance. I had an idea for testing out mold/mildew by getting an old aquarium and using a heat lamp and and piping in moisture from a humidifier.

  • He talks like a NPC

  • 12:30 sus viscosity

  • Hi

  • I've got the Dewalt measuring tape. Definitely worth the high price tag.

  • I always use cutting oil. Pb blaster works great

  • Great Video PF

  • best pvc pipe cutter please

  • Did you do an adhesion test for these products?

  • Great videos, The screwing into the wood test. I am not sure if it is accurate due to the natural texture of the wood, knots, splits, grain etc.

    • Thanks! Thanks for the constructive feedback.

  • Long story short it's all about the durability, in the end, I believe japonese electronics are better but if you are on a budget I can relate to why you would go for the cheaper made in china version on the other hand I hate what the chinese do ripping off brands with these low budget knock offs.

  • Pump!

  • Damnit I ordered one! Lol

  • Thanks for the video. Very interesting. But now I have a question- when inflating a tire, will the tire fill up faster if the weight is off it? I'm curious because I own a pickup and that little Pittsburgh and it never occurred to me that I may not be able to inflate a tire all the way..

  • Sub Indonesia please👍🙏🙏

  • I like it but I have an objection. In the era of electric propulsion, it is not compatible to convert a bicycle with a gasoline engine.

  • They actually call it “anti dakota” in South Dakota

  • China used cheap parts inside and their metal is inferior. Walmart is the reason our products are inferior

  • I do have another material that I think would be very interesting to analyse! So I ponder about vehicle rubber boots and rubber suspension components ! So finding a material great at restoring and protecting said rubber components , ie wet silicon spray , dry silicon spray and or dry ptfe !?

  • Dewalt was 16’ chain therefore will cut faster of course

  • Thank you for this fantastic video ! You went way good getting into setting up these tests and the test jigs ! Very interesting just how useful a good quality grease can be 👍🏻

  • i've had the makita almost twist my hand off my arm...that milwaukee scares me

    • Wow! Thankfully you escaped serious injury!

  • Of course most are going to come up short on stand out if the tape is being extended at an inclined angle.

  • my friends : our truck oil leaking me : "hold my bananas"

  • Reading the box...HAHA WE ARE GONNA TEST IT OUT! I love your videos! 👏🏼👏🏼


  • $30 vs $140, unless you use this tool everyday and in vigorous application, buy the $30 and save the $100 for something else.

  • Great videos. Very interesting to watch and learn. Can you explain the difference between normal oil opposed to the stop start oils? Is there any difference?

  • Great video! I use so many tapes every year. The biggest problem for me is corrosion that happens when my tape gets wet. I would have loved to see a corrosion test to see if some do better.

  • It’s like the short-haired Steve Carell compares tools and what not.

  • Brand: *Claimes something* PF: "We're going to test that!" Brand: *Why do I hear boss music?*

  • Excellent professional testing, your work is important for tradesman who don't have the time or facilities to find the best tools. Question, which brand of socket adapter did you use on the torque output test that took the gauge over 2000psi?

  • Great, best product testing videos available! Still hoping you might do a test for off road motorcycle foam air filters. Which cleaner, which oil, how many uses etc?

    • Thank you! Thanks for the video idea.

  • Lol thats hilarious... At this stage 90% of the worlds tools are made in china... So why would I bother buying into a brand ? I don't... Its a big money scam... .. I bought an 18v grinder of aliexpress... Same as the makita one I have in my garage, Like same as in it had to have come from the same factory... Except this one was 40 dollars as opposed to 170....

    • And sorry I forgot to mention Dewalts neat little marketing tick with there tape... Made in the USA with global materials... What they meant to say was, Designed on a computer in the USA and sent to china to be manufactured and then shipped back to the USA to put a few screws in it that's if it didn't already come complete..

  • I work in construction and easily prefer the Fatmax hands down. It’s also from what I can see the most preferred with most of the other tradesmen I come in contact with. A test that you might not have thought of though is water... it will break most tapes especially combined with dirt and saw dust. Work days don’t stop for rain. And if rain is what breaks the tape then doesn’t matter how good it does on any other test

  • I would love to see a video on the Best Vehicle Sound Deadener and Why - Dynamat Vs other products on the market

  • As tile installer I always use the fat max

  • i want to see a comparison of your TOP best penitrating oil compared to a Snapon bolt heater, that heats the bolt up to red hot in seconds. 10-1 says that the snapon bolt heater will beat your best penitrating oil hands down.

    • @Project Farm ya. It's an amazing product. Used it on some old salt locked boat motors and it was like magic.

    • Thanks for the video idea.

  • These reviews are some of the best designed and analytical videos on NOlong. It's refreshing to watch a review that's had some thought and effort put into it.

  • Can you do a video on the best brake pads please